After War Gundam X Collection 1 DVD

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About After War Gundam X Collection 1 DVD

After War Gundam X Collection 1 contains episodes 1-19 of the anime directed by Shinji Takamatsu.

In After War Gundam X, what started as a single space colony's war for independence turned into an all-out war between the space colonies and Earth. No one was safe from the conflict, and Earth, the home of all humanity, suffered heavy damage in the fighting. Almost all of Earth's population – once as many as ten billion people – was lost. It's only now, 15 years after the end of the war, that Earth's environment has at last stabilized again.

Garrod Ran is a war orphan, but when it comes to mobile suits, he has superb knowledge and skills. He receives a request from a mysterious gentleman to rescue a girl named Tiffa; and so he sneaks aboard the Freeden, the land warship where she is held captive. With the girl safely in his care, he returns to the mysterious gentleman, but when Tiffa sees the man, she's overcome with panic. Quickly judging the situation, Garrod takes her and escapes. Guided by her unusual powers, they end up at the remains of an old Federation factory, where they find the mobile suit “Gundam X”...

Special Features: Clean Openings 1-2, Clean Closings 1-2.

Spoken Languages: Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Publisher: SUNRISE INC
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Themes: Mecha
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 475
  • Release Date: 6/7/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: 1

Good Series

by -

I saw the entire series on youtube, its a great storyline with great mobile suit designs. it has a gundam wing kind of feel to it (made around the same time). I recommend it to any gundam fan!

A Must For Any Gundam Fan

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This is one of the most underrated and best Gundam series to have come out. It has a fantastic story and a very likable cast. The music absolutely wonderful and despite the fact it was cut short, the ending is wrapped up even better then most Gundam shows. There are some issues with stock footage but its the 90's and they were looking for any way to save some money and time. You do not need to have seen any other Gundam show to watch and enjoy this. The only connection it has is an alternate reality to the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I would highly recommend this.

Great series could be better release format

by -

Love the series it's is quite similar to gundam wing, as far as the release goes it's subpar it's ok it could be better what I will say is I like the art on the discs themselves good job rightstuf but I would love to see in future gundam releases the Japanese romanji for the theme songs you did it for the turn a release then dropped it on the first mobile suit series and again with gundam x please rightstuf lets be smarter and nicer to the consumer in the future is also like to see some reversible covers and I think a set holder i.e. Art box for the 2 parts of each series would be super I can't tell you how many other people would agree can you please gauge the interest for this with polls or heck can you do a Kickstarter I can't in anyway whatsoever not see that working please try something new for us gundam fans thanks

A Hidden Classic Finally Comes to America

by -

Forgoing the typical political underpinnings and military drama of its predecessors, Gundam X goes for a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the colonies suicide-bombed the Earth and wiped out most of the human race. The focus is on a group of scavengers called Vultures who are trying to get by in a post-disaster world and their journey to find out what the mysterious "Newtypes" really are.

The set itself is very barebones. Thankfully the art direction and animation still holds up. The only special features are clean versions of the openings and endings and the sole way to watch the series is Japanese with English subtitles. Furthermore, sometimes the subtitles can't decide what the official Romanization of the names are. Despite that the series included in the product is still worth your time, whether you’re a casual Gundam fan or a hardcore one. The series now having hit its twentieth anniversary, has been a long time waiting for it to come to America but it was worth it.

Nice to see some love

by -

I wont say this is a lesser known entry but I am SO glad it got it's release. As a side story or CTRL-ALT-DELETE sort of universe it's actually pretty awesome.

Gundam always has it's share of SWEET and SOUR when it comes to it's entries and this is no exception but I have found it's rather exceptional when you take it on it's own merits. X-G is a good story, good character build and pretty good mecha and character design.

For the money, it's exceptional. Get both sets, watch to conclusion and see if you weren't satisfied.

I'm hoping RightStuf is able to get V-Gundam as well!!

