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Castle in the Sky Blu-ray/DVD

5 star rating out of 5
11 Reviews
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Studio Ghibli

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About Castle in the Sky Blu-ray/DVD

Castle in the Sky includes a 12-pg Booklet with statements from the Producers and Director and now features an additional English Language 5.1 Mix over the original synthesizer score.

Pazu, an engineer's apprentice, finds a young girl, Sheeta, floating down from the sky, wearing a glowing pendant. Together, they discover both are searching for a legendary floating castle, Laputa, and vow to unravel the mystery of the luminous crystal around Sheeta's neck. Their quest won't be easy, however. There are greedy air pirates, secret government agents and astounding obstacles to keep them from the truth.

Special Features: Feature-Length Storyboards, Original Theatrical Trailers, Promotional Video, Behind the Microphone, Scoring Miyazaki, Producer's Perspective: Meeting Miyazaki, Creating Castle in the Sky, Textless Opening and End Credits, Character Sketches


  • Publisher: GKIDS
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese, French
  • Subtitle Language: English, French
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure
  • Age Rating: 7+
  • Run Time: 125
  • Release Date: 10/31/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews

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5 star rating out of 5

Awesome movie, hope to see the new score brought back!


Although more simplistic and archetypal than most Miyazaki films, CASTLE IN THE SKY is still great fun, and it's beautiful to look at. At the risk of being flamed by some "true fans", I actually like the Disney dub. Don't get me wrong, there ARE parts of the Japanese version I like a bit more, but Disney's dub is still worthwhile for two reasons: Mark Hamill and Cloris Leachman -- both are awesome in their roles and steal the show, although everybody else (including the leads) are in fine form, too. It also features a gorgeous reworking of the original score, provided, interestingly enough, by the same guy, Joe Hisaishi. In many ways, it's more fitting for the film. However, Disney dialed it out of their recent rerelease. I'm all for "director's intent", but I would like to have the rescore back, especially since Miyazaki approved it. Hopefully this new BD release will bring it back (and fix the subtitle issues with Disney's BD release).

5 star rating out of 5

Excellent movie either way!


I've already mentioned what a great film this is, but to people who are complaining about the dub, I must say this: If you don't like it, then just watch the Japanese version with subs. But don't go around bashing anyone who actually likes watching these movies dubbed.

Now personally I prefer the sub. But Disney's dub is not at all bad. Cloris Leachman and Mark Hamill are excellent, as are the rest of the supporting characters. The leads are miscast, IMO, but their acting is at least adequate.

If anything, I found the Streamline/JAL dub to be absolutely awful. Bad acting all around, and laughable dialogue "Now say bye-bye!" -- I couldn't take it seriously! Disney's is not perfect, but it's the superior dub by far.

Honestly, just pick one version and enjoy. Not worth getting upset over. (For the record, I too liked the rescore by Joe Hisaishi. I hope it's on the GKids reissue.)

5 star rating out of 5

A Miyazaki Masterpiece!


Possibly the first masterpiece Hayao Miyazaki created in his long line of brilliant anime films, this is also one of the best. With a great plot and a cast full of lovable characters, this will be one brilliant adventure. Though it is dubbed by Buena Vista, (Disney) they did a pretty good job. I recommend this anime film, among others from Miyazaki.

5 star rating out of 5

Great movie, but the dub?


I won't talk too much about the movie unlike everyone else, but I do take issue with one of the reviews above. Disney's dub of this movie is "unlistenable"? Not at all. I do have a few issues with it, but it's honestly charming and funny in its own right. I would've cast someone else to play Pazu and Sheeta, but their VAs are competent, even though they sound too old. Dola and Muska's VAs are awesome, however; they make the dub worthwhile.

Seriously, watch it however you want. It's a great movie either way.

5 star rating out of 5

Rescore + Extra Dialogue, Please!


Castle in the Sky is my absolute favorite animated film of all time. However, the only way I can watch the movie is on the original DVD release, as that is currently the only version of the Disney dub that contains both the new soundtrack and the added lines. Unfortunately, purists bashed the beautifully remade soundtrack, and they didn't like the extra lines as they were not part of the original movie. Personally, I found that the extra lines adds a lot to the characters' personalities, and the new soundtrack is breathtakingly gorgeous.
This is an incredible film that deserves 5 stars, however, I personally cannot, and will not, purchase this release unless GKIDS adds the extra dialogue and the rescore back into the film, or at least provides an option for it.
Also, I do own the original R2 DVD with the Streamline dub, and while it would be an excellent feature to see on the disc, I personally find that dub to be trash; it's filled with lifeless voice acting and cringe-worthy lines.

