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About Mazinger Z Infinity Blu-ray

Mazinger Z: Infinity directed by Junji Shimizu continues the Mazinger Franchise from 1972.

Ten years after the defeat of Dr. Hell and his Underground Empire, Koji Kabuto has retired from piloting Mazinger Z and become a scientist. Now a shocking discovery under Mt. Fuji has revealed the greatest threat the Earth has ever known, forcing Koji and his friends to once again fight for the future of all humanity.

Special Features: Go Nagai Worldwide Release Message, Ichiro Mizuki Opening Song Music Promo, English Theatrical Open and End Credits, Director and Japanese Crew Interviews, Art Gallery.


  • Publisher: VIZ
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Mecha
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 90
  • Release Date: 2/19/2019
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Excellent continuation and finale to the original Mazinger Saga...


It helps to know the background of Mazinger before watching this film since it starts in the "present" without any real review of past events. If you didn't watch at least Mazinger Z, you might be confused coming in cold into this film.
The film begins roughly 10 years after the events of the Great Mazinger TV series. Koji Kabuto has retired from being a pilot and is a top scientist at the Photon Research Lab. His mecha, Mazinger Z, has been retired and is on display at a local museum.
Through a freak of nature or back-up plan, his archfoe, Dr. Hell, returns from the dead with an army of mecha-monsters to destroy the world. Koji Kabuto is forced back into action with the last super robot that can defeat Hell's Mechanical Monster Army.
The mech battle scenes are very well laid out and the action rarely lets up. Mazinger Z has never looked better on film and the music is great! Fans of Go Nagai, giant robots, and Mazinger Z should find something to enjoy in this movie!