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About Hetalia Season 6 DVD

Hetalia Season 6 The World Twinkle contains episodes 1-15.

Catch up with the nations in this latest season where we have more silly shenanigans. Germany and Italy are going on and on about canned food? Ugh, are you sure that's safe to eat?! In between the fun, we have something super special! Watch little America in a totally adorable flashback that is going to make your heart swell. Sh-Shut up, I'm not crying, you're crying!

And don't forget to check in on the Nordic nations and see what's going on with all those blondes. Wait Estonia, what are you doing there? And there's even more adventure to be had when we go on a hunt for more micronations. Yay! Who will join Sealand in his journey to bring attention to the micros?

But make sure you don't miss out on the four extra special OVAs, including a Halloween special. Oh my gosh, everyone looks so cute in their costumes! Look at America dressed as and oh, look at you, England! Squee!!

Hetalia is back and bringing the full twinkle!


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Themes: Historical
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 75
  • Release Date: 11/8/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: 1

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Totally amaze-balls!

by -

If you loved all the other seasons of Hetalia, you have to watch this one! I loved the Halloween episode the most, but it was all really great! If I had one thing to complain about it's the fact that there aren't any "Boss Spain, Chibi Romano" episodes in it.

Better than other seasons

by -

The first thing I always do when I get the English Dub of hetalia is turn on the subs to see how close the lines are to the original. I have always felt a little sad that Funimation always tried to change the lines too much to make it funnier, making it lose a lot of its comedic effect when they did that.

This season is TOTALLY different! They stick to the original lines as much as they could and I loved that! When they ruined season 5, I was a bit hesitant about listening to the dub with this season but didn't regret it much compared to normal.

The only complaint is that they kept Greg Ayres as Denmark from season 5. The voice does not match the character of Denmark to me. However, Britain's new voice actor is very much loved by me! I believe his voice fits even better than the original!

If you can get over Denmark's voice, then I will definitely recommend getting this season!

The original is good, voice-acting is neither good or bad just awkward, sorry

by -

The original story is good based from English subtitles but the dubbing could use a little more work for example for Denmark's is kinda...ehh and Child! America's wired that his Adult/regular voice used! Either might puberty early on or the voice actress for his child self was not available for some reason. Regardless of the voice-acting, fans can also switch to subtitles, the general story is good anyway.