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Anime Haul

22 Reviews
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Release Date: 7/5/2018

About Anime Haul

Sing your Heart Out! July's Anime Haul is all about Music!

It’s time to sing and dance with July’s Music Anime Haul! This Month’s Anime Haul includes a Blu-ray, book, at least 3 merchandise items, and $5 Stuf Bucks. If you dream of becoming the next Idol sensation, learning to play an instrument, or even overcoming stage fright, then July’s anime haul is for you! July’s Music Anime Haul is limited, so order now! This is one concert you don’t want to miss!

Anime Haul will be available for pre-order until July 1st or while supplies last. Anime Haul must be purchased alone and all sales are final.

Find out more details about our Monthly Anime Haul here!


  • Publisher: RIGHT STUF
  • Media: Unclassified Products
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama
  • Themes: Music, Slice of Life
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 355
  • Release Date: 7/5/2018
  • Page Count: 180
  • Dimensional Weight: 2

Not Worth the Price of Entry This Round

by -

$40 was pretty steep for a random loot box, but I figured rightstuf wouldn’t let me down. So I splurged.

They let me down.

The 3 (yes, only 3) items in this box were the SAVE Blu-ray and DVD combo of Ben-To, a manga called Delicious Dungeon, and a Food Wars rubber keychain.

To be honest, this feels like a way to dump stuff no one is buying. I mean, that’s probably exactly what this monthly box is, but it just felt like a big letdown. Searching out these items online show the anime for $23 and the manga for $10. The keychain doesn’t feel like it’s worth the $12 price I found it at, but I don’t know what stuff like that normally goes for.

The purchase also comes with $5 stuf bucks that expire by the end of the month. And 2 postcards for other anime to buy.

Maybe if the box ran $20 or even $30 I wouldn’t feel as regretful buying this, but as it is, I can’t recommend Anime Haul.

Completely worth the money spent on this box

by -

This was an awesome purchase. I'm always hesitate to purchase a subscription box, especially the first one, but I will say that I do not regret this one. The November Anime Haul came with the Blu-ray edition of "Ben-to", "Delicious in Dungeon" Volume 1 manga, and a Soma keychain (Food Wars!). Definitely well worth the money paid for this box, and I am looking forward to December's as well.

$3 saving /November's box

by -

I paid $42 for this product and got $45 worth of items (I'm not counting retail value). I got an anime I wanted for a long time, an interesting manga, and a cool keychain from an anime I like. For November's box. It was worth the buy. Make sure you buy it early and the theme is that you like.

Not worth

by -

I will say I have been a RSA customer for many years and have spent plenty of money on different items and have loved their holiday sales.

However, with this Haul, I was not impressed. I was willing to try this Haul as I have been a fan of other services like this in the past (Loot Anime).

I opened my box to see 3 items, the SAVE edition of Ben-To, a manga volume from Delicious Dungeon, and a Food Wars keychain.

As a previous review stated, doesn't have the value for the 40 spent on the box, especially since these items together do not equal that.

Really feel out since its advertised as 60+ retail value on the anime-haul page:

I will not be going for this again until its worked out that the items included in the haul should be at least worth the retail version as mentioned and not way less.

Not worth it.

by -

Although the items were cool it wasn’t with anywhere near $70.00 as claimed. As a matter of fact all the items sell on their site for approximately $45.00. I thought it would be more like LootCrate where you get a lot for your money but sadly it wasn’t. I recommend just buying what you want with a promo code.

$4 loss/ December box

by -

Paid $49 got $45 worth of items. Got a bluray/dvd of "My Neighbor Totoro", part 1 of Pokemon complete guide book, one piece playing cards, a Pokemon bag, and a rightstufanime magnet. Got interesting items but it was worth less than what I paid, will still buy the January one but December was not so great.

Round 2: A Little Better

by -

The second box cost more than the first ($45 before shipping), but came with an additional item.

