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About KizuMonogatari Novel

KizuMonogatari features story by Nishio Ishin and illustrations by Vofan.

Around midnight, under a lonely street lamp in a provincial town in Japan, lies a white woman, a blonde, alone, robbed of all four limbs, yet undead. Indeed, a rumor’s been circulating among the local girls that a vampire has come to their backwater, of all places.

Koyomi Araragi, who prefers to avoid having friends because they’d lower his “intensity as a human,” is naturally skeptical. Yet it is to him that the bloodsucking demon, a concept “dated twice over,” beckons on the first day of spring break as he makes his way home with a fresh loot of morally compromising periodicals.

Always disarmingly candid, often hilariously playful, and sometimes devastatingly moving, KIZUMONOGATARI: Wound Tale is the perfect gateway into the world of author NISIOISIN, the bestselling young novelist in Japan today. The prequel to BAKEMONOGATARI (“Monster Tale”), this is where the legendary MONOGATARI series, whose anime adaptations have enjoyed international popularity and critical acclaim, begins.


  • Publisher: VERTICAL
  • Media: Novels
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 12/15/2015
  • Page Count: 272
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Written Language: English

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19 reviews

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Absolute must read for Monogatari fans


I would highly recommend reading the light novel if you're considering to watch the trilogy.

1) The movie seems to tone down Araragi's monologue /a lot/.
2) At the time of this review, it will take a long time until the entire movie trilogy is available. Instead of waiting for another eternity for Part 3 to release, you could read the light novel.

I'm very surprised that VERTICAL INC chose to localize Kizumonogatari. Translating a Japanese light novel is not an easy task, especially with the Monogatari Series. If you're picky about honorifics, this translation completely drops them. (That shouldn't be a huge deal if all you want is to read more about the characters.) Other than that, if you're familiar with the Monogatari Series, you will not be disappointed on this translation.

Must buy supplement to monogatari series


Seamless translation throughout the book. Awesome and intense story. What else do you need?

I loved this book!

by -

This book absorbed me from the start and made me laugh out loud.
In short I was not disappointed and would highly recommend you read this.

Any fan of the Monogatari series needs to read this. The translator did an awesome job and the writer did a great job of keeping the story interesting. When I say, "this book absorbed me" I mean that I read this in one day because I could not put the book down.

If you like anime or manga then you will more than likely enjoy this book.

My only complaint would be that the English book doesn't look as nice as the original Japanese one, but that wasn't a deal breaker for me.

If you do like this book please remember that more of the books are coming out in English later so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

Honestly a must-read!

by -

If you are a fan of the Monogatari anime series, you absolutely need to have this in your collection!
We finally get the background story on Shinobu and Araragi that has been teased numerous times during the anime, and this is a wonderful filler until the movies go viral!


by -

I saw the first KizuMonogatari movie in the theater and came out of it not wanting to wait for the other two parts to come out. As big fan of Monogatari the wait seemed too long. So I decided to buy this ln to finish the story. As I was reading the parts covered in the first movie it just got me more excited to reach the parts not covered. The translation seems well done and I did not personally notice anything out of line with it. The only other ln's I've read are the No Game No Life ones and compared to those this is simply amazing localization wise.

Compared to the anime this was still very descriptive and had that Monogatari feel that is hard to describe. As I was reading I could visualize how the scene would be animated in the following two movies. The story here is really great and may be my favorite Monogatari arc.

I highly recommend this title if you can't wait for the other two movies or just want to experience Monogatari in a new way.

Great Read

by -

Kizumonogatari is the first look at Monogatari source material for english speakers, and I was very impressed by the book! The writing has a similar style as the anime series, meaning there is a lot of quick humor and dialogue-heavy action. If you like the anime, this book can be a great supplement to your viewing experience. If you haven't seen the anime, the book will still be enjoyable, and can give you a taste of NisioIsin's style. All in all, super glad I read it!

Open the Wound

by -

Kizumonogatari is an awesome read.

For those that like to start at the very beginning, or at least get the prequel out of the way, this is the book you need to obtain. It answers many questions concerning the past and why the people have come to be how they are. And the visuals it gives won't leave your mind.

It's also a great travel size for on the go reading.

A Fantastic Read For a Monogatari Series Fan!


I recently watched Bakemonogatari not too long ago and loved it. The animation style was amazing and the characters were so interesting. I was looking up info on the series. Found out that there are quite a few sequels, and...a prequel. I was pretty interested in finding out more of how the event of Bakemonogatari came about. And this definitely helped clear up some questions I had.

After reading this book I have purchased the first film of the prequels (yes I know its pricey but reading this has made it worth it to me) and am eagerly awaiting for the 2nd film to become available and possible go see a showing of the 3rd if I can.

Seriously a great read for fans of the series!

If you're a Monogatari series fan I would recommend.


I would highly suggest this to any Monogatari series fan. It is definitely worth the money!

Simply amazing

by -

Simply amazing. Nisioisin does it again. After reading one of his first novels, kubikiri, I had to continue on with his works and once again he manages to surprise me with such a fascinating work

For Monogatari Lovers Only!

by -

This is the first novel I bought, just so I could get more of the story. The movies weren't coming out quick enough for me....So, I bought this. Glad I did. So far the movies are spot on with the book. I've really enjoyed reading this book. If your a "Monogatari" fan, then you wont be disappointed with this purchase.

Nice purchase

by -

Very good and fast shipping. The product look and felt awsome

Start here

by -

Ah, Kiss-Shot in her prime. Wonderful characters and story. After reading one you will definitely have to buy the rest of the series.

Must read

by -

Perhaps the greatest installment to the greatest novel series of all time? I think so. Between Isin's carefully crafted dialogue, excellently developed characters, and blend of the comical and supernatural, Kizumonogatari stands out to be the pinnacle of what a light novel can be capable of

Must read

by -

Extraordinary humor, fast pace, and incredibly unique style. Nisiosin makes me wonder why I waited so long to read a piece of his work

This novel has made me realize how good of an anime adaptation the monogatari series really is

Great Series

by -

The monogatari series is my favorite series and am excited to read the novels after watching the anime, the characters are amazing and the book arrived in perfect condition.

a must-read Book

by -

As a fan for Monogatari, this book did not disappointed At all!

A great translation, Awesome and intense story.

If you enjoied the anime or manga, you will LOVE this book.

Great Storytelling Personified

by -

This was one of my favorite animes of all time and the book absolutely did it justice. Great action sequences mixed with a compelling human drama and you've got yourself a top notch story. Overall quality was good, I had no issues with the spine creasing too easily, and the translations were done well.

A very intriguing read


This was one of the very first light novels I picked up. The story of the novel is structured really well while the author well balanced the the comedy and seriousness. This is also a good entry point to the Monogatari series since prior knowledge of the series is not necessary to enjoy this.