Monster Girl Encyclopedia Volume 1 (Hardcover)

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About Monster Girl Encyclopedia Volume 1 (Hardcover)

Monster Girl Encyclopedia is written and drawn by Kenkou Cross.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia volume 1 is the first in a series of highly-detailed, illustrated books that contains one hundred profiles of wickedly lascivious monster girls. Considered by many fans to be the definitive go-to source for sexy monster girls and the worlds they inhabit, Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a must-have purchase for fans of Monster Musume, Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary, and other monster titles.

Including 240 pages of in-depth bios, one hundred gorgeous full-color illustrations, numerous tantalizing black and white spot illustrations, diagrams, and more, Monster Girl Encyclopedia introduces readers to over one-hundred different species. Told from the perspective of a wandering monster girl scholar, these vibrantly illustrated pages teach us about sensual elves, dwarves, succubi, centaurs, mermaids, and much, much more, like you’ve never seen them before. 

Monster Girl Encyclopedia will be released at a large deluxe trim size and shrink-wrapped for mature readers.


  • Publisher: SEVEN SEAS
  • Media: Specialty Books and Magazines
  • Genre: Erotica, Fantasy
  • Themes: Fan Service
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Release Date: 10/25/2016
  • Page Count: 240
  • Dimensional Weight: 1

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews


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The book is excellent and awesome for those with cute monster girls fetish

Love it


Been waiting for this book a long time and I love it. Can't wait for volume two.

Monstrously Amazing

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Bought it as a gift for a friend, and I was actually reluctant to let it go. Every mythical creature you can think of, but as a tasteful yet sexy monster. Very graphical images, so be aware if you have others around who might not appreciate the artistic quality it offers. The text accompanies the illustrations well. I will definitely buy myself a copy at the next sale.

Monster Girl Delight

by -

Great for those that love cute monster girls and very creative. Can't wait for Volume 2.

Style without the substance


The book itself is far larger (around 200 pages) than I initially thought and far more "graphic" than other reviewers said on various sites. In the vain of ancient "bestiaries" , this book contains a bevy of various monsters/creatures of different origins, generally accompanied by one-to-two pictures. Additionally, with every entry there is roughly 1-1/2 page(s) of text: here in lies my issue with this book.
After the first couple of pages, the creatures' "plan of attack" start to become more and more similar, until it becomes apparent that the writer lost creativity a quarter into the book and simply "copy-pasted" this aspect of the monsters' summaries. There are minor change-ups here and there but they generally ring of the same tone.
I would recommend that you not read it as if it's an actual book, instead read it in increments: or just skim through the lovely pictures.

Love it


Great book can't wait for volume 2.

Great pictures, but not very informative

by -

So, here are the good things that I have to say about the book. -
There are quite a number of monster girls in this book. There are actually some that I never would have even imagined. Each and every one of them is drawn very sexily.
But, now for the bad things that I have to say about the book.-
The information is very lacking. If all that you want to know are the mating habits of the monster girls, then this is your book. There is a small amount of other interesting things in there. If you are looking for serious information about the backgrounds/origins and the powers/attacks of these beauties, then this is the wrong book.
In the end, I am satisfied enough to keep the book and use it for character ideas for my fanfiction stories.

Great book plus great shopping experience

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Love this book. It's of pretty great quality. Looking forward to getting volume 2. And right stuff is just awesome everything I have ever ordered always gets to me way faster that estimated, plus nothing is ever damaged and the way they actually pack stuff just shows that they care about what there selling or they at least know that the people buying their stuff do unlike other online shopping sites that just drop stuff in a box then kick the box around a bunch before sending it. So I'll definitely keep getting stuff from this site and recommending it to others

More Fun Then The D&D Monster Manual

by -

I had no idea someone took the time to draw and write about so many Monster Girls. If I didn't know any better I would say this is some sort of fetish book!

an interesting view of monster girls

by -

having watched a couple anime in the monster girl category, I gave this one a chance. Interesting to see how many creatures are familiar from the known mythologies as well as a play on what is in most RPGs. Overall, thought most of the girls were drawn tastefully and the descriptions interesting. My only issue is it would seem in its world, the monster girls should be avoided at all cost, unlike in anime where they seem friendlier and approachable. some pics will look similar because they are in the same 'family' such as variations of a slime or centaur. in the end, I did enjoy it.