Beyond the Boundary I'LL BE HERE Blu-ray/DVD

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About Beyond the Boundary I'LL BE HERE Blu-ray/DVD

Beyond the Boundary - I'LL BE HERE - contains both movies -I'LL BE HERE- Past and -I'LL BE HERE- Future.

Can anyone outrun their past forever? Mirai Kuriyama's ability to control and manipulate her blood, even to use it as a weapon, has left her an outcast and pariah. But a chance encounter with Akihito Kanbara, whose own lineage is only partially human and allows him to heal from almost any injury, may have finally given her a chance at finding peace. When the cost of that path becomes apparent, will the two of them be willing to pay the price for a true happy ending? Even if it's achieved, how long can it last in a world where Mirai's mere existence is seen as a lethal threat?

In two spectacular feature films, the world created in the hit series is taken to its epic, stunning conclusion: Beyond the Boundary -I'll Be Here-: Past and Beyond the Boundary -I'LL BE HERE-: Future!

Special Features: Japanese Trailer & Promos, "Future Star" Dance Music Video, and Dance Music Video Clean Close Animation


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy
  • Themes: Battles, Powers, School Life
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 180
  • Release Date: 8/22/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.23
  • Region Code: A

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The Ending Fans Waited For!


For lovers of the series "Kyoukai no Kanata", this set is truly a must have to complete the story! The first movie "I'll Be Here - Past" is a retelling of the high points from the series and works well to get the viewer caught up. Those familiar with the series could probably skip that movie though.
The second movie (also known as "Mirai-hen") is the ending that many fans had been waiting for! We get to see what happens with Mirai and Akihito. The ending of this is well worth the wait, but remember to have some tissues ready! Besides, who wouldn't buy this to be able to watch adorable Mirai anytime you wanted? "Fuyukai desu!"

Good follow up to the TV series

by -

The first movie is a recap.. very heavily edited for content and hard to follow if you haven't watched the TV series. The 2nd movie "Future" picks up at the end of the TV series and ties up some loose ends, but also manages to ask more questions that probably will never be resolved.

It was a fitting cap to the TV series.. just be ready for the feels.

Skip the Past, Watch the Future, Minor Design issues aside.

by -

The recap film, subtitled Past, is awful and should be skipped at all times. The cuts made to fit the 12 episodes into an hour and a half are so crazy that you almost feel like you missed something, which you did.

As for the finale movie, subtitled Future, its one of the best endings to a series. It felt like a great cap to the ending of the series of which brought me to tears just as much as the ending to Future did. 100% a must watch for anyone that loved the series and wants to see the true ending.

It's also worth noting that like most Sentai releases it defaults to english audio but unlike other Bluray's I've bought recently it doesn't allow you to change it via your player menu. You have to go into the title menu and change it EVERYTIME. While the dub for the films is not bad, in fact its a very faithful translation, I know many of you want the subs over the dub. Still worth it for the price point.

More BTB what's not to love?


Includes 2 movies, the first is really just a recap of the series, but the second is why I would recommend it. Very enjoyable continuation of the series, looks great same great action and storytelling and a bit more of an "ending".

An excellent conclusion

by -

As a huge fan of the series, I had high hopes that the sequel film would tie up some of the loose ends. Fortunately, it did, and BtB now has the conclusion it deserved.

The film is visually spectacular - par for the course with KyoAni. Sound is also well done; immersive and not distracting in any way. I found the English dub to be very solid for the most part. Kira Vincent-Davis as Mirai was particularly enjoyable, though her voice is noticeably different than Krystal LaPorte's. I have some issues with Caitlynn French's performance as Sakura, but it didn't really detract from the overall experience. I just feel like the character could use more emotional range.

Mirai-hen brings a satisfying conclusion to the overall story, while leaving the characters' futures wide open. Mirai's past is explored further, and we see the characters struggle with a choice they made with the best of intentions, though perhaps not the best of results.

Highly recommended!

a beautiful conclusion

by -

this movie contain 2 episode, the first which is a recap of the tv series highlight and summarize it. the second which is the new episode and the conclusion of beyond the boundary. It fill in the missing pieces that the tv series deliberately left out in order to add more impact to the movie. what we got is a heart felt story of sacrifice abandonment and reconciliation. it touch a bit close to home to me and might be some other who always felt like they are alone in this world, give us hope that some where in the future, there will be happier days. if nothing else this beautiful movie is a great way to immerse oneself in this modern fantasy world one more time and see our protagonist achieve the happiness that is beyond the boundary

Great Movie

by -

I'm a fan of the series, it's one of my top favorite animes. It has a great story, characters which you really care about, beautifully animated and full of heart. Odds are that if you're looking into this you've probably watched the series.. But if you haven't please do yourself a huge favor and buy it. This set really is only worth it if you've watched the series.