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About Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo Blu-ray

Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo contains all 3 OVA episodes.

After a natural disaster, a young man, Haruomi, temporarily moves to stay at his relative's house that he shares with three sexy sisters -- Natsumi, Akina, and Mafuyu. Suddenly his ordinary, peaceful life turns into an exciting erotic adventure!

Ep. 1: MEETINGS ARE GENTLE AND FIRM, IMP PARADISE. Haruomi temporarily moves in with some friends, and begins living with three beautiful sisters; Natsumi, Akina, and Mafuyu. It seems his peaceful life has suddenly turned into an exciting erotic life!

Ep. 2: MEETING IN A TOILET, IN AN INFIRMARY AND A MAID PARADISE. Haruomi's erotic escapades escalate as he becomes intimate with some of his new female classmates. When the three sisters dress up in sexy maid-cosplay to raise the sales at their Ice Cream shop, Haruomi can't control himself!

Ep. 3: MEETING AT A FESTIVAL, IN A BATH AND A HAREM PARADISE. Haruomi's life with the three beautiful sisters remains complicated but exciting. He agrees to help the sisters with an ice cream competition. The day of the contest approaches as Haruomi helps the girls prepare for the big day in more ways than one!

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: KITTY MEDIA
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Run Time: 90
  • Release Date: 8/30/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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all Hentai released in the U.S is uncensored. So yes it is uncensored.

HD hentai anime on Blu-ray!?

by -

I'm sure most have seen clips of Kanojo so I'm going to look at this from a technical standpoint.

I was a little disappointed in the video quality. The video seems to be upscaled and I can see the artifacts caused but it not done right.

There's some jagged lines that pop up from time to time that looks like a problem with deinterlacing. Also there's some distortion in the picture - you see vertical ghost lines throughout the video.

Finally this is not based on the 90min "Full Version" that came out later in Japan so this release didn't have those extra scenes like Midori Byakudan giving Haruomi a B.J. on the school's roof top in the third part of the Full Version.

Also in the credits under the Japanese cast, Mafuyu Orifushi's last name was misspelled as "Orifuxhi".

Also the dub isn't half bad and there's Blooper reel in the extras (English).

I hope to see more hentai anime releases on Blu-ray in the states and hope they get it right.

Good Anime, Blu-Ray Quality Slightly Disappointing

by -

The anime itself is awesome. It has an extremely dull plot but GREAT H-scenes (the real reason we all watch). Outside of the H-scenes it's a little lacking in charm, but it is fairly packed with "action" and there isn't too much filler between the H-scenes once it gets started. I WOULD give it a 4/5.

However, while it's still clearly superior to DVD quality, it's just a shame that this didn't end up looking as amazing as possible on Blu-Ray. It has a problem with jagged pixels. It's not terrible quality, don't get me wrong, but if you look close enough you will definitely notice the jaggies. For that reason, I had to take off an extra star.

I really hope that Kitty Media continues to release more Blu-Rays in the future, but also that their mastering is much higher quality going forward.

This Bluray is worth owning but be warned Episode 3 is missing footage

by -

One of the best hentai series now on BD & uncensored.
The Eng dub is okay. Not awesome but not so bad it’s comedy gold like the Bible Black & Sextra Credit dubs.
Video quality better than DVD but not best looking BD thanks to some minor jagged pixels. Still very watchable.
Eps.1&2 were made in HD but Ep.3 was made in SD due to budget issues so it's upscaled.

Bonus features: blooper reel & alternate opening to Ep.3

This BD does not have the extended version of Ep.3. Kitty Media failed to acquire a copy of Ep.3 with all 3 extra scenes. Only the alternate opening to Ep.3 made it in the bonus features section. The other 2 missing extra scenes are the extended school roof top Byakudan BJ scene & a post-credits scene of the girls doing an ice cream shop ad as a result of a bet that took place earlier in Ep.3.

This BD is worth owning but due to missing footage I suggest keep the fansubs of the uncensored extended Ep. 3 along with the Bluray so you can own all existing footage.

3 seperate episodes worth it


A full 4 stars for this uncensored hentai. I give them 4 stars for an excellent character design ,hi production values, decent music and good animation. Dub is just OK. I did enjoy the VA bloopers on the extra's menu. I bought the Blu-Ray and I don't feel ripped off. Worth the $$.

