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About Got Anime? Membership

Got Anime Membership must be purchased alone.

If you buy even a few items a year, you can start saving some cash now by joining the Got Anime Club for Frequent Buyers!

For a small annual membership fee, you get:

  • An additional discount of up to 10% off our already low prices!*
  • Discounts on select figures!
  • Access to members-only special promotions!
  • Extended, 60-day period for returns
  • Plus we are always looking to add more bonuses to the program.

    So, how does all this work? We're glad you asked!

    Just place an order for this item (and only this item) and check out! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT AND ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! That's very important!

    Your order will process within a few hours (sometimes just minutes) as long as your pay method is valid and bills successfully. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email and your membership is activated! Now isn't that simple?!

    LET THE SAVINGS BEGIN! While shopping your discount will be shown on all the eligible items. If eligible items aren't showing Your Member Price, check to make sure you're logged in. If you just placed your order for your membership and received the email stating it is active, you may need to log out and back in to see your savings.

    Join today and start saving - You know you want to!

    Now the boring disclaimer stuff...

    Once your membership is activated it is good for one year from the date the order successfully processed. THAT MEANS:

    • One year of Anime-zing savings
    • One year of coupons
    • One year of special promotions that non-members just don't get!

    You can check when your membership will expire by looking at your account overview. If you want to renew your membership, just place a new order for this item and your membership will be active for another year!

    Your Got Anime membership is non-transferable and can only be used with the account it was purchased with.

    Cancellations: While we wouldn't understand why you don't like saving money, you may cancel and request a refund if no orders have been placed using the membership regardless if those orders have shipped or not.  

    *Note: Discount applies only to our everyday low price and excludes specially imported items, gift certificates, items from select publishers, and magazine subscriptions. Clearance items and certain special offers which are already heavily discounted are not eligible for membership discounts. If in doubt, contact our friendly Customer Care team!

    **Note: Members outside the US will not receive print mailings due to postage costs.  Offers may be e-mailed.


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    Shipping Info

    All Canadian and International orders are held until all items are in stock.

    For domestic orders, If an order is placed with in-stock items as well as pre-order or back ordered items, the order will remain unshipped until all products are in-stock with the following exceptions:

    If you have another order that is fully in-stock, when we process that order, we will ship all products that are available on ALL of your orders with this shipment.

    Our system will occasionally release domestic orders for partial shipping based on our order volume, usually 50% of your products have to be in-stock, however when this occurs it will pull in-stock products from your other orders if applicable.

    Generally, the rules stated above are followed, however we reserve the right to partial ship at any time. Therefore, if you are wanting something shipped immediately it is recommended to place separate orders for your in-stock vs. pre-order products.


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    this is really worth it if you buy a lot of cool books or figures or merch

    You'll save a ton of money

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    Great deal if you order all the time. Plus you get bumped to the front of the line for getting your order packed up and shipped out and 10% off all normally priced items. I have saved a ridiculous amount of money so far this year with Got Anime?

    Worth it in the long run

    by -

    The Right Stuf Anime membership is definitely worth it if you buy many items throughout the year. I purchase from the store every other month so I'm pretty much paying for a membership over time. Though I wish it could be cheaper or go on sale, I'm happy with my choice overall.

    Great!; If You Know What You Are Paying For.

    by -

    All of the reviews on the Membership have terrible helpful to non-helpful rating ratios; I aim to change this!

    I will be taking a completely objective approach to this review, going category by category to tell you exactly what the membership entails. (I'm sick of the subjective and vague reviews on this membership, which is why I bought it!)

    DVD/Blu-Ray: You generally save $1 for every $20 the DVD/Bluray costs.

    Manga/Light Novel: Same as DVD/Blu-Ray, you generally save $1 for every $20 the book originally costs.

    Merchandise: You generally save $1 for every $10 the product costs.

    Figures: You generally save $1 for every $30 the figure costs.

    Apparel: Clothing has basically no discount ever, however,for most others under this tab, you generally save $1 for every $10 the item costs.

    Card, Computer, and Board Games: You generally save $1 for every $10 the item costs.

    No Discount on Audio or Clearance Items!

    I hope this review was actually helpful!

    Maybe this will help if you’re having doubts buying :)

    by -

    I’ve seen people ask on reddit and other platforms asking if this is worth it, and let me just say it really depends on the amount you get, you can get up to 60 cents off of manga and LN per book, for blue ray and dvd you can get up to 5-7 dollars now when you buy in bulk that really adds up. Personally I purchased it and I love the membership for just $18 you can get some dollars off of total order for a whole year which is great I don’t have to renew the membership until next July. Anyways long story short you can’t go wrong with the membership!

