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About K-ON Complete Collection Premium Box Set Blu-ray

K-ON! the Complete Collection Premium Box Set contains anime episodes 1-14 of Season 1, episodes 1-27 of Season 2, and K-ON! the Movie directed by Naoko Yamada and housed in a Collector's Chipboard Box along with 3 Booklets, 6 Limited Edition Guitar Picks, Sticker Set, Characters Keychain, Enamel Pins, 6 Double Sided Art Cards and the Original Soundtrack.

The Sakuragoaka Girls’ Academy curriculum traditionally focuses on the three “R”s of reading, writing and arithmetic, but Ritsu Tainaka wants to add two more “R”s: Rock and Roll!

To do that, however, Ritsu has to save the Light Music Club from being shut down due to little problems like not having any other members or a faculty advisor. After strong-arming her best friend Mio into joining and convincing Tsumugi Kotobuki to make it a trio, Ritsu’s would-be rockers are soon only one talented guitarist short of the quartet they need for school approval. What they get, unfortunately, is Yui Hirasawa, who’s never held a guitar in her life, but she’s determined to learn! Will the school halls come alive with the sound of music? Find out as four outrageous girls band together in K-ON! the Complete Collection!

Special Features: Clean Opening Animations (x2), Clean Closing Animations (x3), and Shorts (x16)


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Themes: Music, School Life
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 1135
  • Release Date: 2/19/2019
  • Dimensional Weight: 2.32
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Love it, one issue.

by -

Actually getting things out of this box was very difficult. It seems to be the three booklets, the way they're stored separately between the blu-ray cases. They can't easily slide out because of them. I had to shove one of my fingers in to slightly bend the chipboard box just to get one blu-ray out. Came out alright. Only issue with this set. Once you get them out and reorganize, it's fine. I'm glad K-ON got a set it deserves. Very pretty.

Wish it had more Mio in it

by -

It finally came in the mail and I'm super stoked about. I love K-On! so much.

The box looks amazing, just like in the picture, and it's a very decent size box that holds the Blu-Rays. Really great for display alone.

Now the inside of the box I had some slight issues. The cases, booklets, and box with small goodies was pack in tight. Nothing wrong with that just worried I'll damage something taking it out. Shaking it downward a little got them out. Also the top edge of the 1st season case appeared to be slightly torn but it wasn't from me and probably the biggest problem for me was the the top tab that holds disk 2 & 3 was broken. Not sure if broke from shipping or heading to the right stuf warehouse. The discs don't appear damaged that's a good thing and all the little premium goodies are intact.

Over all I'm still happy with this and I'm looking forward to binge on K-On when ever I feel like it. Big fans of the anime will enjoy this great box set.

K-ON Premium Box Set


The box set is wonderful except that it is too tight. Like the other reviews I had problems with removing the contents of the box set. I was able to remove everything without damaging anything but I went really slow. Other than that it's really nice that both seasons and movie are included.

Beautiful box set, horrible Sentai subs

by -

I'm always really happy with Rightstuf. Less so with Sentai Filmworks. This boxset is beautiful to have in the collection and includes a good deal of content. It includes artbooks that are filled with messages and art from various people who worked on the show, making the set feel that much more special. The extra gear (guitar picks, keychain, pins, and stickers) are a bonus. Although the contents are tightly packed, you can take them out by shaking the box a little bit. It's not going to damage anything.

While I am really happy with the boxset and am happy to have it in my collection, I have to say, I am extremely sad by how little effort Sentai Filmworks put into the subtitles. Nobody wants to see BRIGHT YELLOW SUBS that are vertically positioned higher than they should be. Some of the translations were questionable, and absolutely zero care was put into subtitling the songs. Take notes from Tsundere and Elysium, Sentai.

Great set, sad it's missing songs

by -

The overall quality of the boxset and it's contents are great. Like others I did find it a little hard to get out though. wwww

The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is the Original Soundtrack CD which doesn't have some of my favorite songs from the series (Don't Say "Lazy" and No, Thank You!) and several others. Which is surprising since they are OPs and EDs.

If they couldn't get them all on one disc they should have just made two or at least prioritized the songs they actually played instead of so much background music.