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About Got Anime? Membership

Got Anime Membership must be purchased alone.

If you buy even a few items a year, you can start saving some cash now by joining the Got Anime Club for Frequent Buyers!

For a small annual membership fee, you get:

  • An additional discount of up to 10% off our already low prices!*
  • Discounts on select figures!
  • Access to members-only special promotions!
  • Extended, 60-day period for returns
  • Plus we are always looking to add more bonuses to the program.

    So, how does all this work? We're glad you asked!

    Just place an order for this item (and only this item) and check out! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT AND ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! That's very important!

    Your order will process within a few hours (sometimes just minutes) as long as your pay method is valid and bills successfully. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email and your membership is activated! Now isn't that simple?!

    LET THE SAVINGS BEGIN! While shopping your discount will be shown on all the eligible items. If eligible items aren't showing Your Member Price, check to make sure you're logged in. If you just placed your order for your membership and received the email stating it is active, you may need to log out and back in to see your savings.

    Join today and start saving - You know you want to!

    Now the boring disclaimer stuff...

    Once your membership is activated it is good for one year from the date the order successfully processed. THAT MEANS:

    • One year of Anime-zing savings
    • One year of coupons
    • One year of special promotions that non-members just don't get!

    You can check when your membership will expire by looking at your account overview. If you want to renew your membership, just place a new order for this item and your membership will be active for another year!

    Your Got Anime membership is non-transferable and can only be used with the account it was purchased with.

    Cancellations: While we wouldn't understand why you don't like saving money, you may cancel and request a refund if no orders have been placed using the membership regardless if those orders have shipped or not.  

    *Note: Discount applies only to our everyday low price and excludes specially imported items, gift certificates, items from select publishers, and magazine subscriptions. Clearance items and certain special offers which are already heavily discounted are not eligible for membership discounts. If in doubt, contact our friendly Customer Care team!

    **Note: Members outside the US will not receive print mailings due to postage costs.  Offers may be e-mailed.


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    For domestic orders, If an order is placed with in-stock items as well as pre-order or back ordered items, the order will remain unshipped until all products are in-stock with the following exceptions:

    If you have another order that is fully in-stock, when we process that order, we will ship all products that are available on ALL of your orders with this shipment.

    Our system will occasionally release domestic orders for partial shipping based on our order volume, usually 50% of your products have to be in-stock, however when this occurs it will pull in-stock products from your other orders if applicable.

    Generally, the rules stated above are followed, however we reserve the right to partial ship at any time. Therefore, if you are wanting something shipped immediately it is recommended to place separate orders for your in-stock vs. pre-order products.

    Discounts add up quick, wonderful perks.

    by -

    The best way I can say how great this is that I've only had it for less than 2 months and I am almost certain I've already gotten my money back. Seeing how much money I'm saving on each item is wonderful and even though it doesn't seem like much, all of that adds up so very very quick.

    Priority processing is also amazing. Free shipping is supposed to take 14 days but I've had items be shipped and go out in almost half that time. They really work hard in making sure it goes out the next or the day after and it's really handy. I've even gotten some stuff before it was supposed to come out! Neato!

    The special sales for members are also super cool, esp the free 5 dollar item rather than a 1 dollar from the valentine's day sale. I'm always excited to see what we get because it's always nicer.

    If you're looking to use rightstuf for your anime purchases in the future, this is a great deal.

    Got mine!

    by -

    It really is fundamental if you buy stuff regularly. I've save a few dollars specially when pre-ordering. I Love it!

    FYI: If you are interested in only buying during limited time offers to get a bigger discount then don't bother. Most of the time if not all the time, the discount does not apply since they have been reduced to their lowest point.

    Waste of money if you live in Canada don't bother paying for it.

    by -

    As a major anime fan in Canada this does literally nothing to help save money to buy anime or anything related to it's still way too expensive and I am extremely insulted as a fan there's nothing else that you can do in Canada to buy anime and I am heartbroken.

    Great deal!

    by -

    Great deal for any anime-lover! You basically get you money back, and start saving, after only a few orders. A must-have!

