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About Cobra the Animation Blu-ray

Cobra the Animation contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Keizō Shimizu.

There may be stronger and more ruthless guns for hire in the universe, but when it comes to sneakiness, nobody out-sneaks the space soldier of fortune known as Cobra. Who else would change his face and wipe his own memories to hide from former adversaries, then replace his arm with the ultimate holdout weapon?

Whether he's running from mechanical pterodactyls or trying to rescue a friend in need, Cobra never forgets the most important thing: scoring with pretty girls. Even though foiling the Pirate Guild, surviving avalanches, swimming with human-head sharks and fighting the crystalline killer Crystal Boy are all likely to take a few years off his life, one can't argue with the fact that these missions tend to involve damsels in distress in various stages of undress! Get ready to blast off, rip-off, and face-off as the action explodes in COBRA THE ANIMATION!

Special Features: The Psychogun, Time Drive, Cobra the Animation TV, Clean Opening and Closing Animations.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure, Space
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 505
  • Release Date: 10/18/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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The adventures of Cobra continues!


The reason I bought this is because I also bought and watched the old tv series Space Adventure Cobra part 1 and 2 and the movie. It has the kind of action that reminds you of James Bond films mixed in with a little bit of Lupin the 3rd with its unique characters and also has a old school anime feeling with a somewhat modern twist to it. Just a warning this has a lot of fan service mainly with the female characters aside from that It managed to keep me entertained enough to watch again would recommend to anyone looking for nonstop Sci-fi fantasy action.

A little disappointing

by -

It was ok, technically 3.5/5. Unlike the other reviewer, I didn't enjoy the shift from the affable and slightly reckless but competent Cobra of the tv series to the James Bond wannabe here, which is quite evident that's what they were going for with the intro theme. I felt a lot of charm was lost. Although some episodes were better than others, the show wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be and largely forgettable.

I also didn't like how Lady, who was an integral partner in the tv series despite not being in the foreground much, was practically nonexistent here except for in passing in a couple episodes. Her cool redesign was wasted so she could've at least been given her a few moments to shine. The Time Drive ovas focused on her past were good, though.