There's a very nice Pokemon tote bag that folds into a smaller pokeball shape. This was cool and the kind of item I'd expect in a loot box. $12ish around the internet.

The book was volume 1 of a Pokedex. Full color and goes through 200+ Pokemon. This is a cool book if you like Pokemon, otherwise not so much. Luckily I do. $10.99 full price.

The anime bluray/DVD combo was My Neighbor Totoro. This is pretty cool... except I already own it. :( Around $30 on the internet.

The last item was a deck of One Piece playing cards. I am not a One Piece fan, but playing cards are useful and can have fun images, so not too bad. Marked about $6 on rightstuf.

Definitely more value in this box. I'm personally sad I already owned the big ticket item, but such is the fate of random loot boxes. The price being higher is still a major turn-off, but I give them credit for improving the items!

I wish it was loot anime like

by -

I was so eager to see what great things will come in this first haul since I been buying form rightstuf since my highschool and they never let me down... however this was not what I expected from u guys I thought they will have like a theme going on, similar to what loot anime does and it just was items I really didn't care for

I received like a previous review mention the Totoro blue-ray which I had so it's sadly of no use to me and the Pokemon book and bag are just not my thing so overall not great or even worth the amount I paid, even loot anime it's cheap and they even give u a poster and u always know it's worth it but I hope in the Future there is more thought going into these because a sit is now it needs a ton of improvement to make it viable as an product u can be proud to deliver to us customers.

Better luck next time.

+$5 saving/ January's box

by -

This month's was better, when it came to price. I paid roughly $45 for this box (including shipping) I got +$50 worth of items. I got a bluray of "hunter x hunter volume 1", manga "clockwork planet vol 1", lanyard of "kirito and asuna sword art online", art cards "Time of eve: the movie", also i got a card that looks like a credit card that says hunter x hunter on it also it says "not a license to kill" on it. I believe this was a good one especially for the price.

Almost great

by -

January’s month was alright but could’ve been better. All of the items that came still didn’t equal $60 worth

Meh not worth the investment

by -

So I'll start off that January's package was not terrible. Was it worth 40$ S&H ? NO.

So my biggest two gripes are these:

1- you can't add anything to these orders so they make it so you HAVE to pay S&H.

2- the 5$ gift card you get basically only pays for the shipping costs already incurred by this purchase so they may as well just remove the 5$ and explicitly set the packages to free shipping.

The items for January are not bad, but I don't think many people have a need for an oversized lanyard, or a fake Hunter x Hunter card. But the other items were at least relatively worth the expense. My idea is only buy these hauls if you really like that months concept.

February box was ok

by -

This month's box was ok. "5 centimeters per second" bluray, "nisekoi manga volume 1", "fruit basket hard cover journal", and 3 posters of "My love story". Not very good but also not very bad.

Rip off

by -

I got the same thing as the other guy.

I check the price and is not worst it.

If I knew ahead of time I was going to get this stuf I would rather have save my money.

This will be the last time I get this

Not bad, Not great

by -

This product is great if you like surprises and don't mind spending some money. The wait definitely builds up the anticipation and excitement of what are you going to get. I wanted to know if I thought it was worth spending $44 (with tax). I don't think it really is. That is just my opinion.

In the end if you love Blind boxes and surprises then you might like the Anime Haul.


by -

Decided to splurge and get the February Haul.

About 80% of the box's volume was in fact kraft paper being used as packing material. Why so much? One of the two merchandise items was a set of posters. This poster set necessitated an over-sized box to keep from folding or rolling anything, hence the initial deflation of expectations.

From there? The other merchandise item was... a journal. Yes, a journal. A bland one at that. Stock artwork on and inside the covers. That's it. The pages themselves had nothing to make them unique, and adding insult to injury used a light blue ink for the lines, a color that a lot of people would have trouble seeing under even normal light.

So that's two of the four items letting me down.

The other two items - a Blu-Ray and a volume of manga - weren't bad, but they weren't my type of thing either.