5 star rating out of 5

A Wonderful Masterpiece!


I have only seen three of Miyazki's wonderful masterpieces, but I plan to see more. I must say that Castle in the Sky a.k.a. Laputa, is in fact one of the most wonderful masterpieces Hayao Miyazaki has created. He has such a good imagination! I highly recommend this anime film, and DO NOT listen to those naysayer anime purists. This is a great anime film, don't let them ruin your chance to see it. Its worth it.

5 star rating out of 5

Laputa Rocks!


Okay I don't really need to say much here thanks to other reviewers going into so much great detail. The movie is awesome, I do own it like many of Miyazaki's other movies. Favorite character is Dola the pink haired spunky old lady, watch it and you will definitely see why.

4 star rating out of 5

Both versions have merit.


I have seen CASTLE IN THE SKY both ways, and honestly, I can't decide which version I like more. Both have their pros and cons. The Japanese version has a slightly "purer" feeling for its use of silence, but I did find Pazu and Sheeta's seiyuu too shrill at times.
Now Disney's dub, for all its differences -- yes, it's talkier than the Japanese version and has a more boisterous feel... but honestly, I actually think it works well for an adventure movie like this. The reorchestrated score actually fits the movie better (and at least it was done by the same guy who did the original, so that's a plus). I'd have preferred actual kids to play Pazu and Sheeta, but to be fair, James van der Beek does do an acceptable job as Pazu. Anna Paquin's Sheeta is a bit more inconsistent, but at best she's still pleasant enough on the ears and I liked the accent she used. Everybody else is excellent.
My opinion: a great movie no matter which version you watch. See both and decide for yourself.

5 star rating out of 5

A commendable upgrade with something for everyone.


There aren't any major differences in the video quality that I can detect in GKids' new release of this classic adventure, but where it really triumphs is in its audio and extras departments. For fans of the Japanese version, there is a literal subtitle track -- the previous BD unfortunately had dubtitles only. Better still for fans of the Disney dub (which I still maintain is a great dub despite what purists say) is that there are two different mixes for it: a DTS-HD track featuring Hisaishi's glorious rescore AND a Dolby Digital track featuring his original electronic one. This way fans can decide for themselves which way the dub plays best. Best of all, there's a 12-minute promotional video covering the making of this legendary film translated for the first time in English.

Ideally, I wouldn't mind having the unaltered Disney dub for reference (and maybe the laughably awful JAL 80s dub for laughs as well), but as it is, Gkids' reissue is the best of both worlds.

5 star rating out of 5

A great release for a great movie

by -

I actually really dig this movie and this release of the movie. It's one of Miyazaki's more tame films, a fun adventure without a trippy ending like you got out of Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Though not as straight forward joyful as Ponyo, and not as emotionally hard hitting as The Wind Rises, Castle In The Sky has a cast of lovable characters and a fun tale. This release came with a bunch of nice extras, including this neat little booklet with messages from some of the people who worked on the film. The discs themselves have a bunch of behind-the-scenes related extras which is awesome. This isn't your barebones FUNimation release. GKids actually made this worth the price. Highly recommend

5 star rating out of 5

All about subjectiveness.


I won't repeat what anyone else has said about the movie (It's a favorite of mine), but I will mention my own thoughts on the different versions I've seen. The Streamline/JAL dub is, in my opinion, really awful. If you're nostalgic for it, great, but I find it cringeworthy to listen to.

The version that I prefer is the Japanese -- Pazu and Sheeta sound more convincing to me. However, while I may not be the hugest fan of the Disney dub, it's not half bad, and is still better than the JAL dub IMO. I especially liked Muska and Dola's dub VAs. Both are fantastic.

As for the music, I like both scores. I do have a slight preference for the original, since that was how it WAS released after all, but the reorchestrated one is gorgeous in its own right, if overstuffed at times.

What I DO like about the GKIDS BD is that it features the option to listen to the dub with either the original score or the redone one. I enjoy comparing the different versions. Great film either way.