    Great value!

    by -

    If you buy a bunch of stuff every year from RightStuf then membership is a no brainer. The discounts add up and you get shipping faster than you normally would. With other stores looking at banning anime and manga because of activists, it is a safe bet to put your money on folks who take good care of your stuff. Everytime I ordered from Amazon or B&N, things come in scrapped or damaged. It is worth the patience to have folks do it right for a good price.

    Remember to be a little more patient during the current crisis. Things will get to you when they come in!

    Best choice I've made ever

    by -

    Honestly the best 18 dollars I've ever spent. I haven't even had my membership for a year and I've made so many good purchases. The manga and DVDs always come in good condition and the free shipping over 50 dollars is always very nice. Usually some sort of discount code included with your purchase for future purchases when you receive your package and they just want you to get your favorite manga, animes, figures, etc.... at the best price! Gonna renew as soon as the years over

    Worth It

    by -

    Like other reviews state, this membership is a good idea if you buy many items. Rightstuf already has better prices and service compared to other retailers I've ordered from, and this just makes Rightstuf even better.

    A couple examples of membership: The savings of manga that has the non-member price of $7.49 will be discounted by 37 cents to $7.12. With the discount going up slightly with manga that costs more.

    Then, with more expensive items like a $190.00 Figure, it's discounted by 9 dollars to $180.99 from the membership.

    Add the consistent discounts with priority shipping and it's a pretty easy recommendation.

    Great value but could be even better!

    by -

    This is one of the top three reasons I buy all of my anime and manga (that I can) from Right Stuf. Never amazon, and only an occasional impulse from BAM and B&N for manga. This membership easily pays for itself with just a few collectors editions and I can't say enough good things about it and the awesome customer service Right Stuf provides.

    My only request that they add is the ability to tell them what I am streaming from Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE as a "Got Anime?" member and get first dibs notification to pre-order those series I am streaming. It would also be nice to get more personalized recommendations and have my order history and wish lists used to help pick items for any grab bags/boxes I order.

    Great Membership

    by -

    So far I have LOVED my membership, I have saved lots of money because of this. For those who order a lot or even during certain times of the year where there may be a sale, I highly recommend investing in this membership.

    Yes, you can save, but watch the percentages

    by -

    I often purchase BD/DVD as they are released, so membership is worthwhile. However, the variable discount rates translated into 'dollars/cents' may not benefit everyone. As it stands:

    Anime/Videos: Average 5%-10% off
    Manga/Books: Average 3%-5% off
    Statues/Figures: Seem 5% off but certain items excluded
    Audio/Apparel/RightStuf exclusives: None
    Games: Mostly 10% off
    Other merchandise: Negligible

    I admit members only sales seem sparse and infrequent, and members don't receive additional discounts with promotional sales items anymore. And if your a niche buyer with Manga, the membership clearly won't benefit unless you purchase $300 + worth of books due to small 37 cents to 49 cents in savings. But to be fair, RS manga/books are already competitively priced.

    Bottom line is your own expenditures/frequency of visits dictate if you save or not, and if not, there's always wait for annual sale as an alternative. Also factor in that RS ships out excellent 'care packages' too!

    TheAnimeDragonz's Honest Review :)

    by -

    If you wanna save some money. I would definitely recommend buying this.
    It will help save you some money on items you usually want to buy. Especially if your big into figure collecting or just love watching anime and want to just spend some money on some blurays/dvds. If you love manga it will save you some money also. This has really good benefits and its only 18$ a year.

    Got anime membership 100% worth it

    by -

    The discounts you receive with this membership are awesome! I've been very pleased with it so far!

    This is it fam

    by -

    This has saved me way more money this year than I payed for the membership its self. I purchase quite a bit of manga, blu-rays, and nendoroids. If you like to save money you should purchase this and you get priority shipping which is awesome. Just be a bit patient with them while we are in this pandemic as it is out of their hands.

    Pays For Itself!

    by -

    I've had this for membership for a few years now and it has always paid for itself many times over throughout the year. I definitely recommend paying for this if you plan on buying either manga, anime, or anything else really.

