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About Hozuki's Coolheadedness DVD

This Hozuki's Coolheadedness complete collection contains episodes 1-13.

There are hard jobs and there are jobs that seem outright impossible, but in the end, the most difficult job in all creation probably belongs to Hozuki, Hell's hardest working bureaucrat. That's because Hozuki is Deputy Chief to Enma, the King of Hell. Enma spends all his time sitting in judgment of the recently deceased, so it's up to Hozuki to keep the dark half of the afterlife running smoothly. And that would be hellishly complicated even if Hell wasn't constantly short on good help.

Fortunately, Hozuki's not the typical bureaucratic hothead you'd expect to find heading a department of infernal affairs. Fiendishly clever and determined enough to dedicate multiple lifetimes to a task (though not necessarily his own lifetimes), he'll get the job done even if it means breaking a few unbreakable rules and running circles around Hell's normal operating procedures.

As for patience... well, Hell hasn't frozen over quite yet, so the verdict's still out on that, but he doesn't suffer fools lightly, let alone damned fools. After all, that Highway to Hell isn't going to get paved with just good intentions, so if someone has to suffer for all eternity, Hozuki's damned sure that it's not going to be himself!

Special Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Themes: Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 325
  • Release Date: 2/17/2015
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.4
  • Region Code: 1

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For anyone who has ever worked in an office...ever!

by -

I admit that this series was a bit of an impulse buy and if it was not for the holiday sale I might not have bothered.

But then I actually watched it and was more than satisfied.

This is not an action series. Most of the fun came from watching the efforts of Japanese Hell's civil servants as they went about their duties. The title character Hozuki's wit is so dry, the Sahara would be jealous. In the end, it's about retraining ancient spirits and developing new business plans for an ever changing world.

However, there are a couple of issues.

A lot of the story is driven by the Japanese humor and many of the jokes are the result of language puns that don't translate very well. Explanations are given, but with so many involved half the picture can be covered at times. Also, there is no English dub or controls to turn said text off.

Other than that, this is a nice, quick series that is worth the effort! :D

Slice of Life... In Hell!

by -

Follow the fun filled days of Japanese Hells Number Two Demon: Hozuki. Not only is the show hilarious, you learn a lot about multiple levels of Hell, Japanese folklore, and even pop culture references. They even include foot notes that help explain some of the more vague ones, something I always appreciate. Entertaining and educational, what more could you ask for? Well, the OVA to be licensed and a second season, but all in good time.



I like to watch it over and over again