Boogiepop Phantom Original Soundtrack 2-CD Set

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About Boogiepop Phantom Original Soundtrack 2-CD Set

The soundtrack to the hit horror-thriller Boogiepop Phantom! This 2 disc set is packed with a collection of some of the creepiest techno-laced tunes imaginable with a solid, pumping underground groove. From Happy End by Flare to Angel in the Dark by M.Y.K.N., the audio thrash of this roller coaster never lets you go. Boogiepop Phantom, are you ready to scream?

2 Disc Set. Total Running Time: 85 minutes, 13 tracks.

Disc 1:

  1. Happy End / Flare
  2. In Heaven / SiLC
  3. Penalty Taker / Audio Active
  4. Gataway / Susumu Yokota
  5. Delirious / SiLC feat 2kD's of RED LINE
  6. Stormy Soup / AOA

Disc 2:

  1. Boogiepop Me Up / Ming & FS
  2. A Furrow Dub / Sugar Plant
  3. Torso / Sadesper Record
  4. Snow Coast / Yoshihiro Sawasaki
  5. Unstability / Hidenobu Ito
  6. Pone / Rei Harakami
  7. Angel in the Dark / M.Y.K.N.


  • Media: CD
  • Themes: Music
  • Release Date: 2/6/2002
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.4

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Not perfect, but still pretty darn good.


This was a fairly good soundtrack; not fantastic, but not bad either. As with most CD's, there were some songs that were awesome and others that were just plain lame (one sounded so messed up that I thought that the CD was skipping at first). Other than that one just mentioned, the 'bad' tracks could best be described as 'gothic elevator music'. On the bright side, the 'good' tracks were REALLY good! In particular, I thought that 'Boogiepop Me Up' and 'Angel in the Dark' were masterpieces that did the show proud.

All-in-all, this is a worthwhile buy, especially if you are a fan of Boogiepop Phantom. In fact, I imagine that once I watch the show (and am able to connect the music to scenes) my opinion of this soundtrack will probably jump quite a bit. Pop it in the CD player and get your boogie on!



Everything is great. The music is as diverse as a scratched Cd, 'Instability', to weird chants and orchesta, 'Angel in the Dark', to dance, 'Boogiepop Me Up', to just plain beautiful, 'In Heaven'. In my opinion, this is a must have for any Boogie fan. The only sad thing I can find about it though is the lack of the other background music, like the hymn in the first episode when Moto goes back to the alleyway for the second time, and various others. Otherwise, this is great. It isn't one of those anime Cds that you kind of have to watch the series to go with the music. Anyone could listen to this and enjoy it. It really does a number on your thinking abilities, though. Go buy it!

not bad.


aside from the horrible, horrible mutilation of the very cool techno track in the second episode (it's a rap track now), the 2 cd set is quite nice. the vocals on 'in heaven' are great, and there aren't any 'bad' tracks aside from the aforementioned nonsense ('delerious').