    If it's for you it's good. If not then pass.

    by -

    I'm someone who every few months or so comes and spends about a $100 max on anime and manga. I pick a lot up on sales and have taken to pre-ordering often. If you fit this bill then the $18 membership is well worth the price. For e.g. you save about $3 off manga when you pre-order well that's only 6 volumes. If you save 10% off a $60 collection three times a year then you break even. Everything past that has you saving. So if this is you then go for it. If this isn't you, well you can always pick up the membership around Christmas when you drop a few hundred bucks and make up the price there. If neither of these is true then this isn't for you. It's that simple.
    My only complaint personally is the non-eligible items.

    Not worth it anymore

    by -

    I had just recently renewed it and it looks like Rightstuf is shaving more benefits off of the membership. Where it was an additional 10 percent off, now it is UP to 10 percent and I gotta say, the majority of the stuff here doesn't even come close to even 5. So instead of spending roughly 180 to make the membership worth it, now I have to drop close to 300+ in order for it to pay for itself.

    I'll ride this membership out, but once it expires, I won't renew it. If Barnes and Noble still has buy two get one free manga special, I might go for that over this.

    like buying in bulk?

    by -

    if you like buying in bulk and spending a lot than the discounts quickly add up. but if you just buy stuff here and there it will save you some money but not much.

    overall its a nice membership but it could be improved

    Less discount over time

    by -

    I bought the membership thinking I would save more. I actually did, AT FIRST. I get 10% discount on the products but that changed (I'm not sure when but it did) and now we only get 5% which is a total let down for someone who lives outside of the US and just wanted to get more series. This place is the only best option to save and get more but after numerous calculations, it turns out it is more expensive than the local bookstore even with the publisher discounts that we get from time to time.

    It would be nice if we can stack up some discount codes as well with this membership.

    But if you're someone who is into buying anime (Blu-rays and DVDs), it is better to get this. That is the only benefit I'm getting from this product now. For manga products now anymore.

    Collector Must Have!

    by -

    I buy in bulk many times during the year from Right Stuf, spending an extra $18. has saved me on an annual around $150 to 400 on merchandise. As long as you know when to shop the savings are amazing!

    A great value for anime lovers

    by -

    I've been a frequent customer of right stuf for about 8 years now and I truly believe their got anime membership is a great deal for anime fans. instant savings on most products, additional bonus offers for exclusive members, plus priority on shipping. these days it's hard to find good quality anime merch in retail stores so being a got anime member is definitely worth the 18 bucks. strongly recommend it.

    worth the small purchase

    by -

    Great membership and the saving pay for itself and more, would definitely recommend to fans of anime and site

    Well worth it!

    by -

    I've been a Got Anime member since 2004. Be it the original price of $12, or the newer price of $18, it is WELL WORTH IT! ^_^

    Got Anime has changed over the years, but is still decent

    by -

    I've been a Got Anime member since 2012 and renewed my membership today. I buy a lot of manga, so it's worth it for me, but it may not be for everyone.

    Some changes I've noticed over the years:
    - The price has gone up by $6, from $12 to $18.
    - The limit for returns is now 60 days for members; the old one was 120 days.
    - Discounts were around 10% across the board (except for clearance and certain other items). Newer releases now have a roughly 5% discount, while older stuff has the 10% one. Not sure if this applies to anime, but this seems to be the case with manga.
    - Member-exclusive coupons have become less frequent. However, now there's also new members-only events, like exclusive sales.
    - Priority order processing and figure discounts are two newer features. The former is nice to have, especially when buying gifts. I haven't taken advantage of the latter.

    So, it's gotten worse in some ways and better in others. Do the math and see if Got Anime is a good fit for you.

    Just Okay

    by -

    If you spending around 30 dollars a month then it will probably be worth it, but not by much. Most new manga is only about 75 cents off. The other benefits are okay I guess but not that valuable.

    Outstanding Value for Avid Collectors

    by -

    I am a Manga collector and the 'Got Anime?' membership has already saved me way more than the 18$ per year price tag. Simple math wise - it gives you atleast a 5% additional discount on top of their sale prices. so in order to breakeven you have to spend atmost 360$ a year. Anything over that is pure profit :-)

    Decent membership

    by -

    Decent savings if you buy a lot of anime. Saved 15 bucks on one big purchase so worth it for that.

