Lupin the 3rd Part IV Blu-ray

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About Lupin the 3rd Part IV Blu-ray

Lupin the 3rd Part IV The Italian Adventure contains English language episodes 1-26 of the anime directed by Kazuhide Tomonaga.

Master thief Lupin the Third returns to the spotlight when he's poised to marry the danger-loving, Italian superstar Rebecca Rossellini. But once his high-profile wedding is interrupted by his eternal rival Inspector Zenigata, the chase is on! In this clever and colorful series, Lupin gallivants across Italy and beyond, chasing treasure and pleasure. No mission is impossible for Lupin: exploring haunted houses,fighting the mafia, running from zombies, swiping the Mona Lisa, escaping a custom-made prison,or even just lending a hand to strangers in need.

He's aided by the loyal gunslinger Jigen and the ace swordsman Goemon, while his beautiful partner-slash-rival Fujiko Mine keeps him on his toes. But this time, the super-powered MI6 agent Nyx is eager to bring Lupin down. And could that bearded street artist really be the great Leonardo da Vinci, back from the dead? The mysteries of the Dream of Italy will be revealed as Lupin the Third takes on the Italian Adventure!


  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Subtitle Language: None
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Themes: Adventure
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 600
  • Year Created: 2015
  • Release Date: 5/29/2018
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Classic Lupin With a Modern Sheen


Classic Lupin with a modern sheen. A great entry point for people who wanna dive into the series and features gorgeous animation and a delightfully jazzy soundtrack that'll keep your toes tapping.

Lupin III returns to TV the strongest he's been in years!

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This would have been a 5-star rating BUT the licensor, TMS, required the English-dub and sub versions of Lupin Pt 4 to be released separately which stinks for collectors. The rest is gravy.
The classic Pioneer cast is back intact with the exception of Zenigata who was recast but that change was seamless and you'll hardly notice the difference! It is an excellent dub with the new characters cast well. Coming on board are Rebecca, who may or may not be Mrs. Lupin, and Nyx, Lupin's counterpart to James Bond. MI-6 is a continuing thorn in Lupin's side and obviously pursuing its own agenda. In addition to MI-6, there's the Lupin-Zenigata chase which gets a special focus episode in this series.
This is a solidly acted, well-directed dub. The series has the highest production standards of ANY Lupin TV series I've watched AND easily matches the TV specials and motion pictures in quality. IMHO, it should re-inspire long-time fans and create new Lupin fans. It's very, very good!

English language only

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I preordered this when it became available, but I didn't realize that this was English language only (I haven't actually put these discs in the player yet) until the Japanese language version was listed for preorder later... I am not an elitist or anything - I just prefer to watch things in their original language. I guess I need to be more careful next time when ordering :/

A wickedly fun show whether in English or Japanese.


This an excellent English adaptation and dub of the fourth Lupin the third TV show. All but one voice actors are back to do this series. When I first saw this series on the Adult swim on the Cartoon Network, I thought Lupin sounded familiar. It turned out the voice actor also voiced Rick Hunter from Robotech. I like to imagine that Lupin is Rick Hunter gone bad. :-)