Mobile Suit Gundam Collection 1 Blu-ray

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About Mobile Suit Gundam Collection 1 Blu-ray

Contains episodes 1-21 of the anime directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series!

Universal Century 0079. The rebel space colonies of the Principality of Zeon launch a war of independence against the Earth Federation, using humanoid fighting vehicles called mobile suits to overwhelm the Federation Forces and conquer half of Earth's surface. Months later, the Federation has finally developed its own prototype mobile suits at a remote space colony. But when the colony suffers a Zeon surprise attack, these new weapons fall into the hands of a motley crew of civilians and cadets. Fate places a youth named Amuro Ray at the controls of the white mobile suit Gundam...

Special Features: Clean Opening and Closing, Blu-ray and DVD Commercials.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: SUNRISE INC
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Mecha, Space
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 525
  • Year Created: 1979
  • Release Date: 11/3/2015
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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24 reviews

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The revival of a classic has never looked so good.

by -

Mobile Suit Gundam, needless to say, is a classic. When I learned that Sunrise and Rightstuf would revive the franchise after Bandai stopped distribution of it and all its other licensed anime, I was ecstatic. I even bought the Turn A Gundam DVDs, which were a real treat to own. And now, the original has come back, and this time on Blu Ray for the first time in America. I was at first concerned when i leaned there were ten episodes on one disc and eleven on another, but the quality still looked amazing regardless! No ghosting or quality dips anywhere! It also includes the original Japanese audio in mono, which is good as that is how it was originally viewed, and the Ocean dub which includes their own sound effects, which is what i personally dislike about that dub, but it's still good to have both options. It's great to see Gundam coming back, and I very much look forward to the later releases. It seems the wait was well worth it.

Fly! Gundam!

by -

After several years of being out of print, the original Mobile Suit Gundam series is back for the first time, and it makes its grand debut on Blu-ray in the North American market. This set contains 21 episodes, clean opening and closing, and the Japanese Blu-ray & DVD commercials.

The HD video quality of the footage is very appealing to the eye, especially for a series that made its premiere in 1979. Plus, it's great to hear the Ocean dub again, which sounds excellent in stereo sound, and the original Japanese mono sounds amazing as well. I highly recommend this release to any fan of the famous Gundam series.

Mobile Suit Gundam Collection 1 Blu Ray

by - and Gundam fans been waiting for this moment to finally get this on Blu ray for the first time in North America!!! I was surprised that we got this because I never expect rightstuf and sunrise to release this in a million years due to Ban-Dai getting shut down in the US. But so far how this product go is that I'm blown away by the picture quality!!! They remastered this frame by frame with the original negative 35MM prints of the show, so far the audio quality is sounds superb with English dub stereo and Japanese with English subs mono. The only thing I have to complain is the lack of extras. It only comes with two with Opening and Closing clean credits and the Japanese DVD and Blu ray trailers. But other than that if you're a gundam fan like me I highly recommend it!!

Great Release!

by -

Being a series from before the HD era, it looks really good on bluray. I don't know much about the technical details but I found it to be as good as any other series put on bluray. I can't wait for part 2. I hope more gundam releases get the bluray treatment.

Gundam Returns

by -

After a long while the originator of the Gundam multimedia franchise returns in a beautifully remastered Blu-ray. This set has a excellent dub by the Ocean group for those who prefer dubs.While the animation is not up to the today's standards I feel the story told still holds up fairly well and this can a nice companion to the Gundam the Origin Volumes released by Vertical.

The one that started it all on BD at last!

by -

I was excited to hear we'd finally be getting classic Gundam on BD and this set being the first one out of the gate didn't disappoint!

I was hesitant about the # of eps/disc, but my fears were misplaced. The PQ is excellent. There are some spots where artifacts appear, but these are minimal.

Audio includes the Ocean dub and the original Japanese. Due to the old masters the dub was produced on, there are moments where it is a bit off-sync, but no worse than Bandai's DVDs from several years ago.

Subs are a typical affair: signs/lyrics for the dub; full subs for the JP track. One thing I'd like to see in the future are romanji lyrics.

Extra are light: clean intro/end & JP DVD/BD ads w/ subs. Sadly, the original Ep. 15 still isn't included here.

The menus are simple but functional, with two pieces of key art that have been used for this series for many years.

Lastly, packaging is a typical 2-disc BD case. No inserts/inner art.

