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About Got Anime? Membership

Got Anime Membership must be purchased alone.

If you buy even a few items a year, you can start saving some cash now by joining the Got Anime Club for Frequent Buyers!

For a small annual membership fee, you get:

  • An additional discount of up to 10% off our already low prices!*
  • Discounts on select figures!
  • Access to members-only special promotions!
  • Extended, 60-day period for returns
  • Plus we are always looking to add more bonuses to the program.

    So, how does all this work? We're glad you asked!

    Just place an order for this item (and only this item) and check out! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT AND ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! That's very important!

    Your order will process within a few hours (sometimes just minutes) as long as your pay method is valid and bills successfully. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email and your membership is activated! Now isn't that simple?!

    LET THE SAVINGS BEGIN! While shopping your discount will be shown on all the eligible items. If eligible items aren't showing Your Member Price, check to make sure you're logged in. If you just placed your order for your membership and received the email stating it is active, you may need to log out and back in to see your savings.

    Join today and start saving - You know you want to!

    Now the boring disclaimer stuff...

    Once your membership is activated it is good for one year from the date the order successfully processed. THAT MEANS:

    • One year of Anime-zing savings
    • One year of coupons
    • One year of special promotions that non-members just don't get!

    You can check when your membership will expire by looking at your account overview. If you want to renew your membership, just place a new order for this item and your membership will be active for another year!

    Your Got Anime membership is non-transferable and can only be used with the account it was purchased with.

    Cancellations: While we wouldn't understand why you don't like saving money, you may cancel and request a refund if no orders have been placed using the membership regardless if those orders have shipped or not.  

    *Note: Discount applies only to our everyday low price and excludes specially imported items, gift certificates, items from select publishers, and magazine subscriptions. Clearance items and certain special offers which are already heavily discounted are not eligible for membership discounts. If in doubt, contact our friendly Customer Care team!

    **Note: Members outside the US will not receive print mailings due to postage costs.  Offers may be e-mailed.


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    If you have another order that is fully in-stock, when we process that order, we will ship all products that are available on ALL of your orders with this shipment.

    Our system will occasionally release domestic orders for partial shipping based on our order volume, usually 50% of your products have to be in-stock, however when this occurs it will pull in-stock products from your other orders if applicable.

    Generally, the rules stated above are followed, however we reserve the right to partial ship at any time. Therefore, if you are wanting something shipped immediately it is recommended to place separate orders for your in-stock vs. pre-order products.

    New Manga for the Best Prices

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    Manga Buyer User Experience
    Been using for 2 months now and the membership is already paid off in savings on just the membership discount where every volume is an additional 40 cents to a dollar off, not to mention the 10% off coupons that I believe you get one every month.
    Just on coupons I'm easily saving $14+ on every order alone. Way cheaper than getting your manga on Amazon if you’re utilizing the free shipping for $75. I was able to save the coupons when there not sale for a series and use them on my big orders.
    If you plan to buy stuff monthly.
    Orders already qualify for free shipping.
    Patient on shipping & getting series that are out of stock.

    Not recommend:
    If you’re not using the free shipping then not worth if your getting a couple things.
    If you only plan on just getting sale bundles it already near membership prices.
    A lot of volumes/series you want are out of stock not worth the wait of 1-2+ months if other places are in stock for just afew dollars more.

    I was skeptical, but for anime on DVD/BR, worth it.

    by -

    I was highly skeptical of paying $18 to get unknown discounts, but as someone who's primarily here for anime on DVD/Blu-Ray, it's already paid for itself. I waited until I had around $200 worth of shows I wanted, then took the plunge. Every single item I checked except one (on a weekly special) was 10% off - including already-discounted pre-orders and items marked as not-eligible for promotional discounts. It looks like items are discounted much more often than not.

    If you buy at least $200 worth of anime DVDs/Blu-Rays in a year, this is worth it. First day, it's paid for itself. No regrets.

