Akiballion Battlemaids of Akihabara DVD

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About Akiballion Battlemaids of Akihabara DVD

In Akiballion: Battlemaids of Akihabara, they don't do windows.... but they DO do monsters!

We all know who protects Metropolis and Gotham, but when Akihabara, the geek nexus of Tokyo, is threatened by alien Cyber Fairies, it will take more than just an average superhero to defend the world's single largest concentration of anime fans, model kits and maid cafes.

Wait, there's the answer! Enter Akiballion: maid cafe hostesses who don super-powered electro-brain battlesuits to combat the ultra-grotesque monsters sent forth by the villainous Fairie Queen! Can these three lovely young ladies handle the stress, the fighting and the responsibility of being Japan's last line of defense against alien invasion? Hey, if they can handle the lecherous customers who frequent their own restaurant, giant troll monsters should be easy.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Battles, Powers
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 187
  • Release Date: 1/5/2010
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.4
  • Region Code: 1

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A release designed for fans of the 'actresses'


When I first saw this title, I thought, great! An all female sentai show! It's hard enough to get more then one girl on one of these things, but when its all girls I thought it would be intersting.
Let me go back a bit. Remember shows like Power Rangers? That is pretty much what a sentai show is. Is this a sentai show?
Loosely defined, yes. It's about a trio of girls that transform into super heros to fight the bad guy of the week. The bad guys are randomly choosen creepy geeks that are transformed into 'Cyber Fairies' (I kid you not) and led by a woman named Troll (I'm serious). The girls work in a maid cafe (a place where the servers are dressed as maids and have to treat the customers like they're their master), and have to fend off the typical creepy people that come around, but it seems more often then not the creepy person turns into a bad guy and takes his 'revenge' on the girls. But more on that later. I'd give away all of the plot so you wouldn't have to watch this, but I'd probably get in trouble. Basically, the Akiballion fight the Cyber Fairies who are trying to take over Earth.
Now, let me say that I read a review for this that basically said you'd have to be a fan of the three actresses to really be into this series. I'd say it takes far more then that. It takes a love of watching one of the Akiballion being tormented for five minutes or more, normally in the form of some sort of randomly chosen gooey liquid being dripped on them while they're wearing questionable clothing. Also, the first episode had at least 50 panty shots (panty shot being an instance where the director purposely filmed a part of a scene so you could see the actress' panties). This is a fan service show, no doubt. The fighting isn't all that good (it's pretty obvious they're actually trying to kill each other), the script is well.. odd, and its just a strangel/creepy show in general. The focus on showing the girls in pain when they're attacked was a bit disturbing at times, especially when the camera is angled so you can see their panties.
The release comes with five episodes, subtitled in Japanese only. It is being released by Switchblade pictuers (part of ADV that was sold off in September 2009), with no extras (not so much as a flyer in the dvd case), but does have some trailers of their upcoming stuff (one being a film about killer bees and another being for a film about people in a food eating contest that is EXTREME). What was annoying was that they put in a disclaimer saying that the views expressed were not of Switchblade, but there wasn't any commentary track!
The video quality is similar to those of other lower-budget Japanese live action shows, and it seems that there are extended shots of people just staring at each other, or just shots of Akihabara.
I must point out I find the costumes to be pretty good (though its pretty obvious the skirts were made for panty shots galore). And there are a lot of shots of Akihabara for those interested in the 'geek paradise' part of Tokyo. But honestly, if this is really just a release for those who are a fan of the actresses. This isn't a particularly good Sentai show. There isn't a lot of good action, story or fight scenes. If you're looking for a good sentai show, this isn't it. If you're looking for fan service... well... there you go.