Uncensored Hentai with awful upscaling

by -

Like most of my peers have said before me, it is a great hentai. However, the picture quality leaves much to be desired. I never thought I'd see the day when a Bluray would have picture quality worse than a DVD. The hentai looks like it had a horrible upscaling from a free program. Picture quality is extremely important to me as it is the one and only reason why I prefer to purchase Blurays over DVDs. The only positive thing about this hentai is the story and that is the reason why it gets an extra star from my original 1 Star rating.



Very good! The best!

Do Not Buy This

by -

I have gotten three copies of this from rightstuf and none of them worked on my gaming consoles or blu-ray player. The disc just won't load. Rightstuf themselves were not able to find a working copy to send me and yet they still sell this like it's no big deal. Just a warning. As of now I have a copy I can't play and can't return.

Spotty Video quality mixed with a decent dub.

by -

I was shocked to see anything like this released on blu-ray. Normally material like this only has a release on DVD. The story is almost non existent, which is to be expected. It is a Harem anime with more mature content. Overall the increase in video quality is welcome, if done a bit haphazardly. Some episodes are obviously up-scaled. Still the dub is well done. If Harem anime is your thing, this one is not bad.

My opinion as is


Plot is a little stale, missing extra scenes, but otherwise an interesting story with good scenes.

Enjoyed this purchase


A very good buy at a great price

Loved this purchase!

by -

The title says it all

A Very Pretty Hentai Title

by -

I actually really liked this title, and that is coming from someone who is very picky about hentai titles. The animation is well done, the scenes are quite stimulating, and there isn't anything too 'taboo' for those not into that sort of thing. Highly recommended.

Worth the blind buy!

by -

This is the first hentai bluray I've ever bought and i was not disappointed. I agree with others that say the quality is a little lacking and that's why i gave it 4 stars. The lines on the characters are a little jagged and not perfect. But if you can get over that you'll enjoy this release. The sex scenes are great and honestly it's some of the best hentai I've seen out there. I recommend this for sure just do not expect pristine perfect bluray picture. Great scenes tho!

I saw this had bloopers in the extras

by -

I made this purchase when I read that this release contained bloopers in the extras. I was on the fence on if this was something that i wanted to buy, and that sold it to me. I'm a fan of that sort of thing. I also appreciate the dub that was done for this series. The only complaint I can really give is the same as everyone else says, there are a few jagged lines that take away from the otherwise great art and animation. I read those reviews and thought to myself "I don't usually notice stuff like that, so I don't expect this to be any different." It sadly was noticeable, though.

Again, though, I cant praise this release enough for having a blooper reel in the extras. It is great to see something other than just art in the special features because I, personally, am not very interested in that. I hope that future releases continue this trend and add other things as well, maybe even episode commentaries with the voice actors.

Good Dub, Great action and decent quality

by -

The voice acting is wonderful, however for some reason I kept on having to set it up to play english audio since for some reason that wasn't default.

A few scenes in the bloopers reel were plagued with pixelation artifacts from upscaling, but i notice nothing during the main run of the 3 episodes.

There is an alternate opening for ep 3 which I prefer over the one they used that basically recaps the last scenes from ep2 without adding anything. It felt somewhat lazy, and is why I deducted a half star.

The other half star deduction is for the lackluster menu interface. it was pretty barebones and did seem a bit buggy. at one point the disc seemed to freeze up when pressing up or down too fast on the remote, something i never experienced before on my player, so this tells me its likely the disc.

Still I recommend this release for its story and action. voice acting is pretty good, and i almost could imagine these actors doing stuff for FUNimation if given the chance.

support more bd hentai titles pls!


bringing sexy back, on bd. give me more of what I love please.

To Be Honest, It Is An Awesome Hentai Anime Movie

by -

The art and animation quality levels in this Hentai Anime is impressive and beautiful. The actual work that the animators put into the art quality here is quite obviously visible.

They made the environmental aspect in the background art clear and visible to the audience.

Sexy plus Added Laughs


Hot teen sex! What's not to like? I love the art and animation, and the English voice dubbing is particularly good. Make sure to check out the bloopers included as an extra. Aria Lynn, who voices Natsumi is especially funny, which just makes her hotter.