If there's not something knock-your-socks-off on a Haul bundle later on, this'll be my last one.

March's box was ok got $45 for $45

by -

Paid $45 got $45. This month was ok, for me only one thing stood out and that was "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Blu-ray/DVD" i wanted this for a while and now i have it. Now the rest, i got a keychain from "yuri on ice", two pins from "kuroko's basketball", and lastly manga volume one of "again!". So.... it was ok. Won't try April's box because I don't like space and mechas, but will go for May's box if i like the subject.

Anime Haul That You Can Keep!

by -

Okay, let’s check out what is in the Anime Haul on March (Space Theme) because I want to give it a try:

1) MS Gundam Movie Trilogy in BR, from RS/SUNRISE.

(Although, I have this one on VHS & DVD format)

2) Astra Lost in Space, Volume 1 Manga, from VIZ Media.

(Hmmm, interesting for a recent new release)

3) Star Winning Gundam Build Fighters Try PVC Keychain,

from GEE.

(Anyway, I completely ignored this Gundam Series)

4) Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Plush Doll, from GEE.

(WOW, it will be part of my Anime Collection)

5) A $5.00 Stuf Bucks, from RightStuf.

(Received this from my email but it is valid until Mid-May)

Overall, the total value for this Anime Haul would be about $75.00 (if you’re a “Got Anime” Member). Anyway, it’s worth it so I decided to keep it, however I would suggest that you should buy on which theme or genre that may interest you.

April Space Haul

by -

My first time buying the haul box. I got the Mobile suit Gundam Trilogy bluray movie, Astra Lost In Space Manga Volume 1, Gundam build try keychain, and Rei ayanami plushie. Overall it wasn't too bad (sale pricing averaging around $67) and I didn't have any of it before.

A nice deal of Space themed titles that was worth my time.

by -

This my first time trying out the Anime Haul bundle because it was space themed and it includes products from series like Gundam that made me want to check out the bundle and see what other items were being included. The results of it is pretty nice and cool deal for just a bundle order. The best was the Gundam Movie Trilogy Blu Ray because I was thinking about getting it at one point but I was busy with the Gundam series that were coming out on Blu Ray which I loved, so it’s nice that I finally got it from the Anime Haul. The Build Fighters Try keychain was neat and the plush Rei was also nice to have. The weakest was probably the manga because it’s fine on art and writing, but story was pretty mediocre at best. Overall, gonna try the May’s themed Anime Haul because I enjoyed the April order for being a pretty solid selection of products that enjoyed getting.

A cool gift to give one's self.

by -

A neat subscription style box in which you can receive anime related merchandise such as Blu Raynor dvds as well as pins buttons,books/Manga and other collectable items from titles that you may cherish.

Disappointed :/

by -

Thought June's haul would be centered around Akira and My Hero Academia, but got mostly Boruto stuff (which I don't really like), and didn't include the advertised "$5 stuf bucks". Disappointed there wasn't more MHA, even if it did say "Akira, MHA, *+more* in small letters, I expected more items to be MHA with the advertisements RS was sending through emails. Slightly misleading though some of this stuff is kind cool, like the Akira Collectors Edition Case (though this was broken inside and fell apart when I took off the plastic wrap. --*COLLECTORS*--). The other stuff was Boruto Vol. 1, Hidden Leaf keychain, One Piece Straw Hat Wristband, and My Hero Academia memo pad. ($55) This was an alright box, but won't be doing this again.

A pretty good box for a good value

by -

I liked this box as it comes with a DVD and a manga, of course, it helps it's the classic movie Akira in a collectors case. I like many anime fans have seen and liked Akira so it is a great choice for this box's DVD/Blu-ray item. The Boruto manga, I'll give a shot at reading as I thought the original Naruto series was ok. I'll gladly keep the memo pad as I'm always losing or running out of notepads, the keychain and wristband I'll likely not keep but considering I'm keeping 3/5 items I count this box as a success.