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About Excursion Day 99 Manga

Excursion Day 99 features story and art by F4U.

For Excursion Day 99 we have worked with the original source material directly from F4U (before censorship was ever applied). This is the first time Excursion Day 99 has ever been seen like this outside of Japan. This is the way Excursion Day 99 was meant to be read.


  • Publisher: FAKKU
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Release Date: 7/31/2017
  • Page Count: 201
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David Attenborough has narrated hotter sex than this

by -

In terms of publishing production, this book is top drawer. It's a sturdy, heavy brick of a book. Unfortunately, the quality ends once you open it.

This is hentai, so to me quality should logically be adjudicated by the sex itself. Like live action 'porn', things like depth of story and character are mostly irrelevant, though could certainly be nice bonuses. Here, the character design is amateur, just barely above doujin level drawn by someone whose knowledge of female genitals must come from tenth-hand eyewitness accounts of dubious veracity. The sex these cartoony humanoid creatures partake in is dull and generic with a level of eroticism easily surpassed by neolithic cave art.

To sum up, there's a lot of quality hentai manga available. This one easily ranks in the bottom 1%.

Don't hate on it

by -

I rarely write review's of stuff, but I wanted

To chip in because I don't think this deserve a 1 star review.

Yes, I agree somewhat with David's review, he got some good points. Do I regret buying this? Not at all. (I kind of bought it because I though David might be wrong). Is it the most anatomically correct Manga I've read? No. Does it have a special art style? Yes! Even though I agree that the stories are kind of generic, I believe that the style makes it stand out. In a good way imho. I would rather have unique art and bland story than the other way around. In a way it felt like a porn parody of porn, if that makes sense. A tip is to check some of the book out online, like I did, to see if you might like the art (you didn't hear this from me ;) ).

To conclude; I came, and that's what matters