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About Love Stage!! Blu-ray

Love Stage!! includes episodes 1-10 of the anime directed by Kenichi Kasai, plus the OVA.

As a child actor, Izumi Sena was following the rest of his family into the entertainment business until he quit after a humiliating incident while shooting a certain commercial.

Now, ten years later, Izumi's trying to juggle college and becoming a manga author, but nothing seems to be working out for him. Until he's asked to reprise his part in that infamous commercial opposite one of Japan's most popular up-and-coming actors! Which wouldn't be so bad... except for the fact that Izumi was dressed as young girl in the ad, and everyone, including his infatuated potential co-star Ryoma Ichijo, still thinks that he's a she!

Is Izumi going to have to kiss a guy and will he like it? And what will Ryoma think when the girl of his dreams turns out to be a guy in jeans? Get ready for a tale of crossed stars and shifting alignments as a completely unexpected drama unfolds in prime time across the LOVE STAGE!!

Contains episodes 1-11.

Special Features: Japanese Promos, Character Bumpers, Japaense Disc Promos, Clean Opening and Closing Animations.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Themes: Yaoi
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 275
  • Year Created: 2014
  • Release Date: 6/14/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.15
  • Region Code: A

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9 reviews

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Love Stage !!


This is a very very funny anime. if you dont care about it being a gay anime. I have this one .

Love Love Stage!

by -

As the other reviewer said, this show is very funny, and even someone squeamish about boy's love can get into it. It's mostly about following your dreams and being true to yourself (in a way anyone, no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are, can relate to). If you're fine with the kisses you'll be okay because that's mostly all you'll get from this one.

A love story to fall in love with

by -

After reading the reviews I decided to buy Love Stage and it was worth the price. Yea it is BL but it's tasteful done and hilarious. The things shown are rather PG but you forget about the genders and fall in love with their story. Like all good animes I wish it was long but you won't be disappointed.

Lovely BL anime with a good storyline

by -

It's not about the sex like we read in most yaoi/BL mangas. The most we will see are kisses but that is enough with this storyline! We see how the two main characters become who they are to the end realistically. It is not rushed. I wish it was longer though because I love it!

love it


the anime is a less intense than the manga an less graphic as well making it a wonderful growing into yourself story for anyone not just BL fans.

Superb Yaoi Story


This is a great story with empathetic characters. The flow is well-done and you will enjoy it from beginning to end.

Sweet yet Funny

by -

This is one of my favorite BL anime. The art style is appealing, the plot is hilarious and at the same time endearing, and the characters are easy to love. It is a beautiful anime in more ways than one. I wish it could have lasted longer but you always think that when you really enjoy an anime. My only con/negatie is Izumi lol. I love him really and everything yet his Otaku persoanlity was annoying...ok the clock was annoying lol. I don't mind he was an Otaku but they clock's wakeup call and his obsession with LalaLulu was a bit much sometimes lol. Still his drive and desire to reach his goals is an admirable quality which I found endearing. I'm glad he got what he deserved in the end.

A solid BL anime


Funny, heart-warming, and sweet, Love Stage is a good anime for boys' love fans and fans of romantic comedy alike. It's a great starter in the BL genre if you're looking to try it while the blend of sweet beginning romance and well-crafted characters appeals to the romantic-comedy-loving side of me. I'd definitely recommend it! This version also has the OVA which I was very excited about. :)

Trust yourself and Love will come in Stages...

by -

I love this series and wished it had a second season. The story is sweet, comedically funny, and shows that love can come from where you least expect it. Lots of funny innuendos and missteps, but all in all a good show for those who are starting their collections of Boys Love.