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Food Wars! Manga Volume 1

5 star rating out of 5
14 Reviews
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Food Wars!

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About Food Wars! Manga Volume 1

Food Wars! Manga Volume 1 features story by Yuto Tsukudo and art by Sun Saeki.

Soma Yukihira's old man runs a small family restaurant in the less savory end of town. Aiming to one day surpass his father's culinary prowess, Soma hones his skills day in and day out until one day, out of the blue, his father decides to enroll Soma in a classy culinary school!

Can Soma really cut it in a place that prides itself on a 10 percent graduation rate? And can he convince the beautiful, domineering heiress to the school that he belongs there at all?!


  • Publisher: VIZ BOOKS
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Themes: Battles, Fan Service, School Life
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 8/5/2014
  • Page Count: 208
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Written Language: English

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Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews

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5 star rating out of 5

Foodgasm to the max

by -

First of all, I want to say that the art is absolutely amazing. Time for some reviews:

* This is a cooking battle Shounen manga.

* The food looks realistic in the manga, it makes you want to lick the page.

* The first volume does a good job of introducing the main character and the main heroines. I won't into huge detail but the main character name is Yukihara Sōma/Souma .

* The art is absolutely gorgeous
* The translation for the food/ingredients/techniques are spot on and i really enjoy it.

The first 3 chapters of the manga is all about "fan-service". The point that catches the readers from the beginning is "foodgasm" . You eat food and your clothes explode (literally). If someone doesn't like fan service manga, they may put off from purchasing the series. YOU WILL MISS OUT!!!

Believe me, once you get pass the first 3 chapters of the manga, the manga is fantastic. Eventually, you will see that the "foodgasm" is funny in its own way.

5 star rating out of 5

Food Wars


I would have never thought that I would like a food related manga. Its a must read, one that I cannot seem to put down! :D

5 star rating out of 5

Food Has Never Been This Sexy


When you combine an overly dramatic cooking story with the art from a doujinshi artist, you get one of the most fun (and sexy) manga series published in the last decade.

There's rarely the nerve-wracking tension found in most shounen series, but Food Wars makes it up by being unpredictable in how the characters express their food pleasure. You'll find the same feeling, albeit more mildly, in this first volume, but it's okay. Things get better. So, you never really acclimate to it.

5 star rating out of 5

Awesome series with a delicious, satisfying taste


When I first read about this series I didn't think I would have loved it as much as I do now. I was wrong to judge a book by it's cover when it came to this manga series. The things I liked most about this series is that all the characters are enjoyable and there is not one character i do not dislike in this manga. The series also shows the reader many different technique on how to cook and I give credit to the writer and anyone involved when coming up with these recipes that are incorporated into this manga. The series is more comedy and I caught myself laughing quite a bit when reading but it does take a series tone when it can. I'd recommend this to anyone that loves comedy or especially to cook.

4 star rating out of 5

Start to a fresh series

by -

Soma is a young man, working in his fathers Special-of-the-Day resturaunt, where the two of them have turned into an irreplaceable local fixture. Quickly after we begin, Soma is thrown into situations that require quick thinking, with very little resources in order to create the best dishes possible for the worst clients possible. And when his father sends him to a prestigious cooking school, the trials get even stricter and the judges harsher. You very rarely know what to expect in this series, as it turns cooking into a spectator sport.

4 star rating out of 5

Interesting Series

by -

Normally, I am not a fan of Fan Service manga, and I'm not discounting anyone who is it's just never been the kind of story I want to read. However, I have probably heard people recommend this manga just as much as OPM. So I finally decided to give it a read and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the storytelling, the artwork, and the comedy that this series goes into. I actually found myself laughing and enjoying the series. Once the story gets through the first I would say two or three chapters there is not that much fan service as the story goes on. It begins to focus more on introducing the characters and the overall story. I never thought that a shounen battle manga about food would actually happen and not only that, but that it would be pretty good.

5 star rating out of 5

Cooking + fanservice = Doubly satisfying!

by -

Here's an in-depth review for those who has no idea about the series.

Do you like food? Do you like finely-detailed and characterized characters? What about fanservice?

If you say YES to everything above, then this manga is for YOU! Food Wars is a cooking manga like Iron Chef. The MC, Yukihira Souma, is a young chef who loves experimenting and improving his cooking. He enrolls in Tōtsuki Academy, a cooking school that has a passing rate of <10%.

- The art is fantastic. The food looks tasty as well. Also, the author is ex-doujinshi Shun Saeki, FANSERVICE!
- The story is a bit generic but it has potential if done right.
- The MC is unique. His years of experience on experimentation cooking is what delivered the uniqueness of the series itself.

Overall, its a fantastic manga. We don't see too much cooking manga nowadays so it's quite refreshing especially with the unique intake on the MC and setting.

5 star rating out of 5

Great series, a whole new type of fan-dom.

by -

I was first introduced to Food Wars through Crunchyroll. The anime was filled with food, humor and fan-service, and it was awesome! When I discovered about the manga, I couldn't resist. Honestly, half of the reason why I buy this manga is because of the recipes of food from the anime/manga.

I highly recommend this manga, and I recommend the anime too. It's an enjoyable series, you share a laugh and you get to learn things about food culture.

5 star rating out of 5

The Fun and meals starts here

by -

It's a fun take on the shōnen genre and "fan service" itself with great characters, presentation and a story that will keep you coming for more.

5 star rating out of 5

Makes me want to cook! (and hungry)


I've heard nothing but good things about this series. The art is beautiful, the characters are fun, and the story is intriguing. You can tell what you're getting yourself into when a woman eating a delicious dish is stripped of her clothing from its intense flavor in the first few pages.

If you're looking for a nice comedy about a boy who lives to make the best food and see a few semi-naked women (and men) along the way, then this is the manga for you! ;)

4 star rating out of 5

Unique battle manga

by -

Food wars is a unique take on shonen battle manga. Although it center's around cooking, which im not a big fan of, it still kept me engaged enough that i found myself wanting to know what happens next. The fan service is a little overdone but i hear it's toned down later in the story. Overall im def looking forward to collecting more of the story. The product came in excellent condition and im very happy with my purchase.

5 star rating out of 5

Glad you liked it!


This anime is one of my favorites and I just recently found it but it easily made its way into my top 10. The characters are fun. You are always rooting for Yukihira, he is just wonderful. This anime is a must watch and the manga is a must have.

5 star rating out of 5

Awesome ser


Loved the anime so I had to buy the manga and it didn't disappoint. The story is unique, the characters are likeable and the food looks just as gorgeous. Great buy, definitely recommend.

5 star rating out of 5

Great read for aspiring cooks.

by -

For fans of cooking or manga or both, this is an incredible read. Never before has a series based on food been so interesting. Cooks will find the creative recipes inspiring and manga lovers will love the challenges the hero faces.

Also it's hilarious how good food can effect some of the people in this series. I would tell you how, but it's really something you have to see for yourself.