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About Durarara!! Box Set Blu-ray

This Durarara!! box set contains episodes 1-24 plus bonus episodes 12.5 and 25.

A pitch-black headless motorcyclist who roams the city?! High-tension suspense and action are taking over Tokyo's Ikebukuro District! Warped romances and friendships - and plenty of hidden secrets - lie behind these big city walls!

Special Features: Textless Openings and Endings.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Japanese subtitles.

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  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Themes: School Life, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 624
  • Release Date: 4/7/2015
  • Dimensional Weight: 1.5
  • Region Code: A

Awesome show terrible release

by -

I am a huge Durarara Fan so I was excited to get the show on blu-ray even if I had to pay for aniplex's over priced release. I usually buy aniplex releases expecting at least decent quality but this is just kind of a awful release all around. First the packaging is flimsy crappy paper. yep that's right 130 dollars and you don't even get card board(only saving grace is that the art is good). Second the show doesn't automatically have subtitles for text when you watch the dub. which is kind of a problem when one of the characters is using a phone screen to talk, so you have to constantly turn on subs to read what is being said. Third if you aren't interested in the watching the dub definitely don't buy this release because the sub is awful and is almost broken English. In general I don't recommend to anyone that you buy this set.

Awesome show, not so awesome deal


I caved in and bought this because the show is just too damn cool, but I don't recommend getting this unless you like the show as much as I do. Extremely overpriced in my opinion, no special features if you don't count the textless opening and ending (and who the does?), and cheap packaging. Also, am I the only one who is really annoyed when the subtitles don't match what's being said, which seems to happen all the time with this release?

The price is expensive but not that bad


I saw the other two reviews complaining that this was to expensive at about $130 for the complete 24 episode set on blu-ray. Now, when you see $130 your eyes will bulge a little but stop and think about it. I will use funimation as an example. there new release sets retail for example, lets say space dandy retails for $70 with a sale price of $50. now this is only half of the collection, so when the second set comes out will be another retail for $70 with a sale price of $50. in total the funimation release comes in at $140 retail and $100 on sale. in comparison to this which is $130 on sale, the difference being $30. i won't argue that this isn't more expensive, but it's not breaking the bank more expensive. i have seen Aniplex do a lot worse, like they are doing with the second season of this show.

Not that expensive. Buy it.


$130 for 600mins show. Compare to Funi $59 for 300mins show. True you won't find this on discount at third party retailers or ebay but for same reason the resale price remains stable forever, even appreciating over time as opposed to other releases which depreciate. I don't promote thinking in terms of profiteering, but price is one of main objections to Aniplex you must also consider the other side of coin. Which is longterm value.

I don't know about the history of this Ikibukuro, but it is fascinating. The plot left me wanting something more, but the ambiance and style and characters are utterly intriguing and the inner monologue by our main character is well done. The show is worth having for it's uniqueness in this sea of sameness that is anime.

Also can't corroborate the paper box claim, but lunchbox version is fantastic and the chipboard box and art style of cases etc is top notch, among my favorites.

Poor Quality for High Price

by -

The box is not chipboard. It is a flimsy paper box with the 3 cases inside for $130. The Funimation $45 LE boxes are nicer quality than this. I was expecting a chipboard box since the image makes the box look larger and sturdier than the reality. There are no art cards or posters, however I was not expecting those since it did not mention them. I was however at least expecting a top quality box for the money. This is the cheapest looking Limited Edition set on my shelf and it is also the most expensive. Save yourself the terrible purchase and watch this show on Netflix. I have had the box for less than a day and am considering selling it on eBay for some of my money back.

I love this series!


I've loved this series since I first watched it. I have now watched it many times because I'll sit people down and watch the series with them to hook them on it.

One of my favorite shows!


I caught Durarara on television and fell in love with it right away. I picked up the Limited Edition set that came with the lunchbox a few years ago during a Right Stuf holiday sale. Although the show looked good when streaming, I can honestly say that the Blu-ray presentation is truly excellent and brought my enjoyment of the show to a whole new level. I love everything about Durarara...there are a ton of characters, but none of them look alike, with character designs that are both unique and interesting. The music is also very different from what I've heard in other shows, but it suits the mood of the show perfectly as it moves form one scene to the next. The lunchbox edition also came with a chipboard art box to house the Blu-ray cases--I display the box with my other limited edition sets and have the lunchbox with my amplifier from Beck. They look great together! If you love Durarara as much as I do, you won't be sorry about this purchase!


by -

I only bought this cause it was $99.99 during the Holiday Sale. For its normal price of $130, it is not worth. I'm not saying the show is bad, I enjoyed it immensely. Just the pricing sucks.

Durarara, fantantic


Draws you into a fantastic world of real life, mythology and fantasy. Five stars.

A rather good show, with a rather dated release.

by -

Durarara is what some consider to be, a classic. I personally don't see it as such, but I won't deny that it's an overall good show. It's loud, it's crazy, it's all over the place. There's a lot going on in Durarara and can be a little too much for some.
The show consists of a large cast of characters who you get decent screen time with. Some are better than others though and that's what stops the show from being great, as the second half focuses mainly on the least interesting of the cast. The story gets a bit uninspired and animation quality dips a bit, but those aspects aren't enough to ruin the experience.
Durarara is a fun show, one I think is worth a purchase. This set though, may not justify that price. It feels a bit dated, not really coming off as a new release. If you love the show, I don't really see you regretting this purchase. I only advise those hardcore fans though, from buying this one.

Bad Release

by -

Just a really bad release. The box that houses the blu-ray cases is just cheap. The show itself is not bad. But there is a lot of text which is important to the story that is not voiced over and is not subtitled. One main character in particular uses text messages to communicate. So you are constantly having to turn on subtitles if you are watching it in English.

not as bad a price as it seems, but nothing special

by -

It's 26 episodes for over $100 (or less, if you grabbed it during the Xmas special!). So it's not a deal, but it's not ungodly expensive like some of the other releases we've seen (Madoka, Classmates, Cute High Earth Defense Club) when we think of run time compared to price. Durarara is a lot of anime, but it's too many discs (5, bluray should fit everything on what, 3?) and no bonuses with this set. The "art" box is cheap, feels like card stock. In summation, great series, price not as bad as it looks, but nothing special for your money.