    100% worth it

    by -

    I wish i had purchased this sooner... If you order more than a couple of items, or purchase with any kind of frequency, this service more than pay's for itself very quickly. In the short time I have been a member, not only have I saved hundreds of dollars, but I also get my packages faster, and access to sales I didn't before. If you shop with Right Stuf, you should be a member of this service.

    A Money Saver For Manga, ABSOLUTELY!

    by -

    It's as easy as this, if you buy a fairly reasonable amount of manga from Right Stuff, you will make this money back in your year membership easily, and then plenty. Not sure about anime, as I don't purchase so much of that here, but the savings is fantastic!

    Great if you buy in bulk

    by -

    Pretty nice deal if you buy a lot or are just starting to build your collection. From my experience, Manga is usually an additional 5% off and anime blu-rays/DVDs are an additional 10% off. So, you need to buy $360 worth of manga or $180 worth of anime to break even. However, it generally does not stack with daily/weekly/special sales nor does it work with items that are not eligible for promotional discounts (Like Aniplex blurays). Promo codes DO work with the member discount, though (I got a 31% off promo code with my first order, but dont know if that was just luck). The priority shipping is nice, as all my stuff has shipped out the next day, so far. They've also been good about not holding up a shipment for 1 or 2 backordered/pre-orded items. Basically just comes down to if you buy enough outside of the holiday sales for it to be worth it.

    Worth It!!!

    by -

    I'm someone that orders a significant amount of manga and anime throughout the year so I really see the value in having this membership for a whole year. Plus, having special offers if you're a Got Anime? member is really nice too. I think that it's worth the price compared to how much you save on top of all the other deals RightStufAnime offers.

    TL;DR It's underpriced for the uncapped value it gives. BUY IT!

    by -

    Okay, let's zoom way out and take a big picture look at this "Membership".

    It costs $18.00 and grants significant discounts on a plethora of items (note: items that are part of an ongoing promotion are excluded; that is, no stacking). After purchasing, the Membership discount benefits will be active for the next 365 days, instantly applied to the price of items for logged in users, and are entirely uncapped -- meaning the Membership is capable of not only easily paying for itself, as many have stated, but being (ab)used to no end.

    I don't know how $18.00 was decided upon, but if you're into anime do yourself a favor and BUY IT while it's still this cheap. Much like other ecommerce benefit services (Prime *cough*) it's likely only a matter of time before this increases in price.

    If you buy a lot of manga this is a MUST!

    by -

    This is a really good deal for if you buy a ton of manga. I save around .30 to .50 on each volume I usually buy(and it works on mostly all preoders to!). And you get priority shipping as well, so even if the free(or paid) default shipping says 14+ days it usually ends up getting to my house the next week. Well worth it if you buy a lot of manga, don't know about other products as I only buy manga on here.

    Gotta get down with the savings

    by -

    Definitely get this if you’re a manga junky and buy manga monthly or in bulk a few times a year. I’ve only made 2 orders with this membership that I bought 2 weeks ago so I’m coming from an “additional 10% off” perspective so I’m not sure about the members only sales (because I recently got membership) but the member only prices are great especially if you complete series

    A must have if you often buy stuff like my self.

    by -

    i made a few purchases before getting the membership and i should bought it when I made earlier purchases. but hey i have it now and it make the difference even if only a few bucks off but a few bucks saved will add up at the end.

    Perfect for frequent buyers and expensive items

    by -

    The Got Anime? Membership has been extremely useful to me since it has saved me money on manga, Blu-rays/DVDs, and box sets. I've bought quite a bit from Rightstuf and I've already saved more than what I paid for the membership although I can't stress enough that not everything is applicable to the membership discount. Might not be worth getting if your buying a single manga series or a few volumes of manga as you tend to save less than $0.50 on each volume, in my experience, but if you plan on buying multiple series with multiple volumes it may be worth it. If you feel at any point you may want to buy figures, box sets, and/or Blu-rays/DVD the Got Anime? Membership is a must. Perfect for frequent buyers and/or people buying expensive items.