Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Blu-ray/DVD

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About Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Blu-ray/DVD

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid contains anime episodes 1-13 of the anime directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto.

What happens when a drunken promise leads to living with a dragon? That's Miss Kobayashi's new reality when Tohru, her new maid-slash-dragon appears in her life! And if one wasn't enough, in comes Kanna, a little dragon with a big attitude. Soon, Kobayashi has a house full of adorable dragons - one serving tail and the other serving serious moe.

Special Features: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Something 1-7, Textless Opening & Closing Songs, Trailers.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Themes: Fan Service, Slice of Life, Yuri
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 325
  • Year Created: 2017
  • Release Date: 4/24/2018
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

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Even better than expected.

by -

I decided to watch this show because Dodger recommended it. I had high hope, but it was even better than expected. The show starts off very funny, but the second half has more emotional heart that I was expecting. It's a must have for fans of the genre.

A loveable anime!


After a lot of characters suddenly appeared on VRChat from this anime, decided to watch it on wim. Was very pleasantly surprised how funny, heartwarming and genuinely enjoyable this anime is to watch! Cannot wait for it to be released on DVD in english!

Best Anime of 2017...


Very entertaining anime it was a lot fun watching the antics of the dragons trying to adapt to the human world and being mostly successful at it. It's got plenty of comedy moments and heartwarming ones also Kanna is so adorable that it almost stole the show. The relationship between Torhu and Kobayashi was played out wonderfully and i have to give special mention to Torhu's English voice over actress it was outstanding and overall one of the dubs I've heard in many years. Theirs very little fan service which comes mostly from Lucoa. This series was flat out fun to watch and very engaging it'll bring you in to their world and your hooked I've already watched it many times. A high 5 rating on here and a 9.5 on a 1 to 10 scale highly recommended. It'll be one hell of a disappointment if this doesn't get at least one more season.

Awesome Buy!


Everything arrived in pristine condition. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is one of our favorite animes and we highly recommend purchasing it! :) We just wish it had commentary!

Great value and great anime

by -

Really great anime. The package arrived really fast and everything was in great condition really happy with this product :)

Creator of the goth loli meme

by -

This was a very enjoyable light hearted show that had some great comedy scenes in it and had moments that really touched you. Would at the very least be a nominee for anime of the year.

Best Slice of Life

by -

I really like this show, it's so strange and yet so simple. The concept of the show seems totally random, but if you factor out the dragons the show boils down to a bog-standard slice of life, and does it *really* well. Great characters, great artistic style, lots of great moments, can't really go wrong with this one

A fun, fantastical take on culture shock.

by -

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a hilarious and often heartwarming show driven by the antics of the dragon Tohru and her friends as they attempt to live amongst humans in a world where their kind is otherwise nonexistent. The premise is played out beautifully in a day-to-day, slice of life format with strong emphasis on character relations and interactions that will have you guffawing or aww-ing at any given moment. The soft, colorful art and expressive animation lends itself so well to all the show's comedic, cute, and tender moments, that I can't think of a single other anime that would be rendered so utterly deprived by a different art direction. The dubbing is good as well, to the point that I feel that even those who are extremely picky about voice work will find it satisfactory. I give this anime a very high recommendation.

One thing to note about this release is that the OVA and "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Something" skits unfortunately are not dubbed in English.

One of KyoAni's best

by -

Not what I expected it to be in the best way. Kobayashi's Maid Dragon turned out to be an very honest and funny story of how people(human or dragon) rely on each other that I am very happy to own.

The only concern I have is that the box itself was slightly cracked when it arrived though the discs were just fine.

Decieving Expectations

by -

When you first look at this series most think. "oh this is gonna be lewd and trashy" yes its kinda lewd at times. but it has so much heart to it I have cried 3 times to anime. watching this was one of them it has such wholesome moments. I can't recommend this enough to watch it

A real overdose of cute and funny!!!!!!!

by -

As for the story...........
This story is equal parts cute, funny, poignant with a tiny bit of exciting and lewd thrown in for spice. It's a good IDEA for a story to begin with but the characters are what really make it great. Kobayashi is the quintessential down-trodden salery woman who drinks to medicate. Torhu is the perfect helpful free-loader who loves her. And anyone that doesn't LOVE Kanna has personal issues because Kanna is NOTHING BUT lovable!!!
I'm a huge fan of this anime and if you like the traits I've mentioned then I'm sure you won't be wasting your money.
As for the product.........
This is your basic 4 disc Blu Ray/DVD set.......no more and no less.

Culture clash!


Combine random genres usually results in something middling at best. This is actually pretty amazing. You have your MC and dragon lady learning to live with each other and how to express their feelings. You have cute kid who is a dragon acting cute. You have possibly end of the world plot with dragons fighting. You get touching moments where characters express in their own way what the other means to them. You have complete and totally goofiness as dragons try to understand the human world and dragon world. If you like this, check out the manga series and side series; it all holds up well.

A charming show that doesn't go too crazy


Dragon Maid is a very simple, light, fancy free kind of a show. It’s a well put together with it’s lovable characters, including designs and mannerisms, and setup. It’s got a soft art palette and the music is charming, especially the catchy opening and ending themes. You can’t go wrong with a Kyoto Animation anime. The story, however, doesn’t quite go too far and out there, but it does get pretty cute and charming at times. It’s just an anime that you would watch on a lazy day and you want to relax to. The dub was pretty great throughout. The only thing that bothered me was the line about the “patriarchal society demands” which is still present on these discs. And knowing that beforehand kinda sullied a lot of the show for me... But it’s still a solid show. Even without that line, this show is still pretty good. A little slow and not much happening at times, but the characters made me stick around. 4.5/5