Fate/Zero Limited Edition DVD Set 1

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About Fate/Zero Limited Edition DVD Set 1

In Fate/Zero- you are introduced to Kirei Kotomine, who is confused and struggling to figure out why he has been appointed to the task to fight in the Holy Grail War, an ultimate battle field that grants any unattainable wish, where seven "masters" summon "servants" and fight against each other until the last one survives; but without any answers, he encounters his archrival - Kiritsugu Emiya, a master who craves the miracle holy Grail most of all. And the truth of the Fourth Holy Grail War, which was fought 10 years before is finally about to be revealed. 

Fate/Zero Limited Edition Contains episodes 1-13 plus a mini pin-up poster.

Special Features: Textless Opening and Ending.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles (opening and ending themes are English-subtitled only).

Special Feature Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 330
  • Release Date: 11/5/2013
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: 1

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by -

Honestly, there is very little I can critique about the series itself. It is beautifully animated, the score is great, the voice acting (including the dub) is great, it is very well directed, and the story is interesting. Fair warning, the only drawback to this series for some people is the fact that there is a lot of talking, punctuated by more talking and the occasional epic fight scene. This is not a pure action series. One of the more memorable moments in the series is three people sitting in a circle talking about what it means to be a king. The action is fantastic, but it is not the focus.

The only thing stopping this series from being a must buy for most anime fans is the fact that it was released by Aniplex. In other words, it costs an arm and a leg to get the entire series. However, if you have the money, buy it.

The purchase is worth it!

by -

The show does many thing near Perfectly. One example would be the great animation by ufotable, another is the well casted dub and finally it's a masterpiece written by gen urobushi.

The price is worth this masterpiece

by -

Amazing anime series, voice dubbing is nicely done, the video quality is great. It's well with the price

Worth it.


This is one of the most beautifully animated series I've ever had the pleasure of watching. And this site has the most reasonable price I have been able to find. The cover art is gorgeous. Absolutely worth every penny. To me,anyway. It's up to you to decide if it is,in fact,worth it for you.

Delve Deeper into the Holy Grail War...


Answers a lot of questions left behind by Fate Stay Night and has an outstanding English Dub. For fans of magic and battle and of things not being as they seem.

Love the Show

by -

Season 1 sets everything up for the roller coaster ride that the last half of the series is. The packaging is very nice as well. Considering that this is an Aniplex title, it's not the cheapest but if you can get it on a sale I would say get it if you enjoy the fate franchise. I only wish that there were more bonus features instead of just the trailers and textless openings and endings but it's a wonderful series as stated above. The characters are all unique and memorable (for all reasons), and you get to start to see the set up towards Fate/Stay Night and the other parallel worlds in the franchise. It's a slow build up yes, with talks of philosophies and ways of ruling between three kings but it just shows what each ruler focuses on during their rule. No one is completely right, but no one is completely wrong either. Then there is the grail war itself. The fights are beautifully animated, both the sub and the dub are excellent and the story, while simple, is engaging.

Great purchase for a Great Anime


I purchased Fate Zero DVD Set 1 around Christmas time when it was on sale. I was expecting the DVD to be shipped to my house in two weeks, but to my surprise it arrived a couple of days later. I unboxed the DVD and I examined the casing sleeve. The DVD case sleeve looks great and you can definitely put it on display. The DVD case is great as well due to it being made from a hard plastic. It really feels like the DVD's inside are totally protected because of the great DVD protective casing. Overall I was very pleased with my purchase. The normal retail price is pretty expensive around ninety dollars, but I spent around fifty dollars for the DVD, and I can definitely say that it was worth the money.