Girls und Panzer This Is The Real Anzio Battle Blu-ray/DVD

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About Girls und Panzer This Is The Real Anzio Battle Blu-ray/DVD

Girls und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle! OVA

A piece of spaghetti or a military unit, George S. Patton famously said, "can only be led from the front end." However, once the heat of battle has cooled and the fog of war turns as thick as minestrone, determining which end was front and who pulled on what can be difficult.

Therefore, for the enthusiasts who've puzzled over the epic tank battle between the girls of Oorai Girls' Academy and their Italian-themed rivals from Anzio High School, we present these classified videos for your eyes-only! Miho and Team Oorai will have their hands full with the impulsive attacks of Vice-Commander Pepperoni and facing the raw fury of Vice-Commander Carpaccio… but the real question is whether they can hold off Anchovy's ultra-secret secret weapons! Will they persevere? Or will their opponents end up saying "tank" you very much… for the victory!

Special Features: Clean Opening Animation; Clean Closing Animation.


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Themes: Sports
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 38
  • Release Date: 3/21/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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An Excellent Treat for Fans


Understand that my opinion will be a little biased as Girls und Panzer is my favorite anime series, that being said this short film, as the feature is nearly 40 minutes long, is good. The "episode" takes place between episodes 7 and 8 of the main series, or right at the end of episode 7 if you want to be technical about it. The title explains the entire plot of the film, it is the full Anzio battle that was skipped over in the main series. Full of everything you would expect from Garupan including epic tank battles, good humor, character and character relationship development, and even Easter eggs for fans that have watched the series. Beware however, as this is meant to be watched after you finish the episodic series, and does contain spoilers and references to things in later episodes. Also, for the price you cant go wrong as a fan, and be sure to watch this before you watch Girls und Panzer der Film, or you will miss out on some funny Easter eggs and references in there as well.

The battle the fans needed to watch

by -

Yes! Thanks to sentai filmworks we'll be able to watch the match between the Ooarai Girl's Academy and Anzio Girls High School.

Warning: Don't watch this OVA if haven't seen the original TV series first

This show is not only action packed but also we've got world history, types of tanks. You can say that GuP is a new sport

Short but Entertaining


I was so dumbfounded when this battle was skipped in the anime, I think I only bought this one out of frustration. This is the most lighthearted of all the inter-school tank matches, mixing humor with action, and for once Ooarai doesn't feel like the underdog. I wish we got to know the Anzio team a little better during this OVA, but the battle itself is top notch. You can count this as an extra 2 episodes missing from the TV series.

amazing, excellent and even more amazing.


if you liked the first season this is a must watch like an addiction. Most anime OVA releases have nothing to do with the original story and are non-sensical cheap fan cash-grabs but not here; this is one of the few OVA releases that are well worth owning.

Girls Und Panzer è Eccellente!

by -

In the series the battle with Anzio high is alluded to but never seen, only the aftermath. This OVA shows that match and what takes place. The girls are cute and lively as always. The tanks and the battles look and sound amazing as ever. It even hilariously clears up why the audience doesn't see Anzio at the finals cheering Oorai on. Good stuff!

not like the original

by -

was about to give this 4 stars, but noticed everyone gave it 5.
be prepared to be disappointed by this as it doesn't live up to the original. wish I could rate this one higher, but I cant because the movie is just as heartbreaking. my only wish is that I may like this and the movie more the next time I watch it (when I no longer have any expectations for girls und panzer: Anzio, der film) :(

Wonderfully Imaginative

by -

Another great addition to The "Girls And Tanks" series.
This movie has a lot of good background information on the Italian team and why they end up helping the Japanese team in the finals.

For the Fans

by -

Anzio is really just for fans of the series. It plays a battle that was skipped over during the arc and skipped a very excellent character was was portrayed as being more of a villain. More context is added to mellow her out and help characterize the Anzio team. The battle is just ok; I felt like "that was it?" From just the action.

If you liked the quirkiness of the teams, buy the DvD! If you are in this for tank battles, give this a miss.