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Claymore Essentials Blu-ray

4.5 star rating out of 5
4 Reviews
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About Claymore Essentials Blu-ray

Claymore contains episodes 1-26 of the anime directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka.

A brutal scourge stalks the land. Yoma, monsters driven by a hunger satisfied by only one quarry - Humanity. The dark breed knows but a singular foe: Claymore. Human-Yoma hybrids of extraordinary strength and cunning, the Claymores roam from skirmish to skirmish delivering salvation by the edge of a blade.

Thus begins the twisting tale of Clare, one such sister of the sword driven by pain in both victory and defeat. A child silent and suffering hidden in her past, Clare's march toward vengeance unfolds along a path marked by violence, solitude and scorn. In a land where even the predator is prey, the haunted hearts of hunter and hunted alike wear the scars of the age.

Special Features:Episode 1 Commentary, Episode 8 Commentary, Episode 11 Commentary, Episode 16 Commentary, Episode 19 Commentary, Episode 26 Commentary, Cast Auditions, Interviews with Japanese Staff, Original TV Commercials, Textless Songs


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 650
  • Release Date: 7/16/2019
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

5 star rating out of 5

An Overlooked Gem


It's been over a decade since Claymore's release, but to this day, it's still my favorite anime of all time. It's a bloody action slasher, with the titular female half-monster Claymores sent to kill cannibalistic demons and terrifying monsters. You sympathize with these warriors as they try to find meaning in their doomed lives; friendship, connections to others, or dark obsessions and madness.

This show still holds up today for all it does right; the cast is almost entirely female, and yet it doesn't sexualize any of them, and they're never treated as "ecchi" material for the audience. The main characters are always hopeless underdogs, and yet they persevere. It's honestly an inspiring story.

The english dub holds up fairly well, the highlight being Brina Palencia as Priscilla (ep 8, my god...). The final few episodes are anime-original, and aren't nearly as good as the rest of the show, but i don't think it detracts from how strong the rest is. I highly recommend Claymore

3 star rating out of 5

Pay Less, Claymore

by -

I have beef with Claymore. The quality isn't up to Madhouse standards. Too many action scenes with "I swing my sword so fast you can't see it" laziness. The monsters all fight with spiny tentacles that shoot out of them vs. you know, having to animate any actual movement. The kid Raki is so annoying you wish he died and his family had survived instead. Half the soundtrack is a drum kit mic-check. The true purpose and origin of the Claymore organization is, uh, I guess we'll never know. This could've been 12 episodes with how little got resolved/explained. It’s not without some good points. Most of the Claymore ladies are interesting and I can get behind their cause. There's a creepy tension throughout where you're not sure what's gonna jump out of the shadows next. The backstory of Clare and Teresa is well done and you can sympathize with them. Despite the negatives, I was entertained, shocked, awed, and when all else failed, I could laugh at how ridiculous it was.

5 star rating out of 5

The 2007 classic on Blu Ray!


I've been a fan of this one for well over a decade now. (I only wish some figures would come out for it, like a Nendoroid!) There is so much depth to the characters, (far beyond their different hairstyles lol.) I always enjoy seeing female characters protect the ones they love too, (instead of the other way around all the time.)

It is a dark, M rated series, with some great visuals and music that really draws you in. It plays out like a video game, (particularly an RPG). As a big fan of "slice of life," anime, I sometimes get bored by too much "fighting," but it's so well choreographed here I was always engrossed!

4 star rating out of 5

Entertaining Hack/Slash Anime for Mature viewers

by -

Set in a Middle-Age type era, Clare is the 47th woman combined with the flesh & blood of Yoma, or monster DNA to become a Claymore. These Claymores have regeneration powers, pale colored skin, silver colored eyes, and the ability to detect the monsters that disguise themselves as humans among the people. Besides Yoma, there are the more dangerous 'Awakened Beings' as well.

"Claymore" is more than a hack/slash horror presentation, the back-story of how Clare even became a warrior is good stuff. as Clare as a child was saved by Teresa, the #1 Claymore who takes Clare in as a serf...and the sentimental side of Clare's character when she does the same for young Raki.

While the animation is 'dated' with the action sequences, the musical score is still decent overall, and it's the story that makes "Claymore" a highly recommended anime.

Series is presented in 1080I / 16:9 format so no better than 780p video quality, but felt worth owning a physical copy anyway.