Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better Blu-ray

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About Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better Blu-ray

Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! Blu-ray contains episodes 1-2 of the anime directed by Haruo Ogawara.

"May the best boobs win! Reina wants Yusuke to be her “private tutor." It's a dream come true because Reina just happens to have gigantic breasts. Huge, massive, watermelon-sized gazongas that taste sweet and are as soft as marshmallows. But when Yusuke goes to Reina’s house to give her “lessons,” he has a run-in with Reina’s mom. And boy, is her mom ever stacked. Those triple-F-cup beauties are even bigger than Reina’s! Plus, she really wants Yusuke to take her for a ride.

Now each of these lovely ladies wants Yusuke for her own, so when mom catches Yusuke and Reina in the act, the fight is on! They may be mother and daughter, but when it comes to winning Yusuke, they’ll go to any length to prove their sexual skill! Good luck ladies, and may the best boobs win!"


  • Publisher: CRITICAL MASS
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Erotica
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Run Time: 60
  • Release Date: 4/2/2019
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Pretty nice bluray release


I'm yet to have a bluray of this anime, but I'll say that the hentai on its own was really enjoyable and fun. The characters were interesting and the sex was decent as well.

Overrated and Hilarious! Hahaha!

by -

First off, I have to say, this Hentai is hilarious. The English Voices and the lines they deliver are just hilarious. LOL! This Blu Ray is in a thin case and comes with a single disc. No inverse art for the cover art page. What you see here on Right Stuff is exactly what you get. There is both English and Japanese Languages along with a few extras. Subtitles included of course. There are two episodes on this. Most of the stuff you would want from this is on Episode Two. That being said... This Hentai is overrated. There aren't a lot of scenes and the ones that are there aren't very good. Animation is poor.

My honest recommendation is to take your money and spend it on a different Hentai blu ray. There are plenty others to choose from here on Right Stuff and they are more than likely 10x better than this.

Spend your money on something else.

This one got really weird when the daughter and mother started to, *Cough* *Cough*.

Pretty good title !


I’m glad critical mass released their first bluray, i hope they continue to release more of them.

Really hot for an old school H-film

by -

I usually do not watch much hentai in this old animation style because I vastly prefer modern animation when watching hentai, but this blu-ray release is actually really good. I can't speak for the quality of the story because, what can I say? I don't watch hentai for the plot lol. But from what is obvious, it is a really hot taboo story involving a Mother and Daughter fighting sexually over a young guy. The animation while older is very fluid for my taste and the japanese audio is really good. I have not tried the English audio because, while I prefer English dub for watching anime, I can only watch hentai subbed. Anyway, for the price I would say this release is totally worth it. The scenes are, sometimes repetitive but get the job done.

Anyone you can do I can do better (2019) review


This is a great love triangle anime with comedy and romance mixed in! This is personally in my secret collection of hentai! Do recommend getting it at regularly or sale price! I currently got the dvd version. As a added bonus their is a awesome three-way in the movie! Would give it a 5 stars,if it was longer.