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Iria Zeiram: The Animation Master Collection DVD

4.5 star rating out of 5
8 Reviews
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About Iria Zeiram: The Animation Master Collection DVD

As an apprentice Hunter, Iria can't wait until she can get the fun jobs, like her big brother (and top Hunter) Glen. In fact, he's just got a new one: get to a ship adrift in space and evacuate crew, passengers, and cargo. It sounds fun enough to tag along, uninvited... only, it goes wrong from the start. Evading an assassination attempt from the very people that hired them, they make it to the job site, and find it's a bloody one. The crew is dead, and the passengers are terrified. The cargo? Well, that moved itself...

Zeiram, a creature said to be immortal. The terrifying monster turns Iria's life upside down, as she barely manages to escape from the ship with her life. From there, Iria finds herself caught in a conspiracy to cover up the events of that day, and with every step she takes she finds Zeiram right behind her. Why is it so interested in her? Does it simply want to kill her, or is there something more beneath its black carapice? It's time for "Killing Dimension Action" in Iria, Zeiram the Animation, complete and remastered with all six OVA episodes!


  • Publisher: DISCOTEK
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Run Time: 216
  • Year Created: 1994
  • Release Date: 3/8/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: 1

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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

5 star rating out of 5

You won't be disappointed.


Iria was ahead of its time. The animation is quite good and the story holds up. And Iria is still one of the top ten most gorgeous girls with a gun. No spoilers, but there are aspects of this anime that you will have seen in other, later productions. Highly recommended.

5 star rating out of 5

The way they use to make good Anime in 1994 - You won't be disappointed


Great Characters, great story-line, and lots of action. All about a 16 yr old female bounty hunter and her first really big mission that totally sucks her life and those around her into danger beyond what most bounty hunters face in their entire life times. I wish they still made Anime like this instead of the mass produced cookie cutter (one anmie theme fits all). You will not be disappoint in this one and while you are at it pick up Battle Angel Alita (1993)

5 star rating out of 5

Best quality release of Iria in North America

by -

I remember watching Iria on Saturday Anime as a teenager, and the quality of the story, animation, and character designs have stuck with me throughout my time with Anime. I know there are others in the same boat.

I own the other two previous DVD releases of Iria, both the US Manga Corps and Media Blasters release, and I've done side by side comparisons of video quality. The video quality of the Discotek release easily blows the other two away. USMC used a composite source, the MB release was remastered digitally but still had compression issues, and the Discotek version uses the properly remastered video from the Japanese release.

For anyone that wants the definitive edition that looks the best, this is the way to go.

3 star rating out of 5

Pretty cool continuation

by -

A couple years ago I had been on a search of old CPM titles, and this was one that I completely missed. I know that this anime is based off the Iria live action films, and having spent some time digesting it, I feel this is a good introduction to those learning about this series.

With that said, the transfer looks amazing. I still feel the series was too short, but having watched the documentary about Iria, I understand that it takes a lot of talent, and funding to these kind of projects work, and the end result I'm content with if there will not be anymore made in this universe.

Audio is awesome, animation is superb, and the extras kudos to the fine folks at Discotek media for painstakingly putting this together.

4 star rating out of 5

Nostalgic sci-fi classic, still great after all these years


This fast-paced sci-fi action classic is sure to keep you riveted. If strong female leads are your thing, then check this one out - Iria is a strong, but not overpowered, female bounty hunter on a mission to avenge, and possibly save, her brother after a monstrous alien attacks him on a bounty hunt mission gone wrong.

The animation is fluid and gorgeous with distinctive-looking characters and detailed designs. The action scenes are really well-done, with plenty of motion, explosions, and gadgets. Six episodes is about the right length to tell the main story arc and develop the characters, so if you're pressed for time or looking for something to show an anime club, this is a good option.

The English dub for this one isn't bad, either. There are a few instances where the music is dated, and sometimes the acting from the English VAs can be a little hammy, but that's part of its nostalgic charm.

3 star rating out of 5


by -

While I love this title, I couldn't give it four or even five stars. Don't get me wrong. This was one of my first exposures to anime because I remember this show used to come on the Sci-Fi channel. I was never able to watch the entire series until one Saturday morning when they decided to do a marathon of the entire series. I really think they should have expanded the series. Maybe another OVA or another movie would have sufficed. I don't know if they ran out of money or if they just decided to not make anymore Iria but they could have done so much with this title. It's a good title but it's way too short. That's my only complaint.

5 star rating out of 5

I'm comparing Zeiram to another killing machine...


Zeiram reminds me of the immortal death-bringer known in DC Comics as...DOOMSDAY! Can't beat the classics!

5 star rating out of 5

Anime classic must have

by -

I've been looking for this version of Iria for a very long time and finally i have it and I'm totally happy with the item features and design this is one of my top favorite anime series ever.