Aqua Manga Volume 1

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About Aqua Manga Volume 1

Aqua, a prequel of Aria, volume 1 features story and art by Kozue Amano.

After 150 years of terraforming, Aqua, the planet formerly known as Mars, now has over 90% of its surface now covered by water. A young girl named Akari Mizunashi arrives at the city of Neo-Venezia, an exact replica of the old Italian city of Venice, hoping to become an Undine, the most coveted job on Aqua. Follow Akari's adventures as she discovers the wonders of Aria in this prequel to the Aria anime and manga series.


  • Publisher: TOKYOPOP
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Slice of Life
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Release Date: 1/7/2013
  • Page Count: 184
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Written Language: English

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Sweet and Relaxing

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Aqua is a manga series that follows the life of a young girl and her quest to become an undine, a female gondolier on the planet Aqua. As someone who usually is not into slice of life manga of this genre/type I was quite pleased with Aqua. A cute and enjoyable read with some silly antics in an interesting and beautifully crafted science fiction world. The time slipped by while reading it and surprisingly I couldn't help but crave more of the calming yet intriguing story with gorgeous art. If you like cute slice of life series this is definitely one to check out, the only problem being Aqua is the prequel to the Aria series which we only have 6 volumes of 12 released in English after Tokyopop went under and because this series is never a big seller, it probably won't be getting a reprint. If you are at all interested in Aqua/Aria definitely get it before these last volumes go out of print for good.

Relaxing Slice of Life


This series is a relaxing slice of life focusing on the meaning of living. In the future, Earth is filled with convinces and wealth. Mars is a colony made in the image of Venice for tourists. People live without many of the conveniences and live more simply. The focus is on relationships and the effort taken to build them. Akari is working on becoming a prima undine, a gondolier who helps tourists tour the city of New Venice. Akari is focused on getting all she can in life with her friend Aika as a more serious foil, focused on becoming a prima as quick as possible.

Aqua it the prequel to the main series setting up the characters. I recommend this and the main series Aria. Both are nice to help slow you down before bed. I recommend the anime series as well for its excellent music and mood.