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About Got Anime? Membership

Got Anime Membership must be purchased alone.

If you buy even a few items a year, you can start saving some cash now by joining the Got Anime Club for Frequent Buyers!

For a small annual membership fee, you get:

  • An additional discount of up to 10% off our already low prices!*
  • Discounts on select figures!
  • Access to members-only special promotions!
  • Extended, 60-day period for returns
  • Plus we are always looking to add more bonuses to the program.

    So, how does all this work? We're glad you asked!

    Just place an order for this item (and only this item) and check out! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT AND ARE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! That's very important!

    Your order will process within a few hours (sometimes just minutes) as long as your pay method is valid and bills successfully. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email and your membership is activated! Now isn't that simple?!

    LET THE SAVINGS BEGIN! While shopping your discount will be shown on all the eligible items. If eligible items aren't showing Your Member Price, check to make sure you're logged in. If you just placed your order for your membership and received the email stating it is active, you may need to log out and back in to see your savings.

    Join today and start saving - You know you want to!

    Now the boring disclaimer stuff...

    Once your membership is activated it is good for one year from the date the order successfully processed. THAT MEANS:

    • One year of Anime-zing savings
    • One year of coupons
    • One year of special promotions that non-members just don't get!

    You can check when your membership will expire by looking at your account overview. If you want to renew your membership, just place a new order for this item and your membership will be active for another year!

    Your Got Anime membership is non-transferable and can only be used with the account it was purchased with.

    Cancellations: While we wouldn't understand why you don't like saving money, you may cancel and request a refund if no orders have been placed using the membership regardless if those orders have shipped or not.  

    *Note: Discount applies only to our everyday low price and excludes specially imported items, gift certificates, items from select publishers, and magazine subscriptions. Clearance items and certain special offers which are already heavily discounted are not eligible for membership discounts. If in doubt, contact our friendly Customer Care team!

    **Note: Members outside the US will not receive print mailings due to postage costs.  Offers may be e-mailed.


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    All Canadian and International orders are held until all items are in stock.

    For domestic orders, If an order is placed with in-stock items as well as pre-order or back ordered items, the order will remain unshipped until all products are in-stock with the following exceptions:

    If you have another order that is fully in-stock, when we process that order, we will ship all products that are available on ALL of your orders with this shipment.

    Our system will occasionally release domestic orders for partial shipping based on our order volume, usually 50% of your products have to be in-stock, however when this occurs it will pull in-stock products from your other orders if applicable.

    Generally, the rules stated above are followed, however we reserve the right to partial ship at any time. Therefore, if you are wanting something shipped immediately it is recommended to place separate orders for your in-stock vs. pre-order products.

    Definitely Worth it


    The Got Anime program is definitely worth it! The discounts are really nice, especially if you order a lot!

    Good Deal in General and Especially Helps During Holiday Sales

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    I've had the "Got Anime?" membership for at least 3 years now and have saved way more than $12 it cost each year. Usually, you will save at least $12 in 3-4 eligible purchases (Blu-Ray/DVD Titles). The major savings for me comes during's holiday sales. When you stack the sale price with the membership discount, the prices are great. I know not everything is eligible for this discount, personally I purchased mainly Blu-rays & DVD's and the discount seems to follow/apply mainly to certain publishers, but that is purely my own observation. I personally would suggest looking at your purchasing habits over the past year and comparing that with what you would have paid at the same-time on Rightstuf with the "Got Anime?" membership and if you would have saved over $12 then this membership would probably be a pretty good fit for you.

    Totally Worth It.


    Best membership ever. Your only spending a $1 a month to get amazing savings. I especially love using it for manga and light novels. You save a ton of money in that alone. So don't hesitate to buy it.

    Got Savings?

    by -

    The Got Anime membership is an extremely helpful resource to have when buying anime online. RightStuf already has the lowest prices and best selection of anime that you can get, but add a 10% discount to everything (eligible) and you have the best thing for buying any anime series or movie. It only cost $12 for a year and comes with other discounts as well. For any anime collector, this is a great thing to have.

    Good only if you plan on buying often.


    Good deal if you plan on buying many time within a year. My issue is with the coupons they give. They are worthless In my opinion as the limit to use them is way to high that I find their value non existent.

    love it

    by -

    it's good for the anime and manga collecters who buy a lot

    should i buy it?


    Hi to however is reading this review,
    So what’s this got anime and should you get it? the got anime membership is a great thing to have if you are going to buy from Rightstuff often because you get a 90 day return privilege and you get more of a discount on items that are already discount, but don't think its a huge discount for some items, like for example on most books you save 97 cents or more but for some box sets you save $16 or more. That is a huge save on books that I have seen so far. This membership also helps out when they have sales on publishers; it helps and box sets on. I bought mangas from here for $6 each book, need I say more. The one draw back that I have from this membership is the mouth coupons that you get, like for example you have to spend $75 to get $5 off, this coupon to me is pointless because I have never have spent that much nor am I ever going to. Beside that this is a great membership to have.

    Should You Get The Membership?

    by -

    Well If you like to collect anime/manga this is one of the best ways to start out and it will save you money in the long run. i have been ordering from rightstuf for about 2 years now and i love it! So yes go ahead and get the membership and be a otaku and collect what you love!

    Is it worth it? ive had it for 3 years now


    Wondering if the Got Anime membership is worth it for you? I have had it for 3 years now and can tell you if your one of those people that likes buying stuff during the studio sales that they have every month or if you are subscribed to the newsletter and buy items from the weekly newsletter you will quickly recover the $12 in savings by using the membership this way. Pre-orders ive noticed that they never have additional discounts with the membership and the end of the year holiday sale doesnt give additional discounts for having a membership either because the products are already heavily discounted in the end of the year sales. It would be cool if in the future they changed it so that pre-orders with the Got Anime membership would allow you to pre-order stuff at the price that they have it during the holiday sales without having to wait until the end of the year because its kind of unfair that half the stuff you pre-ordered goes on sale at the end of the year at a lower price.

