Black Tights Deep Art Book

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About Black Tights Deep Art Book

Collecting 100 full-color pages, Black Tights Deep is a collaboration featuring some of the best artists in Japan. With stockings as their primary themes, the artists often etch alluring poses of seductive women with a focus on feet, calves, legs, and thighs wrapped in tight leggings. Overseen by cover artist and art director, Yom, audiences have been captivated by their character designs in the 2019 anime short, Miru Tights.

Whether you’re a fan of fishnet stockings or lace satin thigh highs, Black Tights and Black Tights Deep is the quality content you’ve been dreaming of!

Featuring artwork from: Kantoku, NOCO, Shigure Ui, hncl, Gorobots, DSMile, Kii Kanna, Morichika, Umiko, AF_KURO, Osanai, infinote, Hanekoto, Kayahara, Oouso, Ohisashiburi, Mame Ojitan, Guchico, Midorikawa You, Daiji, Ash Yokoshima, nonokuro, Maeda Mic, Beko Tarou, Jagayama Tarawo, Ayamy, Doushima, 029, Shimahara, Ayaki, Yoshihiro, Mori no Bambi, Kotatsu, INU, Taira Tsukune, Echigoya Takeru, Yoshitomi Akihito, sage joh, Himura Kiseki, Mimoza, Namaniku ATK, Yom


  • Publisher: FAKKU
  • Media: Art Books
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Release Date: 1/31/2020
  • Page Count: 100
  • Dimensional Weight: 1

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Good Art


Companion to Black Tights and pretty much the same format. Again a rather slim volume but with 44 full page illustrations. with blurb on the opposing. page, however in this volume you do not get the rough sketches, though in a few cases there is a small illustration. Here too is a round table discussion. Subject matter is as described and maybe not for everyone but the art is uniformly good. A little pricy maybe for what it is but if the subject matter is of interest worth getting. I have to say I liked the first Black tights a little bit more though. and if I were to recommend one it would be that, then say decide on this after seeing that one.