    Great for collectors

    by -

    Definitely worth the price if you are looking to buy a lot of manga this year. I've only spent about 78 dollars this year and I've already saved 5 bucks, which doesn't sound like a lot but seeing as I'm going to do at least one haul a month, it's definitely going to buy itself and be worth the price. Manga is only 5% off which isn't terrible considering rightstuf's great prices on manga already. If you are a blu ray collector, this is definitely worth it, there are upwards of 10 dollars in savings combined with this membership and rightstuf's prices. Although, do not buy if you plan on using rightstuf only once or twice over the year, you're better off spending a couple dollars more, it won't pay itself back.

    Less than $2 a Month, More than $100 in Savings

    by -

    So glad I bought a membership before ordering! I was planning on buying the MHA manga series, and came to this site for the less-than-retail prices. For most manga I viewed, the average member discount was 5%. The membership discount stacks with discount codes as well, so you can really rack up some savings. Compared to buying from Barnes and Noble or Amazon, I saved more than $100 on my first order. A single annual fee of $18 is well worth it as long as you are a collector and frequenting the site. The only reason I wouldn't rate it 5 stars is because it does take quite a bit of purchases to make this worth it. For most manga, you would have to buy 49-50 things just to make the membership worth purchasing. Well worth it for collectors and fanatics!

    worth the money

    by -

    I usually don't buy these memberships, unless it has free shipping. But it was $18 well spent. I'm a 60 year old retired Otaku and read over 40 series of manga and half that in light novels.(also maybe a figure or two) I saved $18 after two days. Sure beats Amazon. So I can nothing but great thingd about the membership.

    Worth it

    by -

    Great for getting even lower prices. My first membership purchase was on old school anime and it definitely paid for itself. What is great as well is that the membership discounts can stack with coupon codes. How awesome is that? That makes Rightstuf have the best prices around.

    Every bit helps

    by -

    As much as I buy from this website the discounts have added up really fast! Paired with the coupons and deals you can get when you subscribe it's definitely worth it compared to a membership I can get at my local bookstore. It's not only cheaper but the deals are better!

    Worth every Penny

    by -

    Definitely worth the price. I have saved more than what the membership costed and it has been less than a month.

    Worth it.

    by -

    I haven’t had it long. Just a few days with the memebership. But so far it’s seems like it’s worth it.
    Though I do wish it gave free shipping. But other then that it’s a good deal since it gives a discount on certain items. And the cost isn’t bad 18 a year. That’s cheaper than amazon prime.
    Though I do think they should have other options for this that include the free shipping with the discount.. But have it priced a little higher

    Call it got anime plus or something
    Include the discount
    Free shipping
    And like some rightstuf only poster each year you get it.
    But overall I do like the current got anime membership
    I’d definitely say if you shop here a lot. You need it.

    It really is worth it

    by -

    I used to buy all my books and DVDs (not just manga and anime) off amazon, but they nearly always come damaged. I'm OCD about my books so that was unacceptable. RightStuf already offers a lot of their stuff at a reasonably cheap price, but with the membership you can save SO MUCH. For myself, I think it has been worth it, but I also buy all my manga and anime from RightStuf so I shop here pretty regularly. In all my experiences with RightStuf, everything has come in perfect condition and (when COVID wasn't a thing) ships very quickly.


    by -

    This is a no brainer purchase especially if you order enough from Right Stuf. The savings add up and eventually the savings pay for the cost of the membership itself. Right Stuf has some of the most competitive prices already so do yourself a favor and save even more with the GOT ANIME? membership!


    by -

    I have saved a lot of money thanks to the membership. Love that you get a discount on items that are already on sale. Will be buying when my membership runs out.

    Great Savings!!

    by -

    I've only had this for a month and it already paid for itself. If you buy a lot of this then this will certainly help you save some money!

    A Useful Membership For All Types of Fans

    by -

    If you are looking for ways to save your money on the items you love and you're looking to build your collection then having a membership here is 100% worth it. Even if you only pick up small items here and there throughout the year, having that extra percentage off helps a lot in the long run. Especially when that percentage goes on top of the sale prices during Christmas sales and Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. I've been using this site for a long time now and I've been pretty satisfied with their service. They really make sure that everything arrives safely and I would recommend Rightstuf for any type of fan there is in the manga and anime world. Whether you're a figure collector or a manga / anime library collector. You can count on this membership to help you get the most out of your money.

