Devilman Grimoire Manga Volume 1

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About Devilman Grimoire Manga Volume 1

Devilman Grimoire Volume 1 features story by Go Nagai and art by Rui Takatou.

It Takes a Devil to Kill a Devil!

When Miki attempts to summon a demon on the roof of her high school, things don’t go quite as planned. Not only does she instigate a vicious massacre, but her friend Akira gets possessed by the legendary demon Amon, who annihilates his own kind. As Tokyo’s streets grow bloodier by the day—thanks to invaders from Hell—a demonic demon slayer might be the city’s only hope for salvation.


  • Publisher: SEVEN SEAS
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Horror
  • Themes: Battles, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 10/31/2017
  • Page Count: 180
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Written Language: English

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4 reviews

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Fun for any fan


I love this take on the Devilman universe plus Aoi (from Devilman Lady) got her girl! I just worry the ship might get sunk....

Finally! Devilman has made it to the US


Since I was in middle school, I remembered reading the original Devilman online, then years later, I understood the true meaning of Devilman and got into other works of Go Nagai. Now, here’s Devilman G, a modern re-telling of the original. The reason I give it a four star rating is because the story seems different to the original, but the art style is similar to Go Nagai’s. Worth a read to any fans of Go Nagai out there.

A re-telling of the original


I give this series four stars is because the elements seem different to the original manga, but the art style is similar to the original author, Go Nagai. Good story and worth a read for those who like gore or demons.

Possibly better than Devilman Crybaby


A modern retelling of the devilman manga from the 1970’s with a few differences for example they the take the plot line of the Demon Amon possessing body of Akira Fudo instead like in the 1970’s tv series and Miki seems have to a more active role than her previous incarnations the art is very close to the original manga and I enjoyed it for what it was.The original devilman was made by Go Nagai who’s is also famous for other works such as Cutie Honey and Mazinger Z he’s also contributed a lot to the robot genre and he’s also infamous for the influence of fan service that by today’s standards is tame and somewhat strange, but was controversial in the time it was made. Devilman has also influenced a lot of other manga and anime like Berserk, Neon Genesis Evangilion and much more I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Go Nagai or simply enjoys horror manga.