Escaflowne TV Complete Series/Movie Collector's Edition Blu-ray

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About Escaflowne TV Complete Series/Movie Collector's Edition Blu-ray

The Vision of Escaflowne TV Complete Series + Movie Collector's Edition contains episodes 1-26 plus the Movie.

Hitomi Kanzaki is an ordinary high school girl who runs track and has an affinity for tarot reading. But when a brash young man named Van appears from a beam of light at her high school, Hitomi is spirited away to a mysterious new world called Gaea. On Gaea, Hitomi is a stranger in a strange land.

Soldiers in magnificent armored mechs, or Guymelefs, wreak havoc around her. Humanoid animals walk and talk like people, and foreign empires are embroiled in an increasingly violent war. On top of that, Hitomi discovers her ability to read tarot cards is due to a secret power more potent than she'd ever imagined, and her newfound ability makes her both an asset and a target.

To save the world of Gaea and return to her own, Hitomi must unravel the mystery of her powers, Van's past, and the powerful Escaflowne.

A sweeping tale of love and war, The Vision of Escaflowne was a seminal series that influenced anime's worldwide popularity. Directed by Kazuki Akane, this beautifully animated adventure features epic music, memorable characters, and an unforgettable love story.

*This reprint run does not include the Escaflowne necklace pendant


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Themes: Adventure, Mecha
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 745
  • Release Date: 10/18/2016
  • Weight: 1



Funimation utterly destroys a perfectly wonderful show with a HIDEOUSLY atrocious new dub. The new cast is terrible and utterly BUTCHERS their characters. Watch it only in Japanese instead or DON'T WATCH AT ALL.

A classic beautifully remastered and redubbed.


For fans of mecha/sci-fi/fantasy/romance Anime, this series is a must see. Packed with richly drawn characters and an even better soundtrack, this show wastes none of its 26 episodes and delivers plenty of action, depth, as well as something for everyone. Funimation has done a top-notch job repacking and remastering this show; the video quality is magnificent and easily surpasses the DVDs. Funimation has also opted to put both the flawed Ocean dub as well as a newer one they produced in house. With the exception of a minor character, this new dub improves on the many faults of the older one, although it is nice to have viewers decide which one they like best. An essential purchase for any Anime fan.

The voices


I love the beautiful cover and everything. I haven't seen the cards or the necklace because I only opened it enough to get to the blurays.

I put in the first disc and totally hummed to the theme music. And then hitomi's voice came on and I really liked it because it didn't have that whiny quality from the original. I did miss falken's original voice and dilandau's as well. I really liked the scratchy, high-pitched quality of the original.

Speaking of dilandau, the way they pronounced his name knocked me through a loop. Originally ( di-lan-dow) new (dil-in-dow). It took me a bit to get over that.

I couldn't get through the whole series cuz of real life, but so far so good on the new version.

I am really happy that the original music is there and that I can go back to the original cast if I so choose.

All in all I am happy I bought this.

Anyone who says the new dub is any good is totally wrong. Quite, quite wrong.


You cannot possibly watch the new dub and consider yourself a true fan of ESCAFLOWNE! The new cast is talentless and desperately fails to provide any genuine sense of sincerity or believability to their roles. They also alltered the lines. Bad, bad move. Also, STOP UPMIXING YOUR DUBS TO 5.1! There's a reason the show is in 2.0. My suggestion: SKIP the new dub, and watch only in Japanese or the older Ocean dub -- MUCH better and far more perfect than Funimation's misguided monstrosity.

Anyone who says the new dub is bad is totally wrong. Quite, quite wrong.


You cannot possibly hate on the new dub and consider yourself a true fan of ESCAFLOWNE! The new cast is brilliant, they really bring a genuine sense of sincerity and believability to their roles. They also fixed the cringe inducing lines in the Ocean dub. Great, great move. Also, Funimation... Are you listening, of course you are. PLEASE CONTINUE UPMIXING YOUR DUBS TO 5.1! There's a reason the show was originally dubbed in 2.0... They rung the budget dry on that glorious animation! My suggestion: Watch the new dub... Then watch it again, it's THAT good! ;)

BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD Rewritten Butchered New Dub!


I have to agree with the reviews about the new dub of Escaflowne by Funimation. It is simply horrible. Now I love Funimation's dubs and voice actors, but in this case they really screwed up. The voices are all flat and emotionless and have zero chemistry with each other. They either OVERACT THEIR LINES LIKE THIS or underact. The script is terrible as well; such beautiful dialogue changed for no reason except to dumb it down for Americans. Shame on Funimation for ruining a great TV series. The Ocean dub is SO much better. The voices in that dub were perfect: actors with subdued, honest, raw emotion and no overacting (Kelly Sheridan is far superior than Caitlin Glass as Hitomi), and the dialogue, despite bizarre choices, is completely unaltered. Now THAT is perfect dubbing!



