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About KILL la KILL Complete Box Set Blu-ray

KILL la KILL Complete Box Set contains episodes 1-24 and the unaired episode #25 of the anime directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi plus a Booklet.

“Life Fiber Synchronize! Kamui Senketsu!!”

The anime created by the legendary duo of Kazuki Nakashima and Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann) is finally reborn as a complete Blu-ray box set!

Honnouji Academy, a school ruled by students clad in special outfits called Goku Uniforms. Deriding the student body as "pigs in human clothing," Student Council President Satsuki Kiryuin, along with her loyal lieutenants, the Elite Four, takes absolute control of the entire campus. One day, a vagrant schoolgirl named Ryuko Matoi appears and tries to get Satsuki, who recognizes her Scissor Blade, to talk. Was their encounter mere coincidence, or was it fate? The clash between the two will soon consume the whole academy!

Special Features: Textless Openings & Endings, Web Version Previews, and KILL la KILL Digest –Naked Memories by Aikuro Mikisugi–

*Disclaimer: There is a discrepancy between the contents of each Blu-ray disc and what is noted on the package. The correct episodes on each Blu-ray disc is as follows:

  • Disc 1: Episode 1 – Episode 4
  • Disc 2: Episode 5 – Episode 9
  • Disc 3: Episode 10 – Episode 14
  • Disc 4: Episode 15 – Episode 19
  • Disc 5: Episode 20 – Episode 25

  • Due to licensing and contract restrictions, this product can be sold and shipped to the US, Canada, Central and South America only. This product cannot be shipped to Japan.

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    • Publisher: ANIPLEX OF AMERICA
    • Media: Blu-ray
    • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
    • Subtitle Language: English, Spanish
    • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
    • Themes: Battles, Fan Service, Powers
    • Age Rating: 16+
    • Run Time: 600
    • Release Date: 12/24/2019
    • Dimensional Weight: 1
    • Region Code: A

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    Ratings & Reviews

    15 reviews

    To Pricey


    Awesome fun over the top show. Reason why I gave it 3 Stars bc that price of admission is an epic fail... Aniplex of America over charging for sure...

    Incredible show

    by -

    After watching it to completion for a second time, I realized that KILL la Kill is a triumph of both animation and comedy. After leaving GAINAX, Studio TRIGGER sets out with their television debut with innuendo, unique characters, and more plot twists then an M. Night Shyamalan movie. A little overpriced, but then again I've seen people lose their minds over missing out on the physical media (Neon Genesis Evangelion, anyone?).

    Finally adding to my Collection

    by -

    After missing out on the previous physical releases for Kill La Kill I instantly preorder this when I found out about it. One of my favorite anime I can't wait to have on my shelf with everything else. I will say it is pricey for what little comes with it, but if you like the show and want it physical this is for you.

    Don't lose your way


    Definitely enjoyed this anime for it over the top wackiness, action scenes, story, and of course it's fan service.

    I would recommend this series to all if they like the mentioned aspects above.

    It's a must own!

    5 Star Show, Incorrect Packaging Info

    by -

    This is a great show and a must see for all anime fans. The show itself is a 5/5 and RightStuf did a great job shipping and delivering the package in perfect condition. The reason I am giving this three stars is because of the quality of the Packaging by Aniplex. The packaging is cool but very basic (which by itself I do not mind) and it comes with a sweet little booklet. My problem is with the incorrect information on not only the Box but the Bluray case as well! If I am going to pay $160 for an anime, at least give me correct information! Disc 3 says it contains episodes 11-15, however episode 15 is on Disc 4, NOT Disc 3! Seriously!? I know this is a very small detail that most people probably won't care about, but with the price of this anime on the higher end, I expect the best and correct packaging to go along with it. Overall, I am glad to own this anime series and it's definitely worth watching, however, just know it is not perfect!

    Our prayers have been answered!

    by -

    THANK THE ANIME GODS, THIS FINALLY GOT A COMPLETE BOXSET RELEASE. Yes, it is a little pricey, but if you've ever looked into buying the pre-existing individual volume sets, you'd know that this is MUCH cheaper.

    Price aside, the series itself is incredible. It's pretty much unbridled insanity, with plenty of fan service and full throttle action. The plot twists and turns and escalates to an amazing conclusion that shouldn't be missed.

    Bottom line, this is the cheapest way to own one of the best anime series of the last decade. So what are you waiting for?

    Perfect for fans of the show

    by -

    TL;DR: This is perfect if you're a FAN of the series, a real pig in human clothing, if you will, but if you don't LOVE it love it, it's probably not worth the price tag.

    Kill la Kill is my favorite series of all time, which is the only way I was able to grit my teeth through the price (hence the missing star). If you don't LOVE Kill la Kill, it probably won't be worth the money. But if you do, it's absolutely worth it. The art book included isn't anything to write home about, but it's a nice touch, especially if you're enough of a fan to buy this thing in the first place. The box and cover art is all really nice, looks great on the shelf. And what struck me is that the episodes themselves are broken down by scene in the episode select, so you can literally start in the middle of an episode if you want to get that specific. It doesn't force you to do that, you can totally just hit "play all" and sit back, but I thought it was a cool option.

