Black Butler Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD

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About Black Butler Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD

Black Butler Season 3 Limited Edition contains episodes 1-10 plus a rigid collector's box and premium art digipak disc packaging.

In Black Butler, Book of Circus, Ciel and the demon butler Sebastian are summoned by the Queen to investigate multiple reports of missing children. When their underworld contacts reveal the disappearances increase when the mysterious Noah’s Ark Circus comes to town the demonic duo must impress an enigmatic ringmaster in order to go undercover as performers-to Sebastian’s delight and Ciel’s disgust. At the core of the circus is a troupe of unique performers from Dagger the knife thrower to Beast, the beautiful tiger tamer. All are connected by someone who changed their lives, someone who raised them from the gutters of London to the heights of the big top - but at a price.

Special Features: Episode Commentaries, Trailers

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Themes: Historical, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 250
  • Release Date: 4/19/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: A

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Great adaptation of the manga

by -

If you are a fan of the manga then you will most likely enjoy this season. For those who are familiar with the manga series Black Butler Book of Circus is the fourth arc of the manga storyline. This storyline is a continuation of the first season (up to the Indian Butler arc around episode 15 in the anime) and remains true to the dark and graphic(at times) nature of the series. For those who were disappointed with Black Butler II (the second season that was not related to the manga, but it's own season) than this will definitely be something worthwhile. Because there are only 10 episodes it is a fast series (though still longer than the Book of Murder which was broken down into two movies in Japan). It would have been nice if they had included book of murder to this as well since that series was short but I'm just excited that they actually dubbed and released both of these seasons in the U.S. given the length of time between each of the seasons.


by -

First off I have to say that it seems by each season the eps have become less and less lol which you would think it's a bad thing which it kinda is cause you want more eps but the 10 eps o truly enjoyed that I don't want this series be another bleach were it runs by fillers and it ends up ending before the manga ends

The limited edition I feel is perfect with the art , it maybe simple but it goes well with this series that I recommend this for anyone that is a huge Black Butler fan as the price for it is pretty high for 10 eps ;)

Amazing series..more please!

by -

I love this anime and am a huge collector of the black butler series. This is a purchase that you won't regret , but be sure you are a black butler fan because this box set contains 10 episodes and is steep on the price. I preordered this as I did with the black butler book of murder ova and this is one anime that I will never get rid of. The artwork and storyline was phenomenal. Now just so you know this actually occurs between the previous two seasons and should be season 1.5 but however it is named it is worthwhile....more Sebastian, ciel, and some new characters.

A+ for story and packaging, B for Value


This is the best season so far, this arc takes us back to the manga and picks up half way thru season 1 of the anime. The art and the acting (English and Japanese) are top-notch. The story is both beautiful and tragic. The wonder and color of the circus is played against the dark and sinister world that is Black Butler, and the pay off is spectacular. The box set it perfect for display and the there is a lot art and detail to the box and disks themselves. My only negative is that there is not much in the set for the cost. The extras are only 2 commentaries, which you should check they were very insightful and interesting, and some trailers. I was hoping for something more, like a gag reel, behind the scenes/ stuff from Japan, or the OVAs should have been included. Overall, the show and packaging are worth it for collectors and fans.


by -

I love owning the series!!! The box art is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy watching the discs.

My one critique is that I wish there was more bonus features. I LOVE behind-the-scenes content.

Very good, although surprisingly pricey

by -

It was very nice to go back to a direct adaptation of the manga. The way the Season 2 and the end of Season 1 changed things had its good points, but the plotting here was much better and smoother. I still wish this arc had ended differently, but I enjoyed it regardless.

I shudder a bit to think of what I paid for this, even on sale, but in the end it was a worthwhile purchase. I'm not sure why Funimation priced it so high, though. It's short and has almost no extras.