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About Howl's Moving Castle Blu-ray/DVD

Howl's Moving Castle includes an 8-page Booklet with essays from the producer, producer's statement and more.

Sophie, a quiet girl working in a hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. The vengeful Witch of the Waste, jealous of their friendship, puts a spell on Sophie. In a life-changing adventure, Sophie climbs aboard Howl’s magnificent moving castle and enters a magical world on a quest to break the spell.

Special Features: Feature-Length Storyboards, Original Theatrical Trailers, TV Spots, Interview with Diana Wynne Jones, Miyazaki's Visit to Pixar, Explanation of CG, The Birth Story of the Film Soundtrack, Behind the Microphone


  • Publisher: SHOUT FACTORY
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese, French
  • Subtitle Language: English, French
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Themes: Adventure
  • Age Rating: 7+
  • Run Time: 119
  • Year Created: 2004
  • Release Date: 10/17/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

Horrible dub for yet another Ghibli film


It is a widely accepted fact that the Disney-Ghibli dubs are all legitimately atrocious, horrible travesties of their former selves, and this film is no exception. All the voices are dull, emotionless, and totally devoid of any soul. There is NO magic in the Disney dubs. None. The translations are poor as well. So much nuance and richness missing in the butchered scripts! And talk about bad casting -- Billy Crystal?! Christian Bale?! Give me a break. Any REAL voice actor can do far better jobs than these guys. It really is a shame Streamline couldn't do this one; their dubs were SO much better than the crap Disney ones. And you, who praise Disney for their poor translations; you're all just encouraging these corrupt executives to continue ruining practically perfect animated films. Seriously, any real Ghibli fan should avoid watching these dubs! Watch this only in Japanese or don't watch at all.

Not my favorite Miyazaki, but definitely NOT a one-star.


I love Miyazaki's movies, but for some reason this one didn't appeal to me as much. The animation is of course, wonderful, and the characters are charming, but the story is scattered, and the ending is fairly weak. It's still a beautiful movie, though, just not up there with my favorites. Gets my highest rating though.

As for dub vs sub, pick one version and enjoy. Not worth getting upset over in the least. Watch however you want.

Great release for those that don't like the Gold spine Disney releases

by -

This release looks fantastic, there are full disc arts for BOTH discs, and there is inner art on the wrap. the Booklet is neat too. But to me the reason I double dipped is the complete lack of Disney branding. No more little mermaid trailers at the start of the disc. Which is great if you want to try showing this to someone who thinks anime is just for kids. (it is NOT). I personally really liked the dub on this one. 4/5 stars.

Under-rated Movie... Sentimental Favorite.


I like this film -- saying as somebody who has READ the book, too.

As far as dubs go, it's pretty good so I would say ignore the fellow who rates all these things downward because he hates dubs. He has no clue about the quality of dubs and the Disney dubs for Ghibli films were generally 2-3 cuts above other English dubbing by the general anime industry in the States.

Why get this film on BD again? Well, apparently the subs are more accurate. They were redone and are NOT dubtitles this time according to advance reports. There are also extras from the Japanese BD not included in the Disney release AND the annoying stuff Disney put on their release was removed. This BD loads faster and has more extra content on it. So, there you go if you care to upgrade...

It has a very nice score, one of my favorite romantic themes, and an iconic "walking in air" sequence that is one of the film's highlights. Beautiful movie!

No magic in the dubs. Only watch subbed!


I tried watching the Ghibli movies with Disney's dubs, but I could not. The reason? They are all soulless and ghastly. There is NO magic to any of them. None. I have seen all these dubs and I absolutely HATE every one of them. The Japanese versions are so much better and full of real, genuine acting, not these phoned-in, lifeless, atrocious, inept "celebrities" who Disney got to butcher these films.

Yes, that includes HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. I know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't care if this story sets in Europe. Japanese is the ONLY way to see this movie. It is FAR more nuanced and far more believable than the poor Disney dub. I've seen many dubs and I know these Disney dubs are all garbage.

If any of you Disney dub fans are reading this, I recommend watching HOWL with Japanese. You will see why it is far more fitting for this movie and why the Disney dubs are so horrible.

Yes, the Disney dubs ARE great! And this edition has more extras!


I find it baffling that we're hearing from people who want to insist that the Disney dubs for these movies are terrible. I've seen every one of them, and I found none of them to be horrible. This is no exception. The voice actors are talented and bring a lot of nuance and life to them. HOWL is no exception. Christian Bale is in fine form as the title character, and all the other voices involved, including Emily Mortimer, Lauren Bacall, a young Josh Hutcherson, and even Billy Crystal turn in great performances as well. Seriously, ignore the people who tell you the dubs are bad; they just don't know what they're talking about.

Disney did a fine job releasing this movie on BD, but this one has more extras. It might be worth double-dipping just for that.

Howl's Moving Castle is a Great Edition to Anyone's Collection!!

by -

This is a great anime film, especially for those who are new to anime. It was the movie that got me into anime to start with. The fantasy elements are done amazingly and the animation really shines. It may not be considered the best Ghibli film, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

This Blu-Ray/DVD set is great and even comes with an little booklet of content from the producers, which is a nice touch. The box art is great and has a very clean presentation. I definitely recommend adding this to your collection if you love anime!

Magical love


I love this film about a girl named Sophia who doesn't have much confidence in her self . But after being cursed by the witch of the waste and meeting a powerful wizard by the name of Howl she gets thrown in a world of magic. And learns not only to love her self ,but to love another person in howl and gain a new family .