    A very good deal with slight drawbacks

    by -

    12$ for one year means you only pay 1$ every month for a 10% discount. If you order more than 120$ worth of items a year, you have already saved more than you payed for the membership! The discount also stacks with the site's already discounted items.

    The only drawback is that the membership does not stack most holiday sales, which means that if you are the type of person that does not place orders unless there is a holiday sale or when an item is HEAVILY discounted, the discount won't apply and you will won't be able to enjoy your membership discounts.

    Overall, I highly recommend that you get this membership if you order a lot of items even if there is no sale.

    got anime? No!? Then get it!

    by -

    This s the first time n a couple years that I have renewed my membership to got anime. I do most of my Anime shopping during the big holiday sales here on Right Stuff. Over the years got anime has saved me more than I have ever spent on the membership. In fact thanks to being able to stack the discount on some already discounted items; one year I saved over $100.00 in an order. Note: I tend to drop a few hundred this time of year on Anime.

    Worth it¡

    by -

    Definitely worth it, better prices plus some awesome features¡

    Love It!


    I love my membership here! It makes birthday and Christmas shopping exciting yet dangerous XD



    I buy a of anime for this site. It was the best find ever and got anime is a must have. In the last year I have saved well over $100. If you love anime and are going to buy from Rightstuf you have to get this.

    Not bad...but I would pay more for a free shipping option.


    As everyone has pointed out, it's great if you buy a lot over the course of a year (over $120 specifically). But yeah the coupons are pretty worthless (typically $3 off $74 or more). My biggest complaint is that you still have to pay shipping for orders less than $50. I buy mostly manga, so I would have to buy 6-8 volumes at a time to get free shipping, which for me means holding my orders for several weeks until all of the books I want are released. I would be willing to pay more for a membership plan that includes free shipping, or at least reduced to minimum order cost for free shipping.

    This is a toll money saver

    by -

    so be for I got this I was paying Retail Price, but now I see the saving's and feel good about getting this cause on big orders it helps a lot. and it last a year guys =)

    Definitely Worth it.

    by -

    This website already has more affordable prices than anywhere else I've ever seen. Tack on another 10% discounted off those items for only $12 a year is absolutely worth it. Before I found this website, I had zero intention of ever trying to buy the manga/light novels of my favorite series. I've saved so much because of it.

    The only downside to this is that the coupons are few and far between and also almost unusable unless you plan on dropping a lot of money for a discount of only a couple dollars. But with the amount I save buying things with the membership I don't really need the coupons.


    by -

    If you order often from rightstuf this is a must it pay's for itself after 2 or 3 big orders.

    Great for light novels and manga. Not so much for anime.


    I decided to give this membership a go since I plan to buy a lot of anime but I expected better discounts. I was looking through the Discotek sale and noticed that even after the member discount, most anime shows were cheaper to buy on Amazon. I'm hoping that in the future, they have anime deals that can compete with Amazon's prices. That being said their manga and light novel discounts are definitely worth it.

    Great way to save money


    As many mentioned the GOT ANIME? membership adds a 10% discount to all eligible products. This membership also helps a lot when there is a sale. I saved over 50$ in my last purchase.
    It's worth it!
    Saves you a lot money
    Lets you have a great experience shopping
    If you are a HARDCORE ANIME COLLECTOR this is for you!!!
    GET IT!! and ENJOY IT!!

    Get it especially if you order anything besides DVD's


    Okay I have spent over $300.00 in 4 months at right stuff and I have never seen such low prices for this good of quality items. I finally broke down and bought a membership instead of another anime season. Let me tell you I will already make up the price for the membership in one order. I am a key chain collector and this lets me save up to a dollar off every key chain and since I always try to get free shipping on an order of $49 of just keychains I have already saved $12.00. Plus I order manga for my sister like Assassination Classroom and I got $0.75 off each volume I ordered so like I said you can get your money's worth of this membership real quick.

    For the price, you can't compare!


    First off, as someone who purchases a large amount of blu rays and books, this membership is perfect. I cannot stress how much it has saved me as I order off Rightstuff frequently, especially during its sales. While this discount won't apply to every single item or stack on some sales and promos, it does add up for the items that do receive this discount. I have had it for just this past 4-6 months or so and I have already saved over $12. Given how much blu rays cost (I usually try to get the limited editions), you're looking at a pretty decent membership discount! I will most definitely buy this membership again!

    Not Worth for the Membership


    I joined this for almost a year now. I am telling you guys and girls, this isn't worth it. I kept getting many discount codes from email. However, most of the time the Promo code wont work on certain Anime Blu-ray/DVD titles that you want. Am I happy with this membership? My answer is absolutely not. I don't recommend this to anyone.

    Worth every penny

    by -

    Even if you are not a regular customer, you should consider buying it as this membership pays itself within your fist purchase. And if you buy here more than twice a year, it's a must have.

    The products not included in it's discounts are really limited, and, specially during holiday season, the membership could strike you awesome 50% or more deals.

    The exclusive offers it gives you every month are only good if buy in large quantities, and this the only drawback I have found at the moment.

    A purchase worth every penny.

    a great way to save some money

    by -

    This membership is worth it easily. You will save money quickly with this I save tons because I buy a lot of manga from this site and with the deals they offer members you will save more than you spent on this easily.