    One of the best

    by -

    Do you like intense shonen battles where the main character turns the tables as the theme song flares up? How about solid writing, memorable characters, a good sense of humor and fanservice galore? If any of those sound interesting to you I highly recommend checking this show out. It is a bit expensive, but such a good show it's definitely worth the price to have as a part of any anime collection. The case housing the discs and episode guide looks so good you'll want it front and center on your dvd shelf.

    Phenomenal series, looks amazing, but episode listing mistakes are made on the packaging

    by -

    Overall, Kill la Kill is one of the best series out there. The video & audio quality of this set is great. As well, the artwork on the packaging is fantastic. It comes with a booklet that has the art from the single volume releases in it along with episode descriptions.
    The big issue about this set that everyone should know about before buying is that the discs have different episode counts on them than what Aniplex put on the packaging. Disc 1 contains 4 episodes, Discs 2-4 contain 5 episodes, & Disc 5 contains 6 episodes. This is different from the back of the chipboard box & the Blu ray cases which label each disc as each having 5 episodes. Overall, not a huge deal breaker. But for the price it is disappointing that something like this got through to the final product.

    A bizarre comedy of bloody fun

    by -

    This anime is just pure violent nonsense, with lots of blood spraying everywhere at times. Yet, I have to admit laughing at so much of the crazy aspects of this anime, because the whole point of this anime is the total nonsense of it all. Playing the "Blue Danube" or "Beethoven" while in battle or the bus being shot to shreds ala "The Gauntlet" was clever and had me rolling!

    Loved the way this show pokes fun at stereotypical heroes, and the magical girl transformation shows as well. A talking 'sailor girl' uniform was one thing, but friends and foes defeated naked as their uniforms are shredded into fibers...Ha!

    Granted, it's expensive, but as I did "Gurren Lagann" waited until the box set would be released. Yes, the episode listing is incorrect on the back of the box, but it didn't bother me.

    Non-stop Spectacle

    by -

    Kill La Kill is an insane story with insanely high quality animation. This show has such a unique and enthralling style with substance to match. Ryūko Matoi (the lead character) is such a blast to watch and root for and is surrounded by a great cast of wild characters.

    As far Aniplex releases and some people's issues with cost I will say that I have never been disappointed with any I've purchased. They always come with gorgeous packaging a great features.

    Certainly qualifies as one of the "must see" shows in anime.

    Price. But it's great.

    by -

    If you don't care about having physical copies, I won't waste time, skip this. The price points Aniplex goes for on all their releases are just ridiculous, however I can at the very least vouch for the quality of the releases.

    Probably what everyone says about this release and other ones alike, get it if you can easily afford it. As for the show Kill la Kill is a straight 10/10.

    This boxset is your best value for a physical copy

    by -

    The price tag is astronomical compared to your everyday movie/show purchase, but this is the most economical way of purchasing this series if you compare all the other options. Definitely use the Sezzle option, which is what I did, very easy, $40 a month and it's a done deal. It's packaged in a nice compact box, and on the spine is a cute little montage of the main characters in chibi format, which is a nice touch.

    One thing that I would like to bring up is the English dub, which is excellent! It was nice to hear a lot of new voice actors that I didn't instantly recognize from overexposure, and they brought the energy needed for each episode. The OVA episode is also dubbed in English. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase! A 5 star rating brought down to 4 due to the price point.

    How can such an expensive release have errors?

    by -

    This is a review of the release and not the show, the show is truly great, 5 stars. But know before you buy that they botched the episode listing that the discs supposedly contain. The outer box is sturdy and high quality, it also has the episode listings on the back of the outer cover in red which is unique and thoughtfully done. The actual artwork for the disc covers is only okay though in my opinion. To be honest the creme and white is hard to differentiate from, you can barely read the spine and the episode count on the back of the disc covers, but it’s not like they’re correct anyways. The included insert contains a synopsis of each episode, it also has some nice artwork throughout the book. If you really love KLK I’d still suggest buying it, but know before you buy that this isn’t a perfect release, even if it is barebones. As much as I love KLK I’d still buy it again, but I do wish it was at least correct with the episode listing.

    Kill La Kill Well Deserved

    by -

    One of my favorite anime's of all time, finally on Blu Ray format and very well deserves to be.
    A silly, bloody, funny, oddball world of man vs clothing(if you really want to call it that) which never fails to deliver in this 25 episode series.
    The Blu Ray packaging is nice and neat, small enough to fit on any typical shelving unit, with nice box art, with the episode titles and inclusions written on the back, with each episode labeled RED as you would typically see in the episode titles of the series.
    The anime itself looks amazingly sharp and clean, with nice color that pops. The sound quality is still as great as ever. The dubs and subs are as I remember as well, I prefer the Japanese language with English subs overall.
    The price might seem a bit steep, but it's well worth it for any fan.