    Great for saving money on big manga purchases!

    by -

    I was a little unsure at first, since I only buy manga and the discount is only 5% off of that, but I've been building up my manga collection after several years of taking a break, and this thing has paid for itself immediately. If you buy a lot of manga in bulk (such as getting a whole series at once), this will save you a ton of money over a short amount of time, and it even stacks with sales! You can also use it on pre-orders, meaning you could pre-order one month's worth of new manga releases and get a sweet discount. Plus, Rightstuf's packaging is so incredible, much better than a certain, giant website I could name, so not only are you getting manga for cheaper than most other places, but you're getting safe packaging, to boot. If you only buy a few items per year, this might not be right for you, but if you buy items in bulk, or just find yourself doing a monthly purchase, you'd be crazy not to get this membership!

    Is it worth it? Maybe.

    by -

    I don't recommend the membership if you're just going to pick up a few volumes here and there. Unless you're going to be making several big purchases, it isn't worth the price.

    Amazing deal. Worth it 100%

    by -

    I bought this membership and probably saved around 60 dollars extra on my first order

    Worth it every time

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    For the discounts and special deals you get, the Got Anime? membership is worth the money. For a yearly membership it's incredibly cheap and for me it's paid for itself well over half a dozen times at least. The purchase was not a one.

    If you buy a lot of anime...

    by -

    I'm the kind of guy that that generally doesn't watch anime unless I own it myself. Sometimes that means I take a swing and miss on a bad experience (Psychic School Wars, Master of Martial Hearts... BLEGH). Sometimes I miss out on a show that has yet to come to physical media (Happy Sugar Life).
    But that means I spend a lot of money on anime and manga every year. I know the program doesn't outright offer 10% off each item anymore, it's now "up to 10%". Even if I saved an average of 2% on all of my RS spendings last year alone, I still saved double the cost of the GA? membership. For me, that's a good deal. Plus you do get access to extended returns if needed. Inevitably there will be print errors in some products regardless of circumstances, so it's nice to have that safety net.
    If you buy a lot (a lot) of anime/manga every year, it's well worth it.

    Worth it

    by -

    I live in America and I generally have a hard time finding manga in general without killing my wallet. The membership is really worth it if you see yourself buying throughout the year and if you are a manga collector.

    Definitely recommend! Great membership!

    by -

    I honestly love this membership. It gives you great deals on there already cheap but top notch products and gives you an extended amount of time if you would like to return those products for any reason. Plus the price is just amazing. You only have to pay 18$ (canadian) for a whole year of special discounts and promotions? Sign me up! Definitely recommend if you're debating it.

    Great deal for the anime fans.

    by -

    I make a lot of anime purchases and this site and savings membership is the best. I have had memberships for different stores and this online shop has more variety and the savings are great. A few cents to a few dollars better then other places. I have bought more here then any other place. Thank you.

    LN/Manga Savings Math

    by -

    I generally see a 5% discount applied to manga and light novels. This does not happen on sales (or anything that says "Not Eligible For Promotional Discounts"), but if you buy a lot of off-sale manga and/or light novels, that 5% can really help. RightStuf already has amazing prices. I did the math and if you spend $360 with the 5% discount, you'd have saved $18. Any fan can realize the potential here! I wish I bought this sooner than I did, but still glad I bought it when I was still fairly new to this site.

    Extended return windows, exclusive deals (they run one-day sales from time to time), and if you're into figures they've got discounts there too. With the anime-azing (sorry) support, prices, and promos, this is a no-brainer for someone like myself. The only thing RightStuf could improve upon is their shipping time/process, but the savings make up for this especially with membership.

    Best $18 membership around!

    by -

    For $18 you really get the most out of this membership when you buy manga throughout the year. My boyfriend and I recently started collecting manga and it definitely can get pricy when you're trying to get manga with tons of volumes out! The membership pays for itself fairly quickly so we highly recommend it!


    by -

    This is so HELPFUL I use right stuff for big lot purchases of manga and getting this definitely saved me more money then I would've had to use on other websites.