Buddha Manga Volume 1

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About Buddha Manga Volume 1

Buddha Volume 1: Kapilavastu features story and art by Osamu Tezuka.

This story of Buddha actually begins with the adventures of the slave boy Chapra (a Tezuka creation). As the restive youth's fate unfolds, Siddhartha is born near the city of Kapilavastu amongst a steaming, vivid Indian caste society.


  • Publisher: VERTICAL
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Drama
  • Themes: Historical, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Release Date: 10/30/2006
  • Page Count: 400
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Written Language: English

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Before the Birth

by -

Osamu Tezuka's Buddha is a genuine masterpiece. In the entry point of the series, we are introduced to many fun characters such as the mind surfing Tatta, the brash warrior Bandaka, and the monk turned beast Naradatta.

As establishing the story of Gautama Buddha it starts off really well. Stories of social class dictating a world full of prejudice reminds oneself of the world as it stands and immediately engrossed me into this series. At the top of the caste system are the Brahmin(monks) who live their lives to reach enlightenment and teach those below them, the Kshatriya(warriors) who stand below nobility and Brahmin but stand above Vaishya(commoners), and lastly you have the Sudra(slaves). Even further below Sudra are Pariahs, and throughout the first volume we see just how awful the classes treat those below them.

I highly recommend this series. All of the establishment really draws you in and has left me wanting more.