Evangelion 1.0 You Are NOT Alone Original Soundtrack

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About Evangelion 1.0 You Are NOT Alone Original Soundtrack

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (NOT) Alone Original Soundtrack features music from the Japanese animated film from Hideaki Anno. The first of four films in a tetralogy based on the beloved anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The score to Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (NOT) Alone was composed by Shiro Sagisu (Berserk, Bleach). Sagisu, who also scored the original series the film is based on, has had a storied career spanning four decades in the Japanese music industry and is a well-respected master in his own right. Recently he scored the live-action adaptation of the anime Attack on Titan, and the long-awaited Shin Godzilla. Bold and stylistic, the music to Evangelion uses both new compositions for the film as well as rearranged versions of songs from the original series.

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (NOT) Alone follows a young teenager who is asked to pilot a giant mecha known as "Evangelion Unit-01" in order to protect Earth against mysterious cosmic beings known as Angels. The film serves as an adaptation of the first six episodes of the classic anime series and was a smash hit upon its release in Japan.

Track Listings

  • L'attaque Des Anges
  • I'll Go On Lovin' Someone Else
  • Premiere Manoeuvre
  • Staggering Yet
  • Les Betes
  • Crepuscule-Tokyo III
  • Cruel Dilemme
  • The Longest Day
  • Contre Les Agressions
  • Showdown
  • Mecanisme De Defense
  • Cruel Dilemme II
  • Rei-Opus IV
  • The Longest Day II
  • Lucifer's Cry
  • Cruel Dilemme III
  • Strategie "Yashima"
  • The Longest Day III
  • Danse Des Lucioles
  • Bataille Decisive
  • Angel Of Doom
  • Rei-Opus V
  • Trailer EVA Special
  • EM17_Demo_17*
  • EM21_Demo_21*
  • Cruel Dilemme IV*
  • *Bonus Tracks


    • Publisher: MILAN
    • Media: CD
    • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
    • Themes: Mecha
    • Age Rating: ALL
    • Run Time: 68
    • Release Date: 11/4/2016
    • Dimensional Weight: 0.25

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    Old cues, new catches

    by -

    Shiro Sagisu's soundtrack for Eva 1.0 is, like the film itself, a familiar but promising new beginning to the Evangelion series reboot. Several classic themes, like "Angel Attack"(here titled "L'Attaque des Anges") and "Decisive Battle"("Bataille Decisive"), return with distinct new orchestrations; and both the "Decisive Battle" theme and the "Hedgehog's Dilemma" themes are re-purposed into new, recurring motifs that bring consistent moods of suspense and melancholy (respectively) to the score and the film overall. Brand-new music is not absent - Sagisu's now-iconic choir-backed music brand makes one of its first appearances in this soundtrack - but Ultimately the soundtrack heavily relies on the classic TV series' musical themes, which most fans of this memorable story and music should appreciate.
    Note: there were two separate albums released of this soundtrack. The CD reviewed here is the less extensive of the two, but it does feature longer takes of several cues.