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About Noein Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD

This limited edition of Noein -to your other self- contains episodes 1-24 plus 8 full color art cards in a collectible chipboard art box with foil print.

When summer break begins, Haruka is only thinking of hanging out with her friends - until one fateful night she learns that she's the keystone in an interdimensional battle for not only the Earth's future, but the very survival of all existence across the multiverse. She will have to trust not only herself, but multiple versions of her friends from parallel dimensions.

One of these visitors identifies himself as the future version of her troubled childhood friend Yuu. Karasu swears to protect her from the god-like Noein who wants to use her to collapse all reality. When Haruka learns she has the ability to not only see, but influence every possible future, will she be able to protect infinite worlds along with her own?

Special Features: On Location with Haruka Kudo and Director Akane, NOEIN Art Edition, Bloopers, Episode 24 Commentary, Textless Opening and Closing, Promotional Videos, Commercial Collection, U.S. Trailer, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 600
  • Release Date: 1/12/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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A fantastic series you may have missed!


I picked up Noein as a blind-buy not having seen the series before as it fell under my radar. After watching the series both dubbed and subbed I can say it is definitely worth the pickup. Noein offers a great cast of characters that act a bit more realistically than you would come to expect from other anime. The series also has a distinct art style as well as some (sometimes comically) crude animation which gives it some charm. The series is available for legal streaming through Funimation to those who wish to check it out before purchasing.

As for this particular release, Noein comes housed in a chipboard art box with two G2-sized BD cases. While this was the first series released by Funimation to be effected by their MSRP increase, this series offers 24 episodes which makes it a much more respectable purchase. The art box also glimmers similar to the Panty and Stocking LE set (with less glitter).

Noein Review Limited Edition <3

by -

I love this show and wanted it on Blu Ray. But, it's not really 1080p HD, so that was a bit disappointing. Though, this is a 2005 anime. Anime quality went from 4:3 480p TV quality to 16:9 720p HD quality between 2005 to 2008. So, 720p is considered HD and was the best quality when Noein came out. Anime quality went up again to 1080p around 2011 to 2013. (Search for format change info on your favorite long running anime, ex: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach). That's kind of lame since people by today's standards are expecting Blu Ray titles to be released in 1080p HD, but I think this is the best Noein gets without some other kind of remastering. Would that ever happen for a title like this one? ...

For the actual boxset I LOOOVE the artwork and design of it and I recommend it to any collector that loves the anime plus great artwork ;)

great title


i first learned of noein by watching it on the sci-fi channel twice before i bought the original manga entertainment version in 2007, and was instantly hooked and it became my favorite anime ever! this show even got me looking into the actual science that the creators used in the show. it's spectacular! pick it up before they run out.


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This was my first limited edition set, and I am glad I purchased it. Most of the limited editions I've seen have HUMONGOUS cases, like ridiculously so. I just want something pretty and sturdy to house my DVDs/Blu-rays, and this definitely fit those requirements. The chipboard box is sturdy and SHINY - not in a tacky way, but the artwork just shimmers. I'm entranced. :)

It's also not large, but just big enough to hold two regular-size Blu-ray cases with all episodes between the two. AND NO DVD COMBO TO WASTE SPACE. THANK YOU.

Oh! And the show is quite good too! Well worth the cost.