Mazinger Edition Z The Impact Complete Series Blu-Ray

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About Mazinger Edition Z The Impact Complete Series Blu-Ray

In Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!, Dr. Hell’s quest for world domination begins with stealing Photon Energy, and then using that power to make his malicious Mechanical Beasts unstoppable! It’s up to Koji Kabuto and the ultimate fighting robot Mazinger Z to stop him, but along the way, Koji must make a choice: will he use the power of Mazinger Z to become a god... or a devil?

The animated version of acclaimed artist and author Go Nagai’s (Violence Jack, Devilman) original manga, Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! promises nothing but hot blood and hotter action! See it all on this Blu-ray collection containing all 26 episodes in the original Japanese language with English subtitles!


  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 630
  • Year Created: 2009
  • Release Date: 7/31/2018
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: A

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Tranzor-Z released on blu-ray?!


Some 35 years ago as a child in the 80s I used to watch this on broadcast TV as Tranzor Z. I cannot believe Go-Nagai's work its being re-released. Put this right on your shelf next to War of the Planets. An amazing giant-robot TV series that every true fan of shonen anime should see.

A legend revitalized for another generation -- Great Heroes NEVER Die


This is NOT Tranzor Z OR the original Mazinger Z! This is a 2009 anime series which is essentially a retelling of the basic Maz Z storyline, it is NOT a remake of the original Mazinger Z anime (which you can buy now from Discotek)! It has superior animation quality given that it was made in the last 10 years and should be easier for many people to watch. Maz is an excellent series and one of the "kings" of the giant robot genre in Japan. The original anime preceded Getter Robo, Gundam, Macross, Go Lion, and many other shows that owe their existence to the success of the original Mazinger Z. (Tetsujin-28 and Giant Robot did precede Maz in the 1960s but Maz has had the longest-lasting, most popular impact on the genre.) It is any wonder this series gets periodically updated or sequelized including the most recent Mazinger Z: Infinity feature film?