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About Battle Angel DVD

Gally... a cool efficient bounty hunter, armed with knife, fists and a lethal metal body. She is the Battle Angel, a Hunter-Warrior paid by "The Factory" to eliminate Scrap Iron City's most wanted and dangerous criminals. Raised by Cyber-Doctor Ido, who found her broken cyborg body in the rubble beneath the sky city of Zalem, she has no memory of the past and an even more uncertain future.

A pawn in a game played with living pieces, Gally finds herself set into motion against such foes as brutal spine thieves, the brain-eating gladiator Greweicia, the sinister Mr. Vector and the beautiful but ruthless Dr. Chiren. The greatest threat of all, however, comes from Gally's own employers. When the mysterious Factory orders the execution of her best friend, Gally must make a terrible choice between her own code of honor and the life of the man she loves.

DVD Features: Highly Interactive Menus, Web Connect, Scene Selection, Alternate Angles for Japanese Credits, and 12 Featured ADV Previews.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: SECTION23 FILMS
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 60
  • Year Created: 1993
  • Release Date: 10/15/1999
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.33
  • Region Code: 1

ok little anime


a must have for die hard fans of anime

a little to short but a good one anyway

Is my second best anime!!


Battle Angel is AMAZING!! Is my second best anime. It contains a very good storyline, nice character desing, blood and gore, suspense and LOVE!! Battle Angel is good for people who like sad stories. I heard the two languages(English and Japanesse) and this time the English track was the one who ate this anime, The Japanesse track could be better because they don't express much fellings and that dissapointed me.


Not nearly as good as I had hoped...


I had heard a lot of good things about this anime, but when I finally got around to watching it, I was highly disappointed. The character designs are a little too 'goody goody' for an anime that is supposed to be dark and foreboding. In other words, all of the 'tough' characters just come off as cute, which ruins the mood. The plot is more than a little silly, and very over-dramatic. Not to mention the fact that it was never completed, so after the show gets into the thick of things, it just ends. There are some interesting ideas (however badly they were carried out), and a few cool fight scenes, but those things alone don't really warrant a purchase. There's a lot of better stuff out there.

This is one of the best anime out there!


This movie has a very well balenced story line. To some it may be a little confusing but after a couple times watched, the story really unvails it's self to you. This isn't a movie for people new to anime, but anime fans will love this movie.

Nothing new plot wise. Some good graphic art


I think the one line sum. saids it all. The characters are never developed. There is really no interaction between the characters. It comes across superficial all the way. It feel like a movie hoping someone would like it enough to make it into something. Now if you're strictly in it for the art, go for it. I would wait for it to go on sale for 50% off before you buy it.



This is, the first anime that i have ever seen in my life. I remember i was visitng my grandmother in Hollister when my cousin showed it to me. i had to be only about 9-10 years old. I didn't know a lot of what was going on, partially cause it was subtitled...but i loved it! I rembember watching it over and over...just being enthralled by the basics of what i did understand. When you first see actually wonder...what hapened to her, and why is she not much more than scrap metal parts with a brain. But you begin to fall in love with this beautiful, (yes dammit, beautiful!) , cute, yet deadly little cyborg. You love seeing her just be who she is..but even more when she's KICKING AZZ! Her fight with the green guy at the end has to be the best part of the entire series. must buy this DVD!

One Rusted Bolt

by -

Plus (+)

+They did an Excellent job at remaking the first 2 volumes of the 'Battle Angel Alita' manga into a 2 OVA DVD. All of the key elements were present and a bit more as well, which made it a pleasure to watch.

+The voice cast for the SUB was downright amazing. All of the characters and their corresponding voice actors were perfectly matched to how they should sound.

+They did a great job on the music, sound effects, art/atmosphere, and even the menu, which was put together nicely. All was done very good for its time.

Minus (-)

-This is one of the few anime's where I prefer the Sub over the Dub, significantly. The Dub went above and beyond with adding too many loud noises from the characters mouths. This made it annoying to watch at a lot of parts.

Phenomenal classic that nobody knows about :(


First off watch this subbed its incredibly good and a far better substitute than the dub second off more incredible is this show..the killer hard edged 90's look,the feel,the pacing,action,emotions its all there and this should be considered a revered classic but sadly in the west it has only achieved a small cult following. Buy this and petition films and a series made of the one and only Hunter/Warrior

Good, but Dark, Cyberpunk

by -

The movie was good, though very dismal kinda gave you that "lost all hope for the future" vibe. Animation was good, English dub was passable with nothing that really stood out as an atrocity. The usual excessive gore, the death of the puppy kinda pissed me off, but what happened after that served some justice. All and all not bad for the genre.

Decent Old-School Cyberpunk

by -

The show is short (two episodes) but has some nice old-school animation. The story is kind of sad, and there are some pretty graphic violent scenes which are very well animated. The main character is cool and likeable, with some decent side characters. The series is unfortunately unfinished and leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but the themes are still meaningful. The DVD has some extras, but nothing that great. For instance, no commentary. I recommend it for fans of older animation and cyberpunk themes, but not for people who want a happy ending. Worth its current price.

Oh My Gally!


Battle Angel is one of the most satisfying watches in the world of anime. Oh, if only it were more than two episodes. Gally could very well steal your heart with her natural affection towards life, and at the same time she's tearing the scrapheap's low lives a new one. Her pursuit of something better than the reality she was 'born' into could rub off on you. The art is stunning. It isn't new, and it's not dated one bit. My main gripe is that it ended way too soon!!!!!!

What made me love anime


I know its dated, I know there isn't enough episodes, but this is THE show that made me love anime. Cyborgs, innocent love, violence and real tragedy captured perfectly.

Awesome Release Still Being Sold

by -

Really great to see a, later, ADV release still being sold for a great price. One of the best OVAs from the 90s and it's just great to own a piece of influential anime. Came with everything I hoped for with a few nice extras such as production art.