The one that got away from Toonami: A post-apocalyptic adventure into mystery, love, hope, and danger...

by -

This stand-alone 1996 alternate universe Gundam series followed Gundam Wing’s release in Japan. The story is set in a ruined, lawless post-war Earth resembling Mad Max, Fist of the North Star, or Trigun. While it has a methodical, arc-based plot, it’s one that builds, breathes with life, and pays off with broad appeal. Its design work blends Gundam Wing, G-Gundam, and Gundam 0079, but could perhaps be called the truest “spiritual successor” to Wing in terms of its overall art direction and ragtag soul. That said, it has many elements that bring Eureka Seven, Zoids, and Gurren Lagann to mind. The subtitles have some errors/inconsistencies, and the DVD picture quality is only average for its age, but the show itself rises above these shortcomings. Fans of Gundams Wing, G, or 0079: DO NOT delay in grabbing this. Conversely, fans of road trip-style, action-adventure shows with colorful, relatable characters, relationship-building, and strong thematic elements will want to give it a spin.

Gundam X, the forgotten classic


For years I have waited for an official release of Gundam X to drop in the west. I am so beyond pleased to see this series finally make it into my hands officially. Among the various alternate to-UC continuity series, Gundam X shares the greatest similarities to the original. That's probably what makes it so interesting to me. It's the worst case "What if?" scenario for the UC timeline. What if Spacenoids eradicated a huge chunk of humanity on Earth? What if the war ended but everyone lost? And that's essentially what this series is, a true post apocalypse. Part 1 features some great episodes as well as a few of the series weaker ones, I'm excited to watch Part 2 again soon and give it a proper review too. I really do love the ending for After War Gundam X, but for now? Buy this part 1 collection!

A great unexpected Gundam release

by -

I honestly never expected to see Gundam X released in the States, so I was ecstatic to see it. The production is as good as you could want it to be and, since it is basically a stand-alone story line, anyone who will watch a sub-titled anime will enjoy it. That is my only complaint with recent Gundam releases; many people (my wife included) simply will not watch anything sub-titled. But I enjoyed it (sitting alone, by myself) and I was glad to add it to my Gundam collection.

Best show, worst release.


This is by far one of my favorite shows of all time. The reason for the bad review is because of the way the show is presented here. No extras, poor quality case and the video quality looks like it was ripped straight off a VHS. I understand the show is over 20 years old but considering the astronomically high price they are charging for you would think they could have done some restoration to it or at least threw in some extras. Also if Turn A gundam is any indication a blu-ray release of this will likely be released soon so just wait for that. It will also be ridiculously overpriced i'm sure but hopefully we will see some of the restoration work the series deserves.

A hidden Gundam gem of the 90s

by -

Of the many Gundam alternate series that I have watched, After War Gundam X is one the most underrated of them all. It was a shame that it's full potential could not be reached due to production issues at the time of it's original broadcast.
The design of the characters and mobile suits hold up well, but can sometimes feel similar to other Gundam series of the 90s. The fighting sequences can feel a little slow, but does not used recycled animation as much. While it is disappointing that there is no english dub of this series, the sound quality holds well on DVD. I wish there was a Blu-Ray version like Gundam Wing, but the standard picture works well on HD. If there is another release of this series on Blu-Ray with an english dub, I will be sure to pick it up.
If you are a fan of the of Gundam series from the 90s, be sure to add this gem to your collection. It may not seem like much, but Gundam X can surprise you in the best ways.

Not the best, not the worst

by -

This wouldn't be the first Gundam series I would recommend, but it's still a fairly worth entry in the franchise. There are some elements of the story that get reused too many times but it largely kept my interest. The animation still holds up for the most part but it's a shame there's no HD remaster for a blu-ray release. If you're a Gundam completest, you'll buy this eventually, but there's plenty to check out first.

An Underrated Gundam Series!

by -

After War Gundam X was the third "Alternate Universe" TV Series debut from Japan in 1996. It was planned to broadcast for a full year but eventually ended it to just 39 episodes because of low TV ratings. The story is about an orphan boy Garrod Ran rescues a newtype girl Tiffa Adill & pilots the GX-9900 Gundam X. They joined with a war veteran Jamil Neate & the crew of the Vulture ship Freeden to search for other newtypes in a ravaged earth. But they also faced enemies like Carris Nautilus, Ennil El, Olba & Shagia Frost during their adventures. Although the plot is really slow paced, however I like all the opening & closing songs on the entire series. Many thanks to RightStuf on releasing this Gundam series to North America on DVD in 2016 & on BR later this year. This will be part of my Gundam Otaku collection at a good price so give it a try.