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About Got Anime? Membership

Got Anime Membership must be purchased alone.

If you live outside of the US please call our customer care number at 1.515.986.1028 to order this item.

If you buy even a few items a year, you can start saving some cash now by joining the Got Anime Club for Frequent Buyers!

For a small annual membership fee, you get:

  • An additional discount of up to 10% off our already low prices!*
  • Discounts on select figures!
  • Priority Order Processing!
  • Access to members-only special promotions!
  • Extended, 60-day period for returns
  • Plus we are always looking to add more bonuses to the program.

    So, how does all this work? We're glad you asked!

    Just place an order for this item (and only this item) and check out! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT AND ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! That's very important!

    Your order will process within a few hours (sometimes just minutes) as long as your pay method is valid and bills successfully. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email and your membership is activated! Now isn't that simple?!

    LET THE SAVINGS BEGIN! While shopping your discount will be shown on all the eligible items. If eligible items aren't showing Your Member Price, check to make sure you're logged in. If you just placed your order for your membership and received the email stating it is active, you may need to log out and back in to see your savings.

    Join today and start saving - You know you want to!

    Now the boring disclaimer stuff...

    Once your membership is activated it is good for one year from the date the order successfully processed. THAT MEANS:

    • One year of Anime-zing savings
    • One year of coupons
    • One year of special promotions that non-members just don't get!

    You can check when your membership will expire by looking at your account overview. If you want to renew your membership, just place a new order for this item and your membership will be active for another year!

    Your Got Anime membership is non-transferable and can only be used with the account it was purchased with.

    Cancellations: While we wouldn't understand why you don't like saving money, you only have 14 days to cancel your GA membership. The amount refunded will be reduced by the savings you received on orders that were placed and shipped to you during the 14 day window and all open orders will be changed to our current non-member pricing.

    *Note: Discount applies only to our everyday low price and excludes specially imported items, gift certificates, items from select publishers, and magazine subscriptions. Clearance items and certain special offers which are already heavily discounted are not eligible for membership discounts. If in doubt, contact our friendly Customer Care team!

    **Note: Members outside the US will not receive print mailings due to postage costs.  Offers may be e-mailed.


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    Worth it ! If you wanna save!

    by -

    $18 for one year the membership pays for it self. I have had this for around 6 months and I saved close to $50. And you get coupons that are promo Codes that save an extra 5% excellent!

    Worth less but not totally worthless

    by -

    This is a revisit review as I have had Got Anime for several years. As of now it is probably worth it only if you buy a lot of non-sale items. It used to be, you'd get 10% off and that included off a lot of the weekly sales. Now it is up to 10% meaning it is often only 5% and more and more sales seem to be excluded from Got Anime discount. I did renew this year but I will have to very seriously consider it next year and as of now I'd be inclined to say I will not renew. I buy less now, part because over the years I had built up more items than I have room for and partly as I am getting more dissatisfied with the quality and prices on what are been released. The best Bet is to consider what and how you are buying and what you think Got Anime would save you and if it is over the cost, it would not hurt to have it. If you consider a change in buying habits, wait for sales rather than preorder or order on release it might not be worth getting.