Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Rikka Version Blu-Ray/DVD

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About Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Rikka Version Blu-Ray/DVD

In Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Rikka Version, it's just so not fair! Sure, Rikka may be a "chunibyo" afflicted with a state where she's convinced that she has hidden powers. Maybe she DOES think she has an evil eye that always has to be covered with a patch. But that doesn't mean that what she believes isn't real to her, and Rikka knows in her twisted little heart that Yuta Togashi is much more than just another boy. So why is he always pulling away? At long last, here's the chance to see the world through Rikka's eyes (or eye, technically, since the evil one is usually covered). Armed with your trusted parasol, you'll deal with evil high priestess sisters, enchanted animals, and the scariest thing of all, going literally boy crazy!

Special Features: Japanese Previews, My Brother 2 Short, Clean Opening and Closing Animations


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Themes: School Life, Slice of Life
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 96
  • Release Date: 10/17/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.23
  • Region Code: A

This is not the Rikka Version!

by -

This is not the Rikka Version of the series! This is a hacked and chopped version of the first season pasted together to release it as a film! I was very disappointed as I was expecting all of the battles to be embellished... Other than the short dream opening this was a bad cut of the series.
If you are a huge fan of this series and want to give Sentai extra money for releasing the series fine.

Not much new....

by -

I was really disappointed with this because after watching 1.5 hrs there was literally only 20 minutes of original footage. It starts with a wedding fantasy, and then the bulk of the movie is a synopsis of the first part of the series. I should add that that 20 minutes includes the mini-episode in the bonus footage.


by -

I was so looking forward to more new content for the Chunibyo series. The show isnt in my typical genre preference, but after watching it I fell in love with the characters and the story line. That being said when I heard there would be a movie of the show through Rikka's perspective I was very excited!
The movie starts off great! As other reviewers mentioned there is about 20 mins of new animation and story, then I slowly realize that the remainder of the movie is just a recap! No new animation, no crazy chunibyo far out story, just a plain and simple chopped together recap of the first season.
I have not been this disappointed in an anime "movie" since the Highschool Of The Dead "movie" that was also only about 15 mins or so.
I regret purchasing this movie and do not recommend it to even the biggest fan of the show (and I am a big fan!)

Not exactly new but still good.


The other reviewers don't understand that this is mainly just a compilation of the first season from mainly Rikka's perspective (hence the name Rikka Version) with new footage at the beginning and end. This was originally released in 2013 before the second season aired and at the very end it introduced the new character Shichimiya. Sentai Filmworks is just now releasing it, about four years later. It still contains a good portion of the funny, cute, and emotional segments and is good if you want to watch some Chu-2 without re-watching the whole first season. Definitely not bad for a compilation plus it has a special lite episode and the battle at the beginning is pretty awesome.

1st Season Clip Show

by -

I love this series, so I was disappointed to see that this "Movie" had like 10 minutes of new footage and the rest was just clips from the episodes. It's not a bad way to review the series, but it's not worth the price they want. At best if it's $10 then you should buy it.

Not worth it just to get clips of the original series


Like many other reviews about the Rikka version, this is a big disappointment. besides like 4 minutes of new stuff (and I'm not even sure it is that much) it was clips of the first season. And the clips at that did not mesh well. So disappointed. A waste of money, just rewatch the first season that basically what you're paying for except it's only 96 mins long


by -

I was really surprised at how good this show was. Like a few other people have said, the ending is kinda rushed and strange (people gaining and losing Chunibyo and then just as quickly reversing again!). But other than that I think the show is one of the better school shows with its unique exploration of a "problem" in Japanese society. I also give it props for not becoming a harem anime as it SOOO easily could have (1 main guy and 4 main girls). I have been into Anime for 10 years now and can't figure out why the Japanese are so obsessed with kids in their shows but whatever. This show is worth a watch even if your not into the whole kid thing.

The eye of the evil Lord compels you, JK


This explains what happens in some episodes tying some loose ends between season one and starts season 2 with intro of new characters, I love the beginning and ending if you love the first season you'd love this one.

This Is Not A "Rikka Version", This Is A Recap Episode

by -

The description and marketing for this title is very deceptive. It markets itself as a re-telling of the story of Chu2Koi through Rikka's eyes.

However this is not the case.

This "movie" is nothing but a glorified recap episode of the first season. There is not much more than 10 minutes total of new animation in this 96 minute show, with about 5 minutes on either end.

Not only is this nothing more than a recap episode, it's a very poorly put together one at that. It cuts out many plot points integral to understanding the conflict in the series, and even skips many of the chuunibyo battles, which you would think would be a highlight in a "Rikka Version" of events.

This doesn't give a new perspective of events, nor does it successfully bridge the gap between the first and second season, which is what it seems it was intended to do.

I wouldn't recommend getting this for anything more than $5 at most, and even that's a stretch for only 10 minutes of new content.