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About Black Tights Art Book

Collecting 100 full-color pages, Black Tights is a collaboration featuring some of the best artists in Japan. With stockings as their primary themes, the artists often etch alluring poses of seductive women with a focus on feet, calves, legs, and thighs wrapped in tight leggings. Overseen by cover artist and art director, Yom, audiences have been captivated by their character designs in the 2019 anime short, Miru Tights.

Whether you’re a fan of fishnet stockings or lace satin thigh highs, Black Tights and Black Tights Deep is the quality content you’ve been dreaming of!

Featuring artwork from: Azusa, AF_Kuro, Amamitsuki, Arutera, Iku, Ulrich, Untue, Ohisashiburi, Kamiyama Aya, Kamo, Giuniu, Kuon Michiyoshi, Kumanoi, Kuro, Kekemotsu, Geshumaro, Kokudou 12-Go, Kodachi Natsu, Saito, Sasetsu, Shimahara, Jagayama Tarawo, Taira Tsukune, Deko, dotsuco, NishiEda, nohito, Hayakawa Akari, BANG-YOU, Himura Kiseki, 108-Go, Hiyoshi Hana, Funatsu Kazuki, Blue_Gk, Bonnie, Matayosi, Mizutame Tori, Musha Sabu, Yasuyuki, Yuu, Rokuwata Tomoe, Yom.


  • Publisher: FAKKU
  • Media: Art Books
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Release Date: 1/31/2020
  • Page Count: 100
  • Dimensional Weight: 1

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Nice art work


In some ways a rather slim volume, which is essentially 42 artists illustrations full page with the opposing page a small rough plus blurb. It is a nice volume if rather specialised but I liked it. I'm not so sure on the 18+ rating as there is nothing that strong in this volume and it might put some people off. I'll be interested to see the companion volume. If this is to your taste well worth buying.

Nice art

by -

This contained a nice collection of good looking art. There were a handful (say around 5) that were lower quality compared to the average, in terms of the shading/coloring and anatomy being much flatter and less accurate. The book had nice large pages that were all full color and glossy, so this was a good quality for viewing the illustrations. $40 for the base price for 40 different illustrations seems too high in my opinion. I got it on sale for $26 and I think that was a much more reasonable price for this size volume. Nothing 18+ inside so it shouldn't have the adult rating.

Anime Girls + Tights = Good


I am pleased to have purchased this holy tome. I feel invigorated from its grand teachings. If you are a man of culture as well, I would recommend this. I agree that it is a tad pricey at 40 though, I got it on sale for 30 which is much more reasonable.