Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls Steelbook Blu-ray

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About Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls Steelbook Blu-ray

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls contains anime episodes 1-12 plus 2 OVA's directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara housed in a Steelbook Case.

No one expected the government to suddenly acknowledge the existence of demi-human species like harpies and centaurs, but when a careless Integration Agent shows up on Kimihito Kurusu's doorstep with an attractive Lamia in tow, he suddenly finds himself designated as a "Host Family". This might not be so bad, except that while Miia's top half is all girl and quickly develops a crush on her new human host, her snakelike bottom half makes that crush literal with a tendency to squeeze the life out of him! Plus, there's also the little problem that it's illegal for humans and non-humans to have THOSE kinds of relationships.

With woman-in-black Agent Smith always sniffing about for improprieties, things only get more hectic in the Kurusu household when bird-brained Papi the harpy and master-seeking centaur Centorea need places to roost and stable. As the house gets crowded with even more captivating cuties, can any human male survive under such tempestuous and tempting conditions?

Special Features: Music Videos; Japanese TV Spots, Promos & BD Promos; Japanese Promos; Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Themes: Harem
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 350
  • Year Created: 2015
  • Release Date: 1/21/2020
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Monster Girls!

by -

This edition of Monster Musume comes with a plastic slide case and a steelbook which is wonderful.

It is a series that relies mostly upon fan service but each character has a unique personality and are charming in their own way which is a good reason to keep watching. It is an "everyday life" anime to the fullest and one should not take it too seriously. And the reason that we're watching this anyway is for the monster girls.

There are a few reasons it is not five stars. They have yellow text for the subtitles and there are secondary subtitles that are white on black. They should have used the secondary as the main format. I also feel that Sentai could have done more for a collectors edition. Yes, it's pretty but they could have added more to it for the price.

Girls That Are Monsters . . . Okay!

by -

I don't know what to say. Yes, this show has fan service--like A LOT of fan service. And it is surprisingly good. I know, hard to believe, but hear me out. While the protagonist doesn't possess a great deal of personality, there is enough of it to get you through the show.

And the girls! They are actually quite engaging. They each have their own little quirks, personalities and insecurities, making them interesting and entertaining to watch. The fan service is just a bonus.

The Steelbook Blu-Ray is nice, and, as a side note, I do enjoy the disc design. It's fits well with the naughty humor of the show. This edition also comes with the the 2 OVA's, which is a nice bonus.

Go on, give it a go. It's worth a watch!

Monster madness

by -

I really enjoyed this anime but it showed a lot of Brest not meant for children. It was funny and the steelbook was gorgeous. I really enjoyed watch this anime.