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About Air TV DVD Complete Series SAVE Edition

Air TV series set contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Tatsuya Ishihara, plus the 2-part Air in Summer OVA special.

Yukito is a travelling performer. He moves through this world with only the clothes on his back - driven onward by stories of "The Girl in the Sky." Not knowing when or if he will find her, Yukito wanders, clinging to fleeting hope. Destitute and near starvation, Yukito's life changes after the eccentric beauty Misuzo offers him food and shelter.

This fragile treasure shares with him her dreams of a life lived amongst the clouds, and he listens closely out of a gratitude which soon gives way to rapt curiosity. The unlikely pair grows close, but Yukito cannot forget his destiny - or his past. In the end, the compelling need to find "her" remains. Who is the girl in the sky? Does she even exist? The questions run rampant, but the answers float aimlessly through the air.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 340
  • Release Date: 5/18/2010
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: 1

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Have a tissue box on hand.


A bit short but it's still worth every cent I shelled out for it.

Not my Cup of Tea


I didn't enjoy the story very much but hey that's just me. I got it because I herd it was a good tear jerker but I didn't think it was at all.
Great animation, I'll give it that.

Tragedy that tries to do too much in a short season.


Animation: Very good as one would expect from Kyoto.

Audio: Also well done, good sync and a good OP and EP.

Summary: Um wow, talk about tragic. If you like happy slice of life drama then skip this one because it is definitely NOT the sunny side of life.

On the other hand if you want a non-stop gripping angst-fest then this one is pretty good. My major issue is that the series is way too short to try to incorporate so much story. There is a historical period drama and then the current setting. While fairly well done, you cannot help but feel you are missing a ton of backstory (and you are, if you happened to play the computer game this is based on.)

If find you like the animation and production quality but want a bit more sunshine...then try the ones that this studio did after namely Kanon (one of my favorites) and Clannad (very very very good.)

Still at a bargain price if you want something a bit different it's certainly worth picking up. Just be sure to have a lot of Kleenex. :p

KyoAni's a First Attempt at a Key VN

by -

Overall, the show feels rushed. The characters are not given the time needed to develop or become memorable in my opinion. With that aside, it's is very well animated and the dub is decent, for the most part. If you have not already, I recommend watching this first, then Kanon, and finally Clannad. Even if you don't end up enjoying this series, which you can watch the first few episodes for free on Funimations website, 15$ is still a crazy deal that you should take advantage of.

A KEY Classic, But Not Their Best


I typically love KEY anime, especially those produced by Kyoto Animation, but Air was only sort of alright. Of course, KyoAni makes it a feast for the eyes with their high animation quality.

The story is divided in four distinct parts, where the first addresses the stories of the supporting characters. That first part is where I found the anime disengaging. I couldn't wait them to be over. They were not executed well; events were non-sequitur, characters weren't developed enough, and the premises were kind of odd. Granted, all of this is based on an eroge.

The rest of the series makes up for it, but I can't give it a perfect 5 stars.

If your looking for a tear jerking, then look no further.

by -

I had seen previews and heard very little but great things about this series. When i saw it for the price its at, i just had to have it!

Though it is only DVD it comes with the entire series of 12 episodes and 2 OVA episodes.

It can be a little confusing watching it for the first time but even so, it is very entertain-able and keeps you enthralled with every minute. There is joy and happiness mixed in with a little "o i know how that goes" and lots of "ah the joys of youth" going through your head as you watch this title. There is a plot to it and a very good one in my opinion but with it only being 12 episodes and like any other short lived amazing anime series, it leaves you wanting more/never gets to fully bloom. But they did do a great job with the time allotted.

And if you're like me (a sucker for those tear jerkers), by the end of the 12th episode, you'll be balling your eyes out.

All in all, a must have for any wide spread anime collector

Great story and visuals.

by -

Air is based off of a visual novel, a rather long visual novel that has been smashed down quite a bit. The story is really good, the visuals are really beautiful looking and the opening song is my favorite, overall it is really well done.

It is rushed being such a long story smashed into 13 episodes. But the thing is, the 13 episodes have a lot of good stuff crammed in them. For how condensed it is, it is very amazing how intact it is. All of the high impact tragic scenes got animated, and that is what matters. The only way to make it better would of been to make it twice as long. I mean yeah I wish it was longer, but I feel like they put the long Air visual novel into 13 episodes as good as you can. If you take the time to read the visual novel then watch it, it becomes clear how crafty they were to cram so much in.

Really it is the story of air in 13 episodes and well done, but NOT the full story of Air. It is missing some stuff and may cause some confusion.

Good deal

by -

The first anime i bought, the story is good and the animation is perfect. I like the condition of this dvd. Perfect!

A good series!

by -

I enjoyed this series! The animation was good, I liked the characters and enjoyed the story.

The 1000th summer..


This collection consists of Air TV and the OVA(s) Air in Summer. Both summarize the events that occur in the Key/Visual Arts game titled "Air". The game consists of 3 parts.. Dream, Summer, and finally Air. The anime proceeds to go through the different routes, while compressing and retelling all events into a format suitable for a TV anime.
Generally Kyoto Animation does a pretty good job of this.. Reusing the OP Tori no Uta.. which is still IMO one of my favorite songs.. however in the conversion to Anime much is cut out, and does leave the viewer feeling like things are missing, forcing the viewer to keep up at points for it to make sense.

All in all though this was a better adaptation then I expected.. Play the game if you can.