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Dorohedoro Manga Volume 1

4.5 star rating out of 5
11 Reviews
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About Dorohedoro Manga Volume 1

Dorohedoro 1 features story and art by Q Hayashida.

Caiman was not lucky. A sorcerer cursed him with a reptile head and left him with no memory of his life before the transformation. Adding to the mystery, there's a specter of a man living inside him. But Caiman has one key advantage: he's now completely immune to magic.

Along with his best friend Nikaido, Caiman is hunting down sorcerers in the Hole, searching for the one who can undo his curse and killing the rest. But when En, the head Sorcerer, gets word of a lizard-man slaughtering sorcerers, he sends a crew of "cleaners" into the Hole, igniting a war between two worlds.


  • Publisher: VIZ BOOKS
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror
  • Themes: Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Release Date: 3/16/2010
  • Page Count: 176
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Written Language: English

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Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews

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4 star rating out of 5

Great series, so-so translation


The graphic content of Dorohedoro isn't for everyone, but it's a fantastic manga for those who are interested in horror or urban fantasy series. It has a well-developed cast of characters and a unique setting with plenty of background. Hayashida Q has worked with other talented artists like Kazuma Kaneko and Tsutomu Nihei, and it very much shows in her drawings.

The English version is published by Viz, and while this version is worth purchasing there are some errors here and there. After the first few volumes the paperbacks do not include color versions of some chapter pages, which look muddy and almost unreadable in greyscale (for anyone concerned the digital release does include them). There is a noticeable change in the tone of character dialogue around volume four, and two characters are also misgendered in their early appearances - which probably could have been avoided if someone just read ahead.

5 star rating out of 5

Great series but can sometimes be a little confusing

by -

A great series that few people seem to know exists.
It's dark, it's gory, and it has an interesting but complex story line. I now own all the way through volume 17 but if I order them too far apart from each other I often have to look back to try and remember what happened. Sometimes going back several volumes.
Part of this could be how some of the scenes are drawn. I sometimes have trouble understanding what just happened but I think a lot of that has to do with the story line which is trying to understand the mystery that is Caiman.
I love the series though and the art style. The art style is more similar to what you would see in comic books.

4 star rating out of 5

This made me like manga

by -

This series left me utterly flabbergasted. I've tried some manga before, mostly shonen, and I was just left with a very mediocre feeling about manga as a whole. Then I picked up dorohedoro. Went through ten volumes in a single day. Pick it up, you won't regret it.

5 star rating out of 5

Stylish, Gory, and full of personality.

by -

Dorohedoro is weird in the best way possible. It doesn't restrain itself with the usual formula you would expect a series as unhinged and action packed as this one to have. Instead, you get carefully designed characters and environments, an interesting (though sometimes convoluted) story, and an unexpected amount of slice of life shenanigans here and there, with a fair amount of comedy and insane action to add some flavor. This manga isn't for everyone, but if it clicks it'll most certainly be a favorite for years to come.

5 star rating out of 5

A Wild Start to a Criminally Underdiscussed Manga

by -

Dorohedoro is a series that starts off with a lizard man shoving a wizard face first into his mouth, hoping that this wizard is the same one who turned him into a lizard monster. When the head living in his mouth says he isn't, the wizard is sliced into bits.

This is a WEIRD series, with artwork that leans heavily into use of grays and surprisingly detailed backgrounds, and it requires you to meet it on its own terms to enjoy; but there is a surprising earnestness and charm that comes from the characters. They interact like friends and sometimes just hang out because they don't have anything better to do. It won't be for everyone, but I would HIGHLY recommend you read the first volume. Because if it's for you, you'll know within the first five pages.

5 star rating out of 5

Fantastic series but may not be for everyone.

by -

Dorohedoro may not be for everyone as it's a somewhat simple, grotesque, confusing and violent story, but it's a fun story that I could easily recommend to anyone who enjoys the manga world. Dorohedoro is a one of a kind manga and is perfect for people that want a gritty manga.

5 star rating out of 5

Worth Every Penny

by -

Dorohedoro is a great series if you want something dark with a wide variety of eccentric characters with an unique world. The story gets a bit confusing at some point, but the all the questions I had were eventually answered by the time I finished the series. Physically, the copies are very well made and I haven't had any issues with any of my volumes so far.

5 star rating out of 5

Interesting whacky story

by -

Dorogedoro is a one of a kind manga. It's so out there it's dark and very gory. However their is more to this manga then just violence. As you read this story you see subtle themes every now and then that you wouldn't expect when you started to read this story. Outside of that artwork is great and unique compared to other manga. Would highly suggest reading this manga

4 star rating out of 5

Dark and Gritty Style with an Interesting, if not occasionally confusing, premise

by -

I've seen this on a few bookshelves, so I thought I'd give it a try. Looking at the first few pages in a store, my interest is QUICKLY piqued (you'll know when you see it). After that, it is still a good story, but it does get a little convoluted trying to understand the "who's who" of the masked sorcerers. However, on a second read through, things can be much more clear. Definitely use the "3 Volume Rule" to check your interest.

Story (so far): 4/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Art: 4/5
Translation: 4/5 (the translation notes in the back are nice)
Violence/Language/Nudity: 4/5

5 star rating out of 5

Great first volume

by -

I absolutely loved this first volume. The art was very gritty and dirty and I loved that as well as the end goal being why was the mc turned into a lizard man? Its funky and i love it

5 star rating out of 5

Highly recommend, there are not many series like this!

by -

The start of an insane but highly fulfilling journey. Dorohedoro has become one of my favorite series and there is no other manga like it. Q. Hayashida's gritty, raw, and generally unhinged art style is completely unmatched within the industry. If you're into dark comedy, ultra-violent action, and mysteries this is the series for you.