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About Amagi Brilliant Park Blu-ray

Amagi Brilliant Park contains episodes 1-14 of the anime directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto.

When new transfer student Isuzu asks Seiya Kanie out on a date at gunpoint, he knows something odd is going on. Especially since she wants to go to Amagi Brilliant Park, where the rides are either dangerous or mind-numbingly dull and the only costumed performers who aren't rude or apathetic are the ones who didn't show up for work.

So when Isuzu asks Seiya to take over as the park's new manager, he knows she's crazy. (Well, crazy-er, given the gunpoint thing.) But when Seiya learns that Amagi Brilliant Park is a REAL Magic Kingdom, that the costumed performers aren't wearing costumes, that they live off the energy created by attendees, and that unless they can attract 250,000 attendees in three months, they'll lose their jobs and homes... he goes a little crazy himself.

But, even with the aid of scantily clad fairies, giant mice and sniper-trained sheep, can anyone rescue a park that's sunk so low that its own bus doesn't stop there anymore? The race is on to get the turnstiles turning and save AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK!

Special Features: "Extra Magic" International Mix, Clean Opening and Closing Animations.


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 350
  • Release Date: 2/28/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

Great Series


Great series-one of the best I've seen in a few years. What makes it great in the unusual story-an old run down amusement park in danger of closing if they can't get 250,000 persons to visit it by a certain time. The characters are what really make the show stand out-you really owe it to yourself to watch this very unique show.

An Anime version of Disney Land!


This is one of the best Kyoto Animation shows to date! Unique concept, great cast of characters, good amount of comedy, colorful visual and so much more. What makes this show stands out is the great use of setting in an amusement park, making the main characters feel like real adults having a job rather than typical high school students doing high school stuff. Really deserves a second season.

Welcome to AmaBri!

by -

Amagi Brilliant Park is a wonderfully 'magical' slice of life story of trying to save a run down amusement park. The cast of characters are delightful and entertaining as well as surprisingly diverse and relatable. The animation is quite beautiful and the story wonderfully takes quite a few of the old fairy tale cliches and shows them in great new ways. The music is awfully catchy (seriously it gets stuck in my head and it's not at all my usual cup of tea) and the dub sounds great imho.
I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see a zany japanese 'Not disney' amusement park fairytale/comedy. Definitely one for the 'Older' kid in us all!

An Amusing Ride

by -

Whether you only like subtitled or prefer to watch the dubbed, this show is super entertaining. The dub, which can be a concern sometimes, is well done with the dialogue sounding natural and the mouth flaps syncing up perfectly. The show itself is fun with colorful park cast members with a story that consists of single episode problems. The show is very colorful and looks great with well animated scenes. This is definitely more of a slapstick comedy. If you're on the edge about buying, the sub for the show is on crunchyroll and is worth checking out. I hope this helps

A Fairy Tale in the Real World

by -

I loved this series when I first saw it online and after re-watching the show on Sentai's Blu-ray release, it's hard to find anything to criticize. It's well written, nicely animated and often laugh out loud funny. Despite the heavy fantasy element to the story, the characters actually have a nice real feeling in how they interact with one another. The English dub is also pretty solid especially with the voices of the main mascot characters. The series wraps up the main story line very nicely in 12 episodes. The 13th episode is probably the most hilarious as the all the park's residents and workers contribute to a promotional video. The OVA episode adds a couple of fun side stories.


by -

Don't let the title or artwork fool you. This series is a 9/10. Comedic gold mixed with a wacky cast of characters and consistently beautiful artwork. The English dub is also one of Sentai's best to date. High replay value makes this a worthy purchase.


by -

Amazing anime to watch (and rewatch)! So many fun & lovable characters that it is hard to choose a favorite!

Rightstuf was quick with the shipping and the product arrived in pristine condition. When we go to conventions, we have the voice actors sign the blu ray sleeves. My husband and I cosplay as Kanye & Sento. :)

nice relaxing show

by -

I've seen this show 2 years ago. I Recently purchased This anime when I saw it in stock. I've really enjoyed this show. It's funny, and a bit serious at times. Magically makes you wanting to know what's going to happen next. I have been a bit emotionally invested with some characters. I was utterly surprised that this show has been dubbed. It's nice watching a show after a long day of work and not having to read subtitles. Makes you focus well on the graphics and details this show has to offer. I do look forward for a second season. I do recommend this anime for those that enjoy good story and character development.

Really fun

by -

This was a fun series with cute characters that drink too much and can be very violent when not entertaining young children. Definitely different and worth checking out.