A science/fiction masterpiece.

by -

The quality and clearness of the show has never looked better. The case art for collection 1, in my opinion, is a little misleading: the illustrations on the case are definitely trying to appeal to the Wing/Seed/00 crowd for sure. Both the Japanese dub, and 2001 English dub, are intact. Every episode is here for the first half of the series with the exception of episode 11, which we will never see released here thanks to Tomino.

My actual critique on this series: While it shows its age in a new era of perma-blush, this is still a series that holds an impact as you progress. It is a show about a boy and his robot, but it's also a statement about the hardships of war and the differences all humans have with each other. MSG displays a very "no good/no evil" style of storytelling. While we are lead to believe that the Zeon are the bad guys from the start, we also begin to see that they are people as well. That is Mobile Suit Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam never looked so good.

by -

This new Blu Ray release of MSG did not disappoint. I'm sure you've heard all the complaints surrounding some other Blu Ray releases and the quality of the HD transfer. This is not the case. They did a great job on this and the video presented in its original 4:3 ratio is definitely a plus. I've only watched it in its English dub and it's great. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the series holds up after all these years. There isn't much in terms of extras on the disc. Usual clean opening and closing stuff. Looking forward to volume two.

A classic, but who is it for?

by -

This show is not for everybody. If you like your anime new, sparkly, and with fight scenes so fast your TV could get pulled over for a speeding ticket, this is not for you. I'll be the first to say that this show is cheesy, but it carries with it a sort of lost charm. It comes from an era where anime was new, when writting one meant pioneering new ground. This is the Star Trek of anime, and as such, it will never be forgotten. It is part of the foundation of this culture. Thankfully it has been brought across seas in its best shape ever. Remastered, English dubbed, and with slick packaging. Giving the best experience it possibly can.

I recommend this for pre-existing fans of the franchise. If you're a newcomer I'd suggest another entry point. There are many, some for different age groups, some more modern, and some less demanding. There's something for everyone. Wait around, Rightstuf will have it.

Thank you Right Stuf

by -

14 years.... 14 years since Mobile Suit Gundam airred on Toonami before 9/11 forced cancellation. Years later all hope is lost once Bandai closes and their collections of Gundam dvd's Sell for $300 a pop. And just when it seems the enemy had won, Right Stuf pulls out the amazing comebackhomerun in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs . It's so crisp so fresh and still so amazing after all these years and Right stuf and Nozomi's transfer's make it a joy to relive. This is the Star wars of the Mecha Genre, many have come before but none have left a bigger impact on it's generations. So my fellow customer, sit back and begin the journey with one of the greatest shows you will ever watch in your life. Thank you Right Stuf for allowing me to dream and believe again!

A Classic for Anyone with Taste


Some may say this show is too old and not flashy enough; I would have to disagree. The animation has it's up and downs but so do most series today (it's easier to hide it). The style, design, and story telling is top notch. After 35 years, only few have come close to the brilliance of this series.

Mobile Suit Gundam is the love child of Star Wars and Star Trek. I would wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone, even animation snobs.

The Return of a Classic

by -

Like many in the U.S., I got into Gundam via Toonami. My love for Gundam started with 0080 which led me into the Universal Century, my favorite Gundam universe. 0079 is my favorite long-form Gundam series. The first half has some strange scenes, likely due to Sunrise wanting to have some robot anime tropes while the creators struggle to forge a new genre.

This is the third time I've purchased the original Gundam series; I've previously owned the dub-only DVDs, the dual audio DVDs and, finally, the Blu Ray. The video and audio quality on these Blu Rays is quite nice. Some scenes are draw-droppingly gorgeous, some are standard 70s animation fare. There are some dust and scratched on some scenes but that's to be expected. These discs look far better than the Japanese Macross BD release.

mobile suit gundam blu ray


awesome show they really need to release sd gundam on blu ray i would buy all of them must buy little pricy but totally worth and definitely buy from right stuff there the best

A Titan of a Classic, A decent release


First off this review will be short and sweet in lieu of all of the writing about Mobile Suit Gundam over the years.

Yes, it is a classic that defined a genre. Today the animation looks old and dated but I'm not sure that really matters to anyone with the proper expectations. The bluray is decent enough, not much in terms of special features and the dust removal could have been much better. That being said it looks good overall and will probably be the best release of this show for the next 10-15 years. If you want it, have no fear and get it, for a show this old it looks just fine.