    If you buy a lot of anime, GET THIS MEMBERSHIP!!!

    by -

    Holy moly I've saved a lot of money. The additional discounts really add up over the months, especially with bulk purchases or expensive items. The discounts on some figures are nice but I don't but figures. The real selling points are the priority processing, extended return period, and member only sales. So much anime for so much cheaper.

    A must buy!

    by -

    I buy a lot of anime, like a lot - and I plan on buying a lot more. So having savings, even if it's only a couple of dollars helps me a whole lot especially on the more pricey stuff. Thanks, RightStuf!

    Membership is definitely worth it but....

    by -

    Hello everyone! I have been a very frequent buyer from this company as of 2019. The membership is awesome for many reasons and I love the savings of UP TO 10% OFF. The key word is up to most people don't understand that fully but either way you are saving money for $18 a year which is awesome especially for me since I order various things.

    The only complaint I have is the "priority order processing" yes on smaller orders of lets say 40 manga volumes or under it is processed for me in about 1-3 days at the most. But I have placed an order of about 120 volumes of manga and we are currently on day 10. I understand I have a big order but it does not feel like its "priority order processing" due to it already being 10 days and who knows how long it'll actually take.

    Other than placing big orders I have not had problems with the membership in no shape or form it is an outstanding program I think collectors who buy frequently should invest in.

    Great for manga

    by -

    Personally I bought the membership to use for manga. The amounts off aren't that great but if you're buying in the hundreds for manga I would definitely recommend it. Combine the membership with sales and the price off isn't so bad.

    Slight figure discounts. Not much else

    by -

    I'm a figure buyer, don't buy anime dvds or manga / anything like that. The figure discounts are pretty decent (anywhere from $5-20) depending on the price, however I can say it isn't worth it for figure buyers to get the got anime thing. They do try every month to have sales for got anime members, but again it's mostly for manga and dvd/bluray buyers. If you don't also get the dvd's/manga, don't get it. lol

    Overall? Great.

    by -

    I think I’m echoing what a lot of reviewers here are saying:

    The membership is definitely worth it if you’re buying a lot of anime or manga, and overall I’m happy with that aspect of it. It was also nice that, during the Black Friday/Winter sale, members got to see and buy from some of the deals a day early. As of right now, I’m happy with what is offered for the price.

    My only complaints are that some aspects of the membership just aren’t really worth it. This doesn’t affect me, per se, but it might help you decide whether or not you’ll want it. I’ve been a member for about half a year now and the ‘extra sales’ that are member exclusive are...meh. I don’t think that the figure discounts are really worth it due to the high handling/shipping fees.

    So, really, it just comes down to what you’re buying and how much/how often.

    1000% WORTH IT!

    by -

    It payed for it's self on the first day I bought the membership. Think about it, as soon as you buy $180 worth of amazing items, DONE, payed for itself. if your an anime fan, collector, casual or not you know how easy it is to spend over $180, I did just by getting a few Blu-Ray's (collector's/Limited editions). Unfortunately it seems that manga and light novels only get 5% discount as oppose to the max 10% that home videos get. But 5% is better than 0%, and RightStuf's regular prices is already better than a lot of other's sales prices.

    Just not worth it any more

    by -

    I can't remember the last time I had the got anime membership and it actually discounting anything. It seems pretty much everything I end up buying is "not eligible for discounts". Since the price went from $12 to $18 it hasn't been worth it

    limited use for most people

    by -

    main points to consider:

    1. Does not work on anything included in holiday sales, even if the sale for that item is less good than for a regular publisher sale. But works for publisher sales.

    2. Only gives 5% off of manga and light novels, so if you primarily buy those you will only break even if you normally spend $360 outside of the big sales. 10% is usually only for non-Aniplex (Aniplex don't get any discount) anime. Merch is erratic. Percentage is off of non-member, not list, price.

    3. Other perks generally aren't that great. During the big sales you get access a day early. A few member-only sales that only have a few things. If signed up for emails, maybe a few small coupons that require high-dollar purchases. I heard they're experimenting with having a lower free shipping limit for members ($50-75), but that's about it.

    Absolutely Brilliant

    by -

    I most certainly recommend everyone purchase this membership. The reason for this is simple, you save money. You're going to buy anime and manga so might as well save some money! I only wish I would have bought this sooner, but late is better than never. I do believe this purchase is worth it, especially if you love to purchase from this site. A lot of the reviews say that it's not worth it, but if you do the math then you'll see for yourself that it is. That, of course, depends on how much you buy. All in all I would say this is a smart purchase that will save you money in the long run.