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Heero Yuy (Re-run) Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Figure

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Release Date: 2/28/2021

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About Heero Yuy (Re-run) Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Figure

"Mission complete."

The burdens of war are a terrible thing to lay upon anyone's shoulders, let alone a 15-year-old boy. But that is the path laid out for the young man codenamed Heero Yuy. After being given the Wing Gundam, he became one of the instigators in Operation Meteor, seeking to overthrow Treize Khushrenada and the elite military force OZ. In a moment of peace, Heero is left to reflect on whether fighting was the right choice.

This 1/8 scale figure features Heero in a moment of repose, resting his arm on he knee as he sits upon the rubble of a recent battle. He's decked out in his signature green tank top and black bike shorts, with a uniform jacket from the pacifist Sanc Kingdom slung over his shoulders. 

Eyes peeking out from behind his brown bangs, Heero stares emotionless into the distance, determining the next plan of attack. The jacket is removable as well, to replace the illusion of a noble knight with the truth of a lean young man looking to end his fight.

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  • Publisher: MEGAHOUSE
  • Media: Figures
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Mecha
  • Age Rating: 7+
  • Release Date: 2/28/2021
  • Dimensional Weight: 6
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Height: 5.71