For people under the age of 25, be prepared for a rough looking classic. It's not quite a museum piece but is certainly almost one.

The first


Due it's age, some younger fans of the Gundam franchise might dismiss the animation style (since they're use to the more modern style), but this is a great Gundam series with a lot of heart and should definitely be watched and admired for the classic that it is.

Well Done Rightstuf, Well done


I have to say, I was amazed at how good this show looked on Blu ray. For a show that was made in the late seventies, it looked really good. I have seen shows from the 90's that don't look as good as this does on Blu ray. You can expect much more of my money if you keep releasing Gundam looking like this.

Great show, OK presentation

by -

MSG is the grand daddy of all of the "realistic" robot shows. Until this was released, Anime was Super Robot focused.

MSG is, for the era, well animated and has a slightly convoluted story that tells the travels and travails of Amuro Ray and his journey as the first New Type.

Audio is Japanese/English stereo.

As was the case with the Bandai Ent DVD release, episode 15 is still MIA. It is available on the Japanese BD set.

My only complaint with the set is a bit of sometimes annoying decisions from the video encode side of things. In actual viewing, issues are minimal, but I am a pixel peeper from time to time.

Worth watching if for nothing other than historical perspective in Anime.


by -

An amazing release. I was absolutely blown away by how the video looked, and both dubs sounded fantastic. Perfect for both a diehard fan or someone new to the series.

Where it all started...


Modern mech shows began with MS Gundam/UC back in 1979. The general themes have held up since this show has been remade, re-cast (new characters), and re-animated more than anything else in the Gundam cycles.

The original cast of characters remain the archetypes for the rest of the Gundam series.

The Gundam itself has evolved and been drawn better over the years but the original is very recognizable... It is arguably the most beloved mecha in all of anime history to date.

This is the best the series has ever looked and sounded on home video. Here, for whatever reasons, one episode WAS cut from the US release (Tomino didn't like it, hence Bandai wouldn't release it in the US) but the show is otherwise complete and uncut with ALL the music and Japanese audio unlike the original US/Cartoon Network release on DVD.

A must for UC Gundam completists and classic anime afficionados.

A True Classic


I will start off by saying that I'm relatively new to the anime scene. I started watching anime in 2012, and have since spent ridiculous amounts of money on Blu-Ray's and DVD's. The original Gundam series was a purchase fairly early in my collecting, and I have come to absolutely love this incredible franchise. I used to have the perception that Gundam was silly and overly cheesy, but I was proven wrong quickly into the first episode.

The only major strikes I can give the anime is that the animation hasn't aged all that well, and it is slow at some points, but these issues didn't bother me enough to take a star away. It may not be the most visually appealing, but it is a classic that still holds up very well. Thank you so much Rightstuf for bringing Gundam back to the West!

a must see if you are a fan


I barely remember the series, I only saw it on tv, I think it one of the best , now that it being retold in newer series it look better than before because it way before my time

Why are you reading this? Just click Buy

by -

Where does one begin when it comes to contemporary Mecha? You come here, back to 1979 and with the RX-78-2 Gundam. This is the Granddaddy, the Foundation, the very Robot Soul of every Man, for Mecha is a Man's Romance.

The original Gundam

by -

This set starts it all. It’s definitely dated but if you don’t mind older animation you will love this set. The dub is great and the animation is absolutely beautiful on blu ray!! It’s so clear and perfectly pristine! I have nothing bad to say about this set. If you want to see how it all began with Gundam you’ll enjoy this. And the theme song will get stuck in your head. Lol

An anime milestone that's lost nothing to time

by -

I've been a fan of Gundam models for a couple of years, but never seen much of any Gundam series, so I wanted to start at the beginning. Amazon and eBay had copies infrequently, but I saw collection 1 & 2 on Right Stuf at Christmas and everything finally fell into place. MSG is deserving of its long legacy, and interesting for all viewers. Heck, my dad hates all animation, and I still caught him watching some episodes!
The voice acting on the whole is great. Amuro starts off a little awkward, but sounds more natural with time, and that's in line with the plot. Sayla sounds somewhat subdued most of the time, but not emotionless. And never think any character is there for no reason!
Production values are much higher than American 80s cartoons. I was half expecting the color mess-ups or wrong characters talking that you'd see in TMNT about 7 years later, but shame on me for doing so!