Okay, first of all, ESCAFLOWNE, like so many other Anime, should not have been dubbed at all. All Anime has been ruined because of this. They ruined AKIRA, they ruined Studio Ghibli's work (Miyazaki should be ashamed!), they ruined Vampire Hunter D, they ruined FMA, and now they've utterly desecrated one of Anime's greatest holy grails with two absolutely atrocious, awful, painfully hideous, unlistenable dubs. The Ocean dub is plain bad -- awful acting, laughable scripting ("Give me back my Escaflowne and give me back my Guymelef!"). The Funimation dub is even worse -- everybody involved are very grossly miscast and do NOT fit their characters AT ALL! The acting also ranges from dreadfully monotone to painfully terrible overacting. It's just dreadful. IT's still a wonderful series, but ONLY if you watch in Japanese -- that's the only way to view Anime anyway. DON'T. WATCH. DUBBED.

Great series!


I must say I'm surprised by the negative comments here surrounding the new dub. I am a purist and primarily prefer my Anime in Japanese -- in fact, I think ESCAFLOWNE is superior in its native language. However, when I listened to the newer, modern dub by Funimation, I found myself wondering how anyone could perceive it as "unlistenable" at all. I do have a few quibbles with it -- the pronunciations grind on me and there is one voice that I think could have been better. But it's not at all bad. The actors do a great job with their roles. It's easily better than the Ocean dub, which had suitable voices but LOTS of problems. On the whole, yes, watch in Japanese, but try the new dub as well. You might find it to be quite enjoyable.

Escaflowne-One For The Ages.


I would only watch this series dubbed-I remember watching the old Bandai dvds and liking the dub. I have the UK bluray release of this and I watched it with the new dub and had no problems with it. But dub aside this is a classic series that holds up today just as much as when it was released 20 years ago

Classic anime goodness Remastered

by -

As mentioned previously Escaflowne is an anime classic. Putting Dub/Sub aside (more on that later) The remaster of this series is very well done. I have the original Bandai Release and this set out classes it by far. This is probably one of Shoji Kawamori's best works other then Macross. The opening title theme brings me back and Yoko Kanno's soundtracks are legendary.

As for Sub/Dub.. I watched the new dub.. and meh.. I watched Ocean's dub back in the early 2000's and meh. I've watched this subbed and still.. meh Pick one and enjoy it.. not worth getting hung up on.

So Glad to See on BR finally!

by -

I'm writing my own review just because of the haters of the new dub. I myself prefer the original Japanese with Subs but I think that watching the dub helps to reach a broader audience. I just got my Spec Ed set last week in the mail and watched it already. I wish they could have letterboxed the entire series but I'm sure they chose the best aspect ratio for the show to present on BR without losing the classic image quality. I would agree that the new dub by Funimation is not as good as the original Bandai Dub but it is a solid dub to me and I enjoyed watching it. Now for those new dub haters, this boxset does include the original dubbed series too so u can compare them if you'd like to spend your days like that :) This is a fantastic series with an Original Story, amazing Music score, the character and Mech designs, and its all finally here on BR. This is a great series to have and I recommend it to everyone!

A great release


Just speaking from a subtitle-fan perspective (I can't speak to the dub quality), this is a great box set. I'm really happy with the purchase, and the fact that I can finally retire my beloved DVD collection of the series (it'll still have a special place in my collection though). The series looks great in this format. It's just really nice that this much beloved series got its well-deserved US blu ray release.

An Imperfect Rerelease of a Near-Perfect Series


It's wonderful to finally have this timeless classic on Blu-ray, but there are some shortcomings. The picture quality is, as you'd expect, excellent. The show originally being hand-drawn cel animation, the transfers to digital look absolutely stunning.

The sound quality, however, is a somewhat different story. Crisp as the soundtrack is, throughout the series I was constantly fooling with the volume, turning it up to hear whispered dialogue, only to turn it down when an action scene began. It's not a deal-breaker, but it is an annoyance.

Presentation aside, the biggest question mark here is probably Funimation's new English dub. In short, I didn't find it any better or worse than the Ocean dub, meaning your best bet is to watch it in the original Japanese, which remains excellent.

In short, this is a wonderful series worthy of a place in any anime fan's collection. Funimation's release isn't perfect, but it is the best